What is Best Man: What’s the Best Man’s Duties

What is Best Man? The Best Man is the male person of the groom who supports him on his wedding day. The wife has the Maid Of Honor to support her but in the role of Best man he is to be there to assist the husband on this very special day. Organizing for a wedding celebration takes much planning and takes months to complete and so it makes sense that the man should have support to run errands and to help complete needed tasks in preparation for this exceptional day. Duties of the Best Man will start as soon as he is selected. He should have the ability to help calm the groom before, during and immediately after the wedding. This is why it is important for the groom to pick a suitable candidate for this position as it will require him to be a leader who has a calming influence on the male attendant’s at the wedding. A brother of the groom or a close friend is often the one chosen but it could be a father, uncle or any male person that the groom feels close to.

What’s the Best Man Duties

What’s the Best Man duties? This is an important leadership role to play. He will collect money from people to purchase a gift for the groom, help the groom and groom’s men pick out the attire that they will be wearing at the wedding. This includes shoes, pants, socks, suits, tie clips, cuff links and any other accessories needed. During the wedding the Best Man holds the rings unless their is a ring bearer. He ensures that the groom and his attendants are in the right places on time. He is also instrumental in welcoming guests to the wedding ceremony. Another duty is to line everyone up for pictures according to the photographer and to make the first toast at the reception.and to ensure that the guests are relaxed and able to enjoy themselves. Here is a checklist that can be used to make sure you don’t don’ miss a step:


1. Help in the selection of the attire to be used by the Groom and the groomsman.

2. Organize and ensure the smooth running of the Bachelor party. This will include collecting of money for a special gift for the groom.

3. Be present at the rehearsal for the wedding.

4. Make sure that all the groomsmen and the groom get top the wedding on time.

5. Keep the wedding ring safe until needed in the ceremony.

6. Sign the register as one of the witness’

7. Make the first toast to the couple in congratulations.

8. In conjunction with the Maid of Honor he will ensure that all gifts are placed in the gift area.

9. He will ensure that the couple is able to leave when needed for their honeymoon.

10. Help the other attendants to transport the gifts to a safe place which is usually the home of the bride.

The best man must be able to listen to questions and complaints by the groom without any judgment. He is a calming influence to make sure that the groom is emotionally able, and will reassure him that everything will work according to plan. He will need to keep the groom focused and on task so that everything will be ready in time. Getting all the grooms men to the wedding on time may mean that a get together be held and that they are transported in the same car to the event. The Best man will check on details and ensure that everyone is ready for pictures and are in the right place at the right time. Keeping the ring until needed should not be stressful but keep the ring in a specific location so you won’t know where to find it. Most of the duties are easily understood and can be carried out in an organized fashion. One of the worries of the Best man is how to make a proper wedding toast.

Best Man Wedding Toast

The Best Man is the one responsible for being the first to make a toast to the bride and groom on their union. Although sometimes this can be nerve racking you don’t should relax as you don’t do not have to make a 15-minute speech or something. Although this is an important function of this role it does not have to be overly long but requires thought and effort so that it is a well-versed set of prose that will be appropriate in the celebration of the newly-weds. I will provide you don’t with an easy template that you don’t can use to help you don’t in this regard, but don’t make it too complicated. Keep it simple. During the dance the Best Man and the Maid of Honor should be one of the first on the wedding floor encouraging the other guests to take part. He should also dance with the bride, the mother of the bride and the mother of the groom during this time.

How to Write a Best Man Speech

How to write the best man speech is an easy process that you don’t shouldn’t overthink. I will now give you don’t a simple format that should work well for you don’t.


1. Share some heart-warming experience you don’t have had with the groom.

2, Explain what excited you don’t about the couple.

3. A bit of humor is nice but is not to be over-done.

4. Let your feelings show.

5. Keep the content positive, engaging and authentic


INTRODUCTION- Introduce yourself as the Best Man and tell how you don’t came to know the groom.

BODY- Share a few stories focusing on the couple. You are in this position to shed some light on the couple.

One joke might be nice if tasteful but don’t let you don’t speech focus on it.

CONCLUSION- End by congratulating the couple and wishing them the best in the future. Have everyone rise with their glasses and say, ” I offer this toast in the hopes and dreams that this marriage will bring complete fulfillment.”


What is Best Man and what are his duties? These have been discussed and considered in this article, My advice would be to relax enjoy the experience and use the checklist to keep on top of your duties. Then just be natural and make the guests relax, as well.

What is Maid of Honor: Maid of Honor Responsibilities Checklist

What is the Maid of Honor and how should she contribute to a successful marriage celebration? The maid of honor is chosen by the bride to able to assist her on this day and to remind her of the plan to be implemented. She is in fact the one designated the responsibility of helping the bride to remain calm and collected on this very important day. Often times, the intense planning and the preparation for the event has drained the energy and the focus of the bride and her maid of honor is there to ensure she remains strong emotionally and able to function properly on her special day. Sometimes for many people, the brain will fail to function clearly under excess stress and then the person will not be able to think clearly. The maid of honor knows all the details and who is to be performing their roles and ensures that the celebration is moving smoothly. In this article I will be discussing all the roles that she will complete, types of attire to wear during the event, and of course the speech that she will usually deliver at the reception. She is the bride’s right-hand woman from the moment chosen after her engagement, right through the end of the wedding day. As this is a role of honor but has many duties and responsibilities associated with it that she needs to be aware of. She will lead all the other bride’s maids in all the planned activities.The Maid of Honor will have many diverse responsibilities and will require adaptations to all her roles. She will need to be a voice of reason, have the ability to support the bride emotionally, know the bride’s intent, and be able to be a leader of the other maids.

Maid of Honor Responsibilities Checklist

Let me start by discussing the Maid of Honor Responsibilities Checklist. As this is a basic checklist that I hope you will find useful but will illustrate how diverse this role essentially is.

Maid of Honor Checklist

1. Will be there to assist the bride with any tasks that she needs help with. It is important for her to listen to ideas and to offer suggestions and to provide nonjudgmental advice. .

2. Attendance at wedding dress shopping and fittings if so requested by the bride.

3. Will lead the other Bride’s Maids to help the bride in any way needed.

4. Will make sure that the Bride’s Maids have ordered their dresses and have prepared for the wedding day.

5. Will confirm hair and makeup appointments and help to coordinate any travel and accommodations that will be needed.

6. Be available to answer any questions that people might have. This information can be listed on a wedding website but people must know where to look and some might not be willing to use a computer. You will be able to assist the bride in making sure the information is not only available but where people will look to find it. Have the couple a store registry for gift buying? Where are the venues where the wedding and the reception will take place? Is there a post-wedding brunch? Will guests be arriving who will need to be picked up at the airport? These are just some questions that might be asked.

7. Will host any bridal showers with assistance of the bride’s maids. Planning will be done for this event by the Maid of Honor and will include: selecting a venue, sending invitations, ensuring food is prepared or ordered, planning any games, and making sure the guests are comfortable. You can delegate any of these to the other Bride’s maids but must ensure that everyone understands their duties. You will record any gifts and the name of the person who has given the gift, usually in an attractive register, so that the bride will be able to send thank you cards.

8. will plan the Bacherlorette party where the bride can enjoy some memorial event. Keep in mind the bride’s interests and desires when planning this event.

Wedding Day duties

1. Will help the bride to get dressed and to ensure that all the females standing up for the wedding are picture perfect for photos.

2. Serve in a messenger capacity between the couple on the day of the wedding, especially, if any pre-marriage- maarriage gifts are exchanged.

3. Preparation of an emergency kit for the wedding day to include: Nail polish, mascara, safety pins, fashion tape, extra underwear etc.

4. Should be able to help communicate with vendors supplying the wedding to ensure everything is taking place as planned.

5. Keep things moving on the timetable set out by the bride

6. Walk down the aisle after the Bride’s Maids.

7. Arrange the Bride’s vial and train when she arrives at the place of the ceremony.

8. Will ensure that one of the Bride’s ‘s maids is holding the Bridal Bouquet when the wedding is taking place.

9. Sign the marriage license as a witness.

10. Enters the reception with the best man.

11. Ensure the Bride’s gown is still looking well and help her go to the washroom if needed.

12. Play hostess and answer any questions the guests might have.

13. Make sure any gifts are properly placed.

14. Give a speech in the program after the best man.

15. Dance with the Best man.

16. Make sure that the Bride eats and drinks.

17. Make sure that the wedding gifts are being transported according to plan to a per-determined location, usually, the Bride’s family home.

!8. Assist in any other way to ensure the proper closing of the wedding day.

Maid of Honor Dresses

The Maid of Honor dresses,in modern times, are being chosen to complement the color of the gowns chosen for the Bride’s Maids. It is usually chosen a different shade of the other or is entirely a different but complimentary color. This distinguishes her from the other as being the leader of the group. This makes it easier for people to approach her for information or advice about the wedding. As this is an important role, and distinguishing her as the lead provides clear direction to not only the Bride’s Maids but also to other seeking assistance. Often times, because of all the duties she performs, the bride will ensure that she has a very special dress with clear distinctions from the others. This attire will be something appreciated and used in the future as well and will remind her of the role she played for your special event. These dresses can be designer made, for those with finances, or less-costly, but beautiful dresses can be bought that are pre-made. At times, gorgeous gowns that blend with your colors can even be bought for a discounted price. If you need advise on whether the dress will be appropriate with your colors of the wedding then ask a wedding planner for some extra assistance.

Maid of Honor Speeches for a Best Friend

Maid of Honor speeches for the best friend can be a trying moment. Although the speech is not usually very long it is an important part of the toasts that will be given., and as such, it will represent an excellent time to show how much you value the groom’s presence in your friends life but also a time to speak of the joys you have shared together and your aspirations for her future. After all, she is taking a big step which will determine her future and you want to be able to wish her the very best. You can use the following template as your guide:

Introductory sentence; Start off by introducing yourself and thanking the bride for all the moments you have experienced together.

Body of are least three sentences that speak of the friendship you have developed with the bride and how much you have valued that experience and hope that it will continue. ( a poem might also be read about the value of friendship )

Conclude by congratulating the couple for there found love and providing a toast to a vibrant future.

The important thing is that this should be an expression from the heart and an expression of the hopes and the aspirations you have for their future. As I have already said, it does not have to be two or more pages long but it is better to be shorter but a true projection of your heart.


to answer the question, “What is a maid of honor?” will be diverse and varied depending on the duties given her to perform. In this role she will always be someone very important to the bride on her wedding day and will cheerfully supply all the support and help to make the event extra special. The Maid of Honor is truly worth honoring and cherishing for all she has meant to the bride.

A Special Poem All the Best, My Friend

You’ve been my friend so long you know,

We’ve enjoyed so much even when feeling low,

You were always there with a reassuring smile,

But now we walk on down the aisle.

I remember the moments we shared,

You have always shown how much you cared.

Now I wish the best for you,

As your hopes and your dreams you now pursue.

Personalized Gifts for Women:Wedding Gifts for You

An important thing to remember is that personalized gifts for women are the best way to demonstrate your love and to provide memorial results. It is of great value to your relationship that the gift is valued by the recipient and will play a role in your future relationship. Sometimes these gifts will be bought by an admiring male, but you will receive many gifts from females as well, during your lifetime. The key occasions when you will receive gifts, to me, is at Christmas or some other cultural holiday, on your birthdays, when you graduate with various achievements along the path of life, on Valentin Day from an admirer, for your engagement, at your and on the Anniversaries of this important occasion. Each one of these events will require a different perspective upon gift buying, but will afford opportunities for you to provide personalized gifts for women that are important in your life.

Who you are in relation to the recipient of your gift will be a major factor in the type of gift and the expectations that the women has for the occasion. This is why women get upset if the man forgets to celebrate their anniversary day. What ladies have to realize is that it is not the Anniversary Day that is forgotten but men are very task oriented and he might be concentrating on a task and fails to realize even what day of the week that it is. That is why you should provide gentle reminders to your man before the date arrives as he may be focused on just earning enough to support the family.

Another factor might be the setting where the present is given. Does it need a private place of a public place? If you are buying lingerie for her, it is often better to give this present in private as many females will appreciate the gift but find it embarrassing to receive this gift in public. Some females do not like to display intimacy in public and so even a kiss could be misunderstood in this setting. If in the middle of a graduation ceremony, it would be inappropriate to celebrate her accomplishments will any fanfare.

The age of the women, or the little women, need also be considered in your assessment as the gift should not be perceived as being childish if the person is either a teenager or older. Buying a car for your 12 year old daughter would not be wise as she is too young to enjoy it and can not be legally licensed. You must really consider the gift if your child is growing up and has matured as she will think it offensive if you get her a gift perceived as childish.

You must think about a person’s likes when buying a gift. Will the gift you give be considered suitable for the occasion? What kind of hobbies and interests does she have? Do not get her skydiving tickets if she is afraid of heights? You must consider these fully if you are to provide an acceptable gift. Do they have allergies, dietary restrictions or sensitivities? If so, avoid giving them these kinds of presents.

Many a gift has lost its impact simply because it was an item that she already had and even if your item was exceptional; it will not be appreciated because she already has it so it ends up being a waste of money. If in doubt, ask somebody close to her if a certain gift would be appropriate.

Take into account the person’s tastes and her preferences as you want to make it an exceptional but personalized gift that will have lasting impact. In these regards, don’t buy cheap items that will soon be broken and discarded if you desire a lasting impact. The quality of a gift should be considered carefully, it is better to buy a small quality gift than to make a large investment in something that is not going to last. You should research your gift and ensure that it will meet your budget requirements and not cause undo stress.

Finally, consider the properties of the item you are buying. Does it need fragile and will need protection? Does it need an item that could be easily broken? Does it need a perishable gift that needs special care and attention? Does it need to be boxed? What outer gift wrapping is needed for the occasion?

As is easy to see there are many considerations to be made when selecting personalized gifts for women.

The Best Christmas Gifts for Women

As people realize Christmas or special occasions can be major a major expense. To limit the expense from such an occasion there is a definite trend that has started called, ” The Four gift Rule.” Simply stated it means that parents pledge to give their off spring just four presents in the following categories: Something they want, something they need, something to wear and something to read. Christmas gifts are different from other types of gifts to be bought. If you focus on useful items that you will eventually be purchasing anyway; then you can look at it as just ensuring that these items are given with a spirit of love and it will not be seen as an unmanageable expense. Giving items to women should be viewed in the same light, although it might be very special to plan a winter holiday somewhere for all to enjoy, especially if you have heavy work schedules. Focus on their likes but realize that this is more of an opportunity to buy a nice useful present for them. A great way to save money and at the same time buy a quality item is to change the time of gift giving as it is usually a holiday season when people are free from working anyways. Simply plan gift opening to occur after the sales on Boxing Day. This is an acceptable practice if everyone one in the family understands. Women enjoy saving money if they can get quality items in return. So why not? There is no reason to say that it has to be done on Christmas Day.

Birthday Gifts for Women

Birthday Gifts for women demand personalized touches. A personalized wedding cake and banner is essential for a successful celebration. If it is a family affair it is appreciated to give items of food as it will benefit everyone at the event. Again birthday gifts do not always have to focus on the want but are often given for the need. Does she need a new purse? New dress? Kitchen supplies? It is well good to focus on her needs. You can personalize it more by writing her name on cutting boards, aprons, cups and glasses She might even need a jewelry box so that she can keep her assemble in an easy organized place. Personal beauty items might also be very desirable as they will enhance her look when she needs to do so, and ladies must be conscious of their appearance. Remember, that to be appreciated presents do not always have to be expensive but should be a personalized expression from the heart, whose value should be considered in the usability of an item and its durability.

What’s the Best Valentine Gifts for Women

What’s the best Valentine Gifts for women? Now you have reached the place where the consideration might be more in the area of want and not so much for need.

Tips on how to pick the Right Gift

1. Determine what she likes and are a part of her wants.

2. Get ideas from friends and family.

3. Don’t focus on cash, but on something that will reach her emotions.

4. Don’t be predictable

5. Get a personalized present.

6. Really listen to her heart cry.

7. Don’t bankrupt your own bank account to buy the gift.

Of course, a major consideration might be whether it would be seen as being romantic as this is a gift from the heart. Avoid gifts that are practical since this is from the heart. She really needs to see that this gift is a thoughtful gift given to her and not some need that you have. Sometimes, it is a good use of money just to enjoy a special event that you know she would like such as a dinner theater of a night when you can go dancing. Maybe, a special boat ride at dusk, walking along the beach, a special night out or some other fabulous moment. If she enjoys it, you might even consider a romantic trip to a resort somewhere where you can enjoy each other’s company. Some of these have special events for Valentine’s Day like arriving to a room prepared with roses and quality chocolates.

Unique Wedding Rings for Women

Unique wedding rings for women would include both your band, and, your engagement ring. As this is a celebration of two hearts, consider personalizing any rings bought. These rings should be bought to last a lifetime, but if symbolism can be used it often speaks to the merging of two together as one. .

The engagement ring stands for the promise of marriage, and has meaning already in that circles are without beginning or end. This is why a ring is a universal sign of eternal love and faithfulness, perfection and infinity. Now if you can provide further symbolism with the engagement ring; you have a perfect combination. In times past it showed that the dowry had been paid and the commitment for the marriage would be completed. To a man, this represents a huge investment and says that he really values the relationship. Women, will enjoy showing this off to others to show that someone special wants her as his own. As this ring is to be lasting, custom designs with great meaning can be made. When planned this way, the possibilities are limitless and many features can be added to make it a personalized engagement ring. An eye-catching gem can be placed in the center with diamonds on either side, birthstones could be added on either side of the diamond, or elements made to show unity. There a re many choices to make in designing your engagement ring but after it is finished it will completely represent you. The possibilities are endless and you will be involved in the whole process of designing the ring so the ring should well-received.

Wedding Gifts for the Bride

Wedding gifts for the bride should be presents centered around the needs of the couple in their future lives together. To start a new household is a considerable expense that must be undertaken and any assistance to make this transition is appreciated and needed. On the other hand, the husband needs to be concerned about a special honeymoon that will help the couple to grow closer in their intimacy. The gifts to be considered should be in proportion to your relationship with the bride. Generally, the closer you are to the bride, the more will be expected from you. Uncles and aunts are expected to give more costly items as they have often raised their own families and are more in a position to give. If the bride is your sister, cousin, or best friend, the value of the gift will be higher than if she is a fellow worker. Stay within your budget and don’t go into debt just to impress someone with an expensive wedding gift.

There is nothing wrong with giving a gift of cash since most couples starting out need the money to set up their new home. If you chose to buy a gift, then take steps to have time to plan so that it is a personalized wedding gift idea that will make a lasting impression. Use your creativity and your imagination, coupled with the knowledge you can glean from personal preferences to make your purchase a special personalized gift. Take into consideration the taste’s, culture, traditions, religious preferences and any other factors when deciding on your purchase. If you must send a gift in advance of the day; send it to the bride’s home where it will be safe from theft.

An important consideration is the quality of the item that you are purchasing. You should but items that have lasting value and will enable the couple to use for many years as useful items. Always buy quality, even if you have to downgrade the item that you intended to buy. Ir you simply can not afford something, don’t settle for cheap if it does not have lasting quality instead buy a quality item that is within your means and ability to buy.

Anniversary Gifts for Women

When you choose an anniversary gift for someone special, it should represent a gift that will strengthen the marriage and not lead to division. For example, buying the women a holiday ticket so she can go somewhere apart from her husband is not a good way of promoting a successful marriage. Always strive to get a gift that will lead to a stronger relationship and not weaken it. Gifts given for anniversaries should be given in love with the hopes and the aspirations of allowing them to enjoy their marriage. Usually, women enjoy special holidays and the family could put their money together in order to provide the funds for an extra-special trip for the couple. On occasion, special jewelry bought by the husbands will demonstrate his love and commitment to making their marriages the focal point of his life.

Special professional drawings by artists are an excellent way to celebrate your anniversary. These drawing are very special. Pictures should be taken at these special events and put into quality photo albums so that for the significant anniversaries they can be shown to all the family and friends who will value the memories and this in turn will strengthen the union.

In Conclusion

Personalized gifts for women need to be carefully considered as to the event, your relationship to the women and to your own financial ability. Only by considering all the factors needed in both your financial ability and limitations and also her interests, desires hopes and dreams will you be able to buy personalized gifts for women that will be appropriate and valued.

Personalized Wedding Gift Ideas:Mother of the Bride: Gifts for you

It is no longer required in most cultures to give a dowry of gives to the mother and the father of the bride, but the mother of the bride should be given a special present. In this article I will write about personalized wedding gift ideas for this important person and the attire that she will wear on the wedding day. The new to be couple should consider buying some articles which may include what she will wear on the day of the wedding as special gifts for the mother of the bride. To receive a gift of some kind is a traditional notion in reward for the important role that she plays in planning and in actualizing the wedding. She is responsible for the protection of the wedding gift to ensure that they reach the intended recipients.

One tradition of the modern wedding is that the families of those getting married bear much of the cost. Traditionally the parents of the bride pay for all the expenses of the wedding ceremony and the reception. The groom’s family will help with other expenses such as the honeymoon and helping to provide gift to those who are honored. In a poorer family this is often not the case, the couples themselves must pay for their own wedding expenses.

Beautiful picture frames with pictures of the mother and father with their daughter and a picture of the couple after the marriage make a spectacular gift. Sibling pictures can also be made with hands extended towards the bride. Another great idea is to create exquisite sketched drawing by professional artists of the wedding day. One of these can be given as a gift to the mother of the bride. Your mother should also be included with your makeup artists and hair stylists and given a beautiful corsage to mark the occasion.

Mother of the Bride Shoes

The mother of the bride shoes chosen are another important part of the wedding. This should be refined shoes in honor of the occasion which have at least a chic back heel or a slim heal although real high shoes are not recommended for this event. The mother-in-law must have comfortable but attractive shoes because she will have to do some walking and eventually there is a dance and a reception. In order to feel stylish and yet comfortable and confident it is important to select the shoes carefully. Choose a feminine pair of shoes but with a rounded or a pointed toe. Higher heels can be used if most of the wedding party is taller in order to project an equitable image, however avoid very high heels as they are harder to walk in and you certainly do not need any falls on this important day. Choose a shoe color that will complement and not contrast with the dress she will wear. Your shoe should be in a different shade but could be in the same color. Neutral shades are dynamic when used with an elegant dress. If you choose metallic shoes then make them light tones also so as not yo distract from the beautiful dress. When the shoes are purchased, make sure that they fit the mother perfectly; buying improper shoes that have not been sized will cause you pain and irritation on this special occasion. Well-constructed quality shoes are relaxing and comfortable and worth the investment.

Wear a shoe that is suitable for the climate at the place where the marriage will take place. Sandals and peep toed shoes can be used in hot places, but are foolish to but for a winter ceremony. Avoid buying shoes with straps as these easily irritate your feet and then become uncomfortable. Choose shoes that can be worn for the reception and the dancing later so that you will be relaxed for both events.

Dresses Mother of the Bride

It is best to wait until the bride picks the color of the bride’s maid’s dresses before buying the mother of the bride a dress. The dress chosen should be engaging and well-fitted, but there are no steadfast rules as to the type, style, or the color of the dress. The dress chosen should be deemed as suitable by both the mother and the bride. Shorter dresses, evening gowns, max dresses or even structured jump suits would be good. The color chosen should complement the colors of the wedding but not be the same. It is important that the attention be on the bride and not on the mother-in-law, although she has an important role to play and should look attractive. It is important to chose a dress designed for the season as a garment made for winter will cause excess perspiration in the summer and a dress designed for summer will feel cold in the winter. Formal weddings will require upscale dresses, whereas, more casual attire would be acceptable at more casual weddings.

Designer Mother of the Bride dresses

If the wedding is a full formal affair then the services of a wedding dress designer is often appreciated. It is important that you do some research in these regards and to choose a wedding dress designer that leans towards your personal style. There are many styles available but you will need to pick the one adopted to fit your personalized wedding gift ideas if this is to be bought as a special item for the mother. You will need to consider the price range and the locations that will be accessible to you. By searching through the internet, wedding magazines and wedding galleries, you will find many attractive dresses that will suit her. Does she want sleeves or no sleeves? Plunging necklines or not? Wedding dress trends may also be an important consideration in your planning. You must consider your budget, your tastes, the wedding colors themselves and the timeline needed to prepare for the occasion.

Petite Mother of the Bride

Generally, a waist-line line chosen higher than the natural will enhance the petite as they will make your legs look taller. Always ask, what type of wedding is it going to be? Will it be a country, a beach, or a church wedding? Wedding are held in very unusual places in our modern times and son’t always fit the traditional image of a wedding. For the petite mother of the bride consider her body type. The contours between the smallest part of your waist-line to your rib cage determine your overall shape. There are four general shapes: the hour glass, pear shaped, apple shaped, the shape of an inverted triangle or rectangle shaped. The hour glass shape is the ideal: You have full breasts and hips but the waist-line is significantly smaller. The waist-line is at least 8 inches smaller than the hips. Tot this type choose wrap dresses, fit and flare dresses, Sheath dresses and A-line dresses. A pear shaped has narrow shoulders with wider hips and thick thighs with a full bust. If this is your shape then choose focus wrap dresses, fit and flare dresses, off the shoulder dresses or A-line dresses. The apple shaped petite has no defining waistline with slender arms and legs. The shoulder and the hips are close to the same size  so emphasis should be on hiding the belly: wrap dresses, peplum dresses, and empire waist-line dresses will be chosen. For the invested triangle the person will have prominent shoulders with a small waist-line and flat buttocks with beautifully shaped legs. For this type of petite choose A-line, fit and flare, or color blocked dresses. Lastly for the rectangle shape with no defined waist-line, small breasts, with an athletic frame with little or no curvature between the breasts and the hips. For these persons focus on: Empire silhouette, fit and flare, ruched or A-line dresses.

Cheap Mother of the Bride Dresses

If you have a modest budget you will need to make choices for an affordable marriage, Don’t refer to a cheap mother of the bride dresses but a more affordable and less costly dress. For modest budgets you must chose the style that you desire and then choose a ready-made dress as this is considerably cheaper, although, you may have to hire a seamstress to help you with some alterations. You can often find glamorous dresses of high quality that are on sale and will result in an incredible buy. Just make sure that it can be altered if needed and will result in a personalized wedding gift idea that will complement the wedding and be a useful addition.


In conclusion, unique wedding attire from head to foot as a thoughtful gift to the mother of the bride would be fantastic personalized wedding gift ideas that will enhance and complement the wedding. The health, happiness and the contentment of the mother of the bride shoulders be an important consideration when planning your wedding.

What’s the 14th Anniversary Gift: Wedding Gifts for you

What’s the 14th anniversary gift? The traditional gift is ivory and the modern gift is Gold jewelry for which there are many options. Although Ivory is exceptional for its carving properties and has produced exceptional items in the past, it is now taboo as the elephant populations of the world have been protected so that we can keep this species from extinction. Due to this factor I will be proposing alternate ways to keep this theme but to also remember the value of elephants.

First of all, the elephant tasks were in high demand all over the world in the last century due to the magnificent things that could be carved with it and its durability and beauty. I would suggest that there are other beautiful carvings from items that are not endangered and that some of them will help us to remember the high value that we place in elephants.

The Elephant is revered in many cultures of the world as a symbol of strength and power. It is praised for its lasting ability, cooperative spirit, and of all other animals it is very loyal. Elephants will protect their own to their own deaths since they demonstrate this trait so wholeheartedly..The 14th anniversary should remind you of the strength of your marriage and your commitment to make it lasting and remind you of the value of loyalty to your relationship and your to your extended families. Your marriage has shown strength and loyalty which is evident to all. You have become a closely knitted together couple who has come to cherish and value your interconnectiveness and have proven you are determined to have a deep and lasting marriage. You have found strength in cooperation together in meeting your goals and your aspirations. Your relationship is so much like the elephants and has lasting qualities.

The modern day choice for the 14th anniversary gifts by the year is gold jewelry. This might frighten some of you who live on a limited budget but it really shouldn’t as gold jewelry comes by four means that range from inexpensive to very expensive. This means it can be fitted into every budget, although, you need to take into consideration the lasting value that each might have. Gold plated jewelry is the cheapest price but it will tarnish eventually and need replacement. Gold vermil is gold plating, but on top of a sterling silver base, This is still affordable, but much better quality, is hypo allergic and will not tarnish. Gold filled jewelry has one hundred times more gold than gold-plated and is much better quality. Finally, you have solid gold jewelry which is the best quality but has the highest cost.

Gold is usually found in a quartz bed and is rare and highly valued. The gold represents the value of your relationship when embedded in the proper strengths of your marriage. Quartz is known to enhance awareness, and wisdom. It increases inspiration and creativity. As you have become more in tune with the strengths of your marriage, you become more aware of your relationship and in the high value that you have placed on this and you will be embedded together and increase in wisdom, creativity and continue to inspire each other to work towards your shared dreams and goals.

Anniversary Gifts Wife

When you search for, “Anniversary gifts wife.” you are interested in purchasing a present for someone very special. What would you buy for your wife on such an occasion? If you need a special holiday to celebrate the event then this is the year for a trip to Africa. South Africa is known for quality gold and both Kenya and Namibia are close by and have much of the population of elephants, This would definitely be a memorial trip. You know that your wife would enjoy gold jewelry and there is so much selection of this item in different styles and budgets so it would make an excellent present. One of the top gifts on this occasion, that makes a lasting impression, is to take a long stemmed rose and dip it into gold. You can make this choice to purchase the enduring love rose that is placed in a special leather bound container and has exquisite beauty representing your lasting love. I would suggest that if you want to use the ivory theme that you might consider a statue of an elephant carved from some other beautiful material like soap stone, sand stone, marble, gemstone, or wooden. These are very beautiful items that you can purchase that will remind you of the value of elephants and the meaning behind them.

Anniversary Gifts Husband

When you search for, “Anniversary gifts husband,” you are interested in finding your man the right present. Again, Gold jewelry would be received well. If he does not usually wear jewelry then he would still love a special golden watch which can come in many styles and many ranges of cost. As Elephants represent strength and endurance, maybe, this is the year to buy him a membership in a health club or buy him some equipment that he can use to develop his muscles at home which can range from the simple to the sophisticated. What about a marble elephant paperweight. This would make an excellent conversation piece. If you would like to be a part of the gift then why not purchase some gift cards to healthy eating places so he can take you out once a month to a special restaurant. This might provide the impetus needed so that you can enjoy time together.

What is Traditional Anniversary Gifts by Year

As you know the traditional gift is Ivory. Since elephants are being protected and this option is not possible then buy ivory colored gifts or resort to buying carvings of beautiful artistic items from other sources such as: soap stone, marble. Sandstone, gemstone or even wooden carvings. If these carvings are elephants they will be excellent at conveying the image of strength and endurance and would make an excellent present. Safari parks are becoming more popular around the world. This could be another option to visit such a park or an elephant sanctuary. There are also some excellent elephant pictures that you could buy to remember this occasion. Another option is to buy save the elephant shirts that you can wear to express your unity together.

14th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

The modern day list of gold jewelry has the usual excellent value. These include cuff links, rings, bracelets, necklaces, watches, pendents and gold chains. When purchasing anything gold if it is pure gold it will be classified as 24 karat. 12 karat is 50% gold and 50% of some other metal. You could buy a gold trimmed picture frame and then place a picture of you as a couple.


What is the 14th anniversary gift is a question that is not easy to answer, but the main ingredient is to buy a unique personalized wedding gift idea which will be appreciated and cherished and that will serve to remind the couple of their lasting commitment.

What’s the 12th Anniversary Gift: Wedding Gifts for You

What’s the 12th anniversary gift? The traditional gifts are either silk or fine linen whereas, the modern gift is pearls. Each of these can be shown to be very appropriate to this dozen of anniversaries.

Both silk and fine linen need a lot of personal care and have many steps to be processed in order to obtain high quality. Your marriage needs this same personal care and proper maintenance in order to be strong. These items are considered luxury items because of the time needed to make fantastic products. Linen is desired in hot and humid climates because it dries quickly and does not retain moisture. It does not hold onto either hot or cold temperatures. When you have times of disagreement, do you cool quick;y and not retain any excess anger to dampen your relationship? Silk fibers are produced by silk worms when they enter into a cocoon. Production is labor intensive, as they must be gathered, the thread extracted, dyed, spun and weaved, and then finally made into the finished product. Have you applied the proper amount of time to your marriage to keep it strong and healthy? Only by making a full commitment to your relationship will it proper the way it was intended. After 12 years of marriage, if you have taken the time to cherish and to extend your relationship, it will be healthy and you will not annoy each other but get over differences very quickly and easily as you realize that you are striving for unity and not division.

The modern day gift is pearls. Pearls are formed when an irritant is caught in a clam shell, The mollusk secretes a substance to cover this problem and in time it grows to form a pearl. This takes much time to produce and only the best are chosen to become glamorous pearls. Do you cover the irritants in your marriage with an abundance of love so that your relationship will be strong and others will notice the great charity?

Anniversary Gifts Wife

For those who search for, “anniversary gifts wife,” you will need a special gift for your female partner. Traveling holidays provide many opportunities to build lasting memories. As Belgium and Ireland are two important centers for the linen industry, why not plan a European holiday? Equally as well, a holiday should be planned to China and to the Philippines as these countries are important to the silk and the pearl industry. What wife would not be absolutely thrilled by getting an adorable necklace for an anniversary gift? A great gift might be a comforter with special bed sheets. You could easily personalize them by adding a romantic touch or your names in a heart. She would be impressed with such a demonstration of your love and affection.

Anniversary Gifts Husband

When the wife searches for “anniversary gifts husband,” she is very focused on finding the perfect gift. Why not his and hers silk or linen pygmies?

Which husband would mind being pampered by a beautiful pillow with a linen pillowcase// If not this item then why not a his and hers silk robe? If these do not impress you, most men would love to get a silk shirt or even a suit if he is a businessman. I love you dear bathroom towels might do the trick, as well.

Wedding Anniversary Traditional Gifts

The wedding anniversary traditional gifts for the 12th wedding anniversary gifts by the year of silk and linen provides an opportunity to buy a luxury item that will be useful and appreciated for many years to come. These include: eye sleeping masks, napkins, ornate table cloths. Linen apparel. bed sheets, pillow cases, dish towels, bath towels, upholstery on some couches, comforters, sleeping bags, shirts, ties, blouses, lingerie, pajamas, jackets, scarves, quilts, ans special artificial silk flowers, silk or linen art and elaborate place mats. All these items will add so much attractiveness to any home decor.

12th Anniversary Gifts

The modern 12th anniversary gifts of pearls do not leave you with many options except jewelry. Of course these are very high quality items that will be valued and cherished for years to come. A pearl necklace is exquisite, but a pearl ring is also very exceptional. If pearls are just too expensive for your budget you could select a very beautiful jewelry box or get a beautiful wedding picture done by our artists as a sketch or as a painting and pearls could be drawn as part of the picture. You might also get clam shell curtains or clam shell art. If the couple is fish lovers, an aquarium with a clam somewhere inside will remind them of this pearl anniversary. It might take some creativity on your part in order to come up with the perfect present in which to celebrate this occasion.



I will summarize my article in order to answer the question, “What’s the 12th anniversary gift?” This is the year to buy a luxury item that will be appreciated for many years. If you have a limited budget then stick to a small item which will usually be lower in price and yet still be considered as a prime item. Seeking opportunities in order to personalize and to make it a special and a unique present will only be appreciated more. Take the time to really consider the gift you will purchase and to determine whether it will have lasting value. Remember, the gift is given with an expression of love that comes from the heart. It is these types of gifts that will be cherished and have great purpose in order to encourage a strong relationship, As you ponder your choice of that special gift remember to make it personalized and let it illustrate to the couple the value of their marriage as we encourage it to be strengthened and enabled to flourish and to blossom.

What’s the 11th Anniversary Gift: Wedding Gifts for You

What’s the 11th Anniversary gift by the year? The 11th wedding anniversary by the year is steel for the traditional gift and is modern fashion jewelry for the modern gift. When thinking about the wedding gift that you will purchase, keep in mind that it is important to choose a present that will be a personalized wedding gift idea that will strengthen the relationship.

Steel is a good choice for the 11th wedding anniversary gift because of its durability and strength. By the 11th year your marriage should have developed both durability and also strength. If you have remained together to forge your future and have kept your vows to each other; your marriage has been strengthened and like steel will stand the test of time. Steel is known for its hardness and its resistance to rusting. Has your marriage remained strong and resisted decay? Your commitment today needs to be stronger than when you first made the vows together. Steel is forged under extreme heat (over 2600 degrees F) and is made by the mixing of iron ore and carbon. This process vaporizes other impurities and these can be skimmed off. If your marriage has gone through some heat and remained strong and you have not allowed impurities to enter into your relationship; you have become like steel in your relationship. Steel offers hardness and is resistant to indentation. Has your marriage survived the criticism and the pressures exerted by others? Does your marriage have toughness and like steel be hard to tear apart having great tensile strength? Does your relationship have resistance to changing shape by the influence of others and yet, like steel, have great malleability if needed with your intimate partner? Steel has also great versatility, you can add other important metals to make it extra special. Are you adding the ingredients of love, forgiveness, faithfulness and hope in your future to the fabric of your lives in order to make your marriage extra-special?

The modern day gift is modern fashion jewelry. With this item you need to think about the symbolism of purchasing these items for this occasion but unless it is personalized it could be just an expensive gift that will easily be forgotten in time. If you want a lasting impression and value; you will need to consider how to make it a personalized wedding gift idea.

Anniversary Gifts Wife

If you are searching for “anniversary gifts wife,” you are focused on finding a unique sending gift idea that will make a very special present. Although, you might think, fashion jewelry might be the first selection; there are many gifts falling under the theme of steel that would also impress her. If money is not the concern then why not a trip to Asia? China is by far the world’s leader in steel production followed by India and Japan. All these countries have some incredible sites that you could enjoy. There are many cruises ships worldwide that offer spectacular voyages that will last a lifetime. Of course these ships are made with a lot of steel. Too expensive for your blood? Many appliances are made from steel and would be appreciated. Of course, you could purchase a beautiful set of stainless steel utensils. You can even engrave your initials and a heart on some of these. If a person enjoys amusement parks, there are many that have many rides made with steel that can be valued.

Anniversary Gifts Husband

When you search, “anniversary gifts husband” ;you are focused on finding a special anniversary gift that will please to him. There are expensive gifts as well as cost-efficient gifts that can be bought. The more expensive presents would include cars, quads, guns and a stainless steel barbecuing and serving area. You could also purchase a chef’s’s knife set, filet knife for fishing, hunting knife, metal paper weights and a metal framed picture of your anniversary or a drawing or a painting produced by one of our artists. If you have a vacation lot, you can purchase a beautiful stainless steel table. The important thing is to be creative and to stay within a budget. If he enjoys mountain biking, there are many mountain bikes that are made from metal alloys’ ans could have some stainless steel accessories.

11th Wedding Anniversary Traditional Gifts

As you know, the 11th wedding anniversary traditional gifts are items made of steel. Stainless steel is by far the most desired item to buy. There are stainless steel counter tops, bowls, barbecues and accessories, kettles. Candle holders, paper weights, picture frames, tiles, sinks, pizza ovens, cuff links, bonfire pits, beer steins, water bottles, brushed steel goblets and sturdy chairs especially for outdoor use. Add to this impressive list, cars, quads, motor cycles, mountain bikes, chef’s knife sets, filet knifes, hunting knives, guns, candle holders, and a wide assortment of small and large appliances and you have many choices.

11th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Ad you know the modern item is modern fashion jewelry. There is a wide assortment of fashion jewelry available and many stainless steel items which you can buy. From designer watches, some of them diamond studded, to many other items of jewelry, ; there are many choices that can be made. Bracelets, rings, charms, necklaces, cuff links, and ear rings, all can be great fashion accessories to add to your collection. A sterling silver heart with a special engraving to remember this occasion will be spectacular. As fashion jewelry can go out of style; it may be important to consider jewelry that will be of more lasting acceptance if this is a consideration. Couple these wedding anniversary gift ideas with those mentioned in the previous chapter and you have much variety and choices to be made.


What’s the 11th anniversary gift? This is an important consideration to make, and a unique personalized wedding gift idea will be remembered and cherished long after the event. Make it an item that will provide lasting memories and allow the couple to grow closer together.