What is the Best Wedding Gifts: Modern Living Room Décor Ideas

What is the best wedding gifts? Modern living room decor ideas must rate as one of the top gifts to buy. The living room serves many purposes and functions. Many of our waking hours are spent in this room so it should be relaxing and comfortable. It often contains an area to entertain others as well as ourselves, Home theaters are often located here as well as pleasing sound systems to stimulate our senses. Sometimes avid readers like to make part of this space as a library. If you use this space to entertain others, you will want to have items needed in close proximity.

So many times people come home from work and the first place they go is the living room to relax. The types of relaxation enjoyed will depend so much upon the personalized choices that are made. Is music desired and appreciated? If so what music would be listened to? Do they enjoy book reading? If so what type of books so they enjoy? Do they like to sit back and watch a movie? If so, what kinds of movies do they enjoy? When some of these basic questions have been answered; then you will have a good idea of gifts to buy that the wedding couple will cherish. These items can vary considerably in price but still allow you to obtain the perfect gift that will impact their lives. A simple CD or ornament for this special place might be very useful in deed. For someone with the financial ability and the desire, A love seat recliner is a perfect wedding gift for a couple to relax together.

Modern Living Room Decor Ideas

The type of modern living room decor ideas depend so much upon the space and the budget that one has to work with. There are some main items to be considered that will really enhance and add to the atmosphere and the character of the room. Living room furniture ideas will rank high on the list, however, unless you are buying the gift jointly with others, the price of furniture can be prohibitive. But what about Lighting ideas? Or what about the types of ornaments and pictures that they might enjoy? Sometimes large pottery containers can be filled with artificial flowers if this is desirable. Is it an area that would be appropriate for an area rug? Modern living room sustains can also make a huge contribution. Especially today, green living room ideas are trending as people turn their interests towards nature.

Navy, light blue, green and grays are the most popular colors for the 20s. People are making bold choices in their color schemes that embrace bright and rich shades. There is a real focus on earth tones that remind people of nature. Even the types of pictures that are being placed in the living rooms remind people of the beauty of our World.

Living Room Lighting Design Ideas

Living room lighting design ideas can add so much to the atmosphere of the area. Often times, people opt to have lamps to be placed on corner tables that can be turned on or off depending on the circumstances. Because intensity of the lights is so important to control, lamps with variable brightness settings are desirable. There are lamps that will respond to clapping or voice commands to control the lights and make them just right for any occasion. These lamps are definitely the trend for the future and make highly desirable gifts.

Wall lights free up space and are great for smaller living rooms where space is a priority. Placed in well-thought-out areas will allow them to be most useful when needed, but easily turned off when not necessary. If the living room is to be used for entertaining others, often a chandelier or pendant light will be used as they will add to the atmosphere and supply superior lighting when used.

Living room Furniture Ideas

Living room furniture ideas can be used in order to buy memorial gifts. These can range from simple corner tables right through sofas and complete sets. Because of the cost involved, these are given as jointly purchased items or by someone of importance who desires to provide an awesome gift for the special occasion. The modern living room trends today make use of pieces of living room furniture in multiple ways. A desk or table is converted

easily into a craft center or a place in which to do homework. Cozy blankets and pillows with soft but alluring rugs with the right touch of nature with colors will greatly enhance this space and make it very enjoyable.

Grand Father Clocks or unusual time pieces can add so much into making this a relaxing place Anniversary clocks often make a great substitute that couples will enjoy. Great living room furniture will fit into the space and be fully functional providing peaceful relaxation opportunities.

Mirrors are often overlooked, but the right mirrors placed in the right locations will enhance this area and are part of the living furniture of the area. They will enhance the size, look and attractiveness of the living area.

Modern Living Room Curtains

Modern living room curtains will add the contrast are the unique blending to make this area a perfect place of relaxation. What they effectively do is allow you to have a measure of privacy when required but are easily opened when natural lighting is needed in this area. It is vitally important that the color scheme of the area be considered closely before choosing the curtains. If they blend with the other prominent colors of the area; they will enhance and really add to the look and atmosphere.

Many people buy double curtains. The first layer is a thin curtain that will provide some privacy but allows most light through for a vibrant space. When more privacy is required the heavier inside curtain is closed so that no one can see inside.

Green Living Room Ideas

A place where green plants can be grown or artificial areas which suggest green plants and flowers is often desired for this area. Custom mural wall paper can be bought of nature scenes that will fit predetermined areas and make excellent feature areas. As green is a trending color with blues and earth tones; green pictures of nature or mural nature scenes with green make excellent choices to incorporate into this space. Green as a fresh and vibrant color, reminds us of spring and a renewal of life. In the context of the living room, this provides life to this space and a sense of peace from the storms of the winter season.


What is the best wedding gifts? Modern living room decor ideas for wedding presents are very high on the list of desirable gifts. The prices of these gifts can range from the price of a small plant to thousands of dollars for quality furniture but there are gifts for every budget that are sure to create feelings of peace and tranquilly to the newly married couple or to enhance a wedding anniversary.