Unique Wedding Anniversary Gifts: Wedding Anniversary Gifts by Year

When searching for unique Wedding anniversary gifts; you are searching for ideas that are totally different and unusual that will make a perfect gift for the newly-weds or others who you are interested in buying a special present for. I will be talking about the purchase of gifts for gifts unique to the man, as well as the women., but I will first talk about some wonderful ideas that I think you will agree are special gifts for both of the recipients.

Art is such a huge area and it allows for so much creativity and uniqueness. That is why it is to be considered highly. Progressive photos of celebrated anniversaries placed in a large beautiful photo album will be cherished for many years. For a truly unique and remarkable gift why not consider using our artists to draw family caricatures. You could then redo them at regular intervals to show how people have changed. Of course, you can also have our sketch artists draw your pictures in a loving pose or have then professionally painted and put onto a canvass. This can be done for a couple or with a complete set of family pictures.

A truly unique and remarkable idea for anniversaries is to buy items for a gorgeous china set which will include your pictures from unique wedding anniversaries imprinted on anniversary plates. Over time, you will amass a fantastic set which will become a family heirloom and be passed down for other generations to enjoy as a lasting memory to the joys that you shared. You can add etched champagne flutes, personalized serving carts with anniversary memories or buy a personalized cutting board with anniversary memories engraved into the wood.

Obtaining beautiful items for the kitchen to remind you of your special love is also a very good idea. After all, this area of your home is very important as you share meals, snacks and drinks together over the course of the full day. Personalized cutting boards, coasters, cheese boards, heart shaped dishes and pans, Lazy Susan, and personalized cups and mugs are excellent unique items. Some couples really enjoy a complete over haul where they get copper or stainless steel counters and develop a very sophisticated and yet very functional kitchen, You do not often find these unique kitchens and they will be enjoyed for many years top come.

If the couple enjoys the outdoors then a sun room addition to the house if a terrific gift idea of take the gift completely outside with a brand new barbecuing area and serving place for the family get together and times spent with friends. You can even plant some anniversary flowers and make an anniversary trellis with an anniversary gazebo. Then place a pole with a street sign with two avenues meeting; the wife’s maiden name with the married name.

When these unique ideas don’t suit you, then you can decide to hire professional teachers to instruct you in something that you both enjoy. Some possibilities would be: Hiring a chef to teach you how to make a cultural cuisine or professionals to teach you the art of painting, sculpture, drawing, gardening, flower growing, origami, or countless other courses that you could complete together.

Water is also very important and will provide value for many years so you could decide to install a water softener and purification system. This is a unique gift that will be cherished for many years especially if you put up a reading somewhere prominent that says, “Our love flows like water. Providing an abundance that keeps on growing!”

Unique Luxury Vacation

Unique luxury vacations will provide lasting memories of the special and unique love that the couple shares. This make lasting and cherished memories of once in a life time experiences. If it is made to be a family experience, it makes it that more unique and special.if it is a family experience. At the top of the list is to rent a luxury house boat for a week’s holiday This is often less costly than families renting hotel rooms for the week and allows for greater mobility and enjoyment often through visiting different locations. People can enjoy swimming, fishing and having much fun on the boats and yet have access to a beautiful observation deck, kitchens and group areas.

In some places of the world you can even book rooms inside castles and other very unusual places. There are tentiks cabins, tepee cabins, tree house exquisite rooms and island hide-a-ways that are pristine and enjoyable. You can get rooms that show the splendor of the Northern lights, enjoy different theme rooms of choose many mountain resorts with a totally different experience. When these don’t suit you there are wine producing areas with many resorts and fine dining, If you want to enjoy the world’s cuisine there are so many places to book for your holiday. If you would like to visit a colder country there are many ice hotels which are constructed from ice and snow for just the cold months of the winter. These are definitely a unique experience.

Totally radical experiences could be swimming with lions in Botswana, crocodile bungee in Australia, volcano boarding in Cerra Negro, heli-sking in Canada, champagne pools in New Zealand, sun downer cruise in Botswana, private suite in an air bus, cultural tours worldwide, or traveling through an underground river in the Philippines. All of these can be enjoyed by staying at luxury resortd

Living Room Furniture Ideas

Photo by Spacejoy on Unsplash

Other, than the kitchen, this area is the most used throughout your years of life while in the home. Doesn’t it make sense That this room be designed as a special place where people can relax and fully embrace each other in a vibrant area of the home? A gorgeous hardwood floor can make an extraordinary gift and progressive anniversary gifts could focus on this special area of the home. There are unique art pieces, sculpture, paintings and also, silk flowers and cases that really add to the atmosphere of the home. You can make attractive furniture pieces to be the theme of celebrating your anniversaries together. When you enter the room it will remind you of your commitment to your marriage and to a happy household. The living room will keep on becoming more and more the way you desire throughout the years and the furniture will remind you of your lasting and growing love.  A beautiful living area could include any of the following:

Love seats



Reed furniture


End Tables

Coffee Tables


Art Work


Serving Tea Tray carts



Antique Items

Grand Father Clocks

Anniversary Clocks

Fine Linen Curtains

Specially Constructed Planters

Fish Aquartum Show Case

Large Chess Sets In Metal

Wine Storage

Television Screens

Music Centers

Shelf Units

These items when collected over many years will make your living room unique and have it become a vibrant attraction to others as a showcase area of your everlasting love.

Unique Gift Ideas Women

For unique gift ideas woman, at the top of the list is a romantic vacation. Woman truly feel very special when they can enjoy and experience special moments with the one that they love. These could be short enjoyable trips or more extensive holidays and will depend on your budget; the important thing to remember is that this is a very special time that will be forever cherished and valued. There are many luxury resorts that are unique and these have already been discussed.

The second item that women love are jewelry and fashion accessories. There are many unique jewelry items that can be bought to celebrate your anniversary or other special days. As these items will be used regularly, they will be a reminder of the lasting love that you experience.


They sat that, “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.” This is still true but now rings are constructed with many beautiful materials besides diamonds. There are many types of rings depending on the occasion; gold, diamond, gemstone, class rings, wedding bands, sterling silver, moissanite, platinum, titanium, promise, engagement and many other types of rings available.


There are bib, chain, choker, collar, festoons, graduated, lariat, lavalier, locket, matinee, opera, pendant, plastron, princess, religious, Riviera, rope, sautoir, statement, thread, torque, twisted, disc, link, charm, pearl, toggle, station, and locket.

It is easy to see why there is a style that will be pleasing to almost any lady as each of these have distinctions that make it hers.


Again, there are many bracelet types to serve any style or desire. There are: charm, tennis, bangle, beaded, pearl, cuff, chain link, sliders, and wrap bracelets. A style for every taste.


Watches add a distinctive look to all attire. You can choose beautiful watches with gemstones, diamonds, gold or otherwise; just like with other jewelry purchases. There are: analog, digital, cmart, dress, quartz, field, chronograph, Swiss, pilots, tactile, casual, and luxury,


Earrings can give you a very stunning look and are a valuable addition to any attire. There are drop, stud, cluster, dangle, huggie, hoop, threader, jacket, post backs, ear climbers, hinge backs, shepherd hook backs, lever backs, and clip on backs,


Pendants can add much to an expression of identity. There are amulet, talisman, locket, medallion, painting, functional and fashion pendants.

As is easily evident, there are styles of many types of jewelry that will please and personalize the gift and make it exceptional….

And now for Fashion accessory items: Women, generally, love to fix up their hair and to make themselves to look attractive. Especially, if the lady has long hair, it will it be very important for her to have hair accessories as this is a highlight of her looks, but even females with shorter hair love the look they can achieve through a few hair accessories. Hair extensions are today’s craze with many ladies buying hair pieces that then can put into their hair to add to their beauty. Even strings of smaller hairpieces can be used to highlight the hair style and to help one get noticed. To a woman her looks are very important and so it is natural to many that hair accessories would be essential tool’s to create the style that she desires.

Pearl Head Band

Braided hair braids

Printed Head Wraps

Bow Head Bands

Tiara Dtyle Head Band

Jeweled Fancy Head

Shape Clips

Hair Extensions

Colored Hair Pieces

Hair Ribbons

Beaded Hair Clips

Crimp Beads

Hair Claws

Novelty Bobby Pins

Hair Rings

Hair Wreathes

Hair Strings

Hair Charms

Bow Ties for Hair

Printed Hair Clips

Embellished Barrett

Printed Scrunchies

Scarf Scrunchies

Women, today, feel that it is very important to enhance their physical features and to try to hide any imperfections. This is why ladies’ will really be impressed with this gift if you take into account her own tastes and desires. There is no doubt in anyone’s mind today at the glamorous transformations that can take place with the right application of make up. This is why this item is of so much appeal to them; they can look great.

Makeup Kits- If you really want to impress a person buy them a makeup kit that will provide everything that they need in order to enhance their look.


Setting Spray

Nail Polish




Lip Balms

Lip stick

Lip Gloss


Contour Powder


EyeLash Glue

Eyebrow Pencils

Face Powder

Face Primer

Unique Gift Ideas Men

There are many unique items for men that also come in many categories but will be truly appreciated for the value that they bring and will be lasting gifts for many years. These items will be adored for the uniqueness and the specials touches that they bring.
Many men today, enjoy jewelry and the watch is at the top of the list. A Rolex watch would be an exceptional buy, but their are many less-expensive watches for every budget. If you have a romantic relationship with the man for whom you will buy a gift than a precious stone ring would be an excellent way to express your love and would be well-received. Some men use necklaces and bracelets and maybe even a stud earing and would appreciate receiving these jewelry items, others would prefer to have a tie clip or cuff links.

There are many styles and types of shoes that might be selected for a gift, but you want, ” best shoes men.” as these will have a good price and long-lasting quality. It is important to consider the likes and the dislikes of the person you are buying the present for in order to make it a personalized gift for men that he will enjoy and use.


This is a classic shoe with a relaxed style which are slip-on, cool and very versatile.

These are very comfortable, but casual with distinctive stitching if the uppers. There are many native artists that make these shoes with superb quality for an exceptional gift. These can be either short or long and can be decorated with many beads, but if you will be walking on abrasive services, you must have a protective sole stitched on the bottom.


This is a laced up shoe with closed lacing and is often selected as a dress shoe for formal occasions.


These are a type of dress boot often made of soft suede or calfskin. They have two or three rows of shoelace eyelids with open lacing. These are casual-looking but very sophisticated and have so many uses.

Casual Slip-on Shoes

This is not a dress shoe, but with performance out soles and with leather uppers they are an attractive shoe that is weather-resistant without panels that allow easy removal of your tie-less footwear.

Active Sneakers

These shoes are known for exception comfort for active men. They are constructed to be useful for any activity where a flexibility of movement is desired. These shoes are light and well-supported and make very useful shoe.

Walking Shoes

These are similar to active sneakers, but are designed for walking and construction is concentrated on the heel and the toe areas so that it is comfortable walking.


Coming in many distinctive sizes and are worn when the weather supports their use. You can buy sandals for the beach, but active sandals as well, constructed with active walking in mind.

Cowboy Boots

These can be used for a very impressive look when dress pants are worn over top or the western more casual look with blue jeans. They are made of cow-hide and are very durable.


These are worn around the home to be comfortable. But are completely indoor shoes. They nor only help to keep the house clean but your feet are warm and comfortable.

As is easily seen their are many types and styles of shoes, but to personalize then you must know the likes and the likes and the dislikes of the person you are shopping for.

Unusual Chess Sets

If chess is enjoyed in the family why not consider buying one of the high-quality chess sets made for durability and ease of use? Many of these will be conversation pieces that will fascinate all your visitors and lead to interesting matches. You can buy chess pieces in remarkably large sizes or get an excellent classic set.

Drones and Video Games

There are many unique drones and video games now coming out in the market place Due to advances in artificial Intelligence and in technology there are many drones that can be purchased for a reasonable price but are very capable hardware and uses can be incredible. Any of these drones would be a unique and valuable gift for someone to acquire. Drones are capable of capturing pictures and making videos that are next to impossible to make otherwise. They have become so useful for this purpose that many businesses are using them to demonstrate their operations. In real estate they have become indispensable in the sale of properties. They can take pictures of inacessible areas and provide remarkable photography

There are many video games on the market but these are unique and full of purpose:

Flight Simulators- Teach pilot skills so that the person can learn how to fly and enjoy hours of entertainment.

Minecraft Teach spatial relationships and planning

Creative Building Games Develop a person’s creative skills.

Driving Simulators Learn to drive a car or a truck

Motor Cycle Simulators Learn how to drive a motor cycle

Golf Simulators Learn how to play golf

Bar Service Simulators Learn how to make drinks

Bed and Breakfast Simulators Learn how to run a bed and breakfast/

Game Builders Create your own game.


Unique wedding anniversary gifts will definitely be noticed and well-received if you know the person well. In this way you will buy a valuable personalized present that will be very useful, purposeful and be exceptionally received. Whether it is unique gifts men or unique gifts women or a gift for both of them to share you can expect a positive reaction when a unique personalized gift is bought.

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  1. Celebrating a wedding anniversary is indeed a very special occasion , specially if it marks many years of the couple’s commitment to one another. Where I live it would be customary for the husband and wife to buy gifts for one another. Family members might give a card or flowers, but those outside the family would not be buying expensive anniversary gifts. 

    Many of these anniversary gifts might be unique, but only available to those with an extremely high budget. Buying something like a sunroom addition, or new barbeque area, might be a gift that the couple choose themselves, but in my culture those ideas are far too expensive for gifts. 

    Thank you for sharing your unique anniversary gift ideas. 

    1. It is very possible to pool the money from many people in order to buy a gift, but the important thing is to make the gift something unique that will be cherished.

    2. A gift should always be given from the heart. In cultures where money is not plentiful even bringing food dishes to share giving with a proper attitude makes a very special gift. If you have no money to share maybe even offering to help clean or paint could be an awesome gift. Gifts given as an expression of love will really touch the lives of those receiving them.

    3. A super unique gift can still be bought and extended by the contributions of many. In fact some of the most incredible gifting experiences happen when people unite and contribute to something special all together.

  2. This is a great post because a wedding anniversary is the most beautiful day of your life. You have a nice list of things you can buy for it. I really like this necklace, because any wife Kenk likes something like that. My friend’s wedding anniversary next month. I’m sending this post to it. I hope he can get a good idea about the gift he will give to his wife from this valuable post. Thanks a lot for this post. Keep posting posts like this.

  3. You have certainly left an amazing array of gift ideas for wedding anniversaries. This is a more modern take on the old paper for the first one, wood for next ect.

    I love the idea of the china set and adding to it each year, provided of course that it doesn’t get broken. Kitchen goodies are always welcome as they are unisex and can be used by both partners.

    But of course nothing beats making memories, like taking some time off to enjoy a break in a castle, or swimming with the lions. This will build lasting memories for the couple that nobody can ever take away.

    1. Making memories is a key figure of any personalized wedding gift idea. All the gifts I suggest are all about allowing the couple to be able to reflect upon the value of their relationship. Whenever a gift is used or experienced it will trigger the pleasant memories that the couple has shared triggering a stronger bond.

  4. If anyone is thinking about buying gifts, this website is an amazing resource. I like how you categorized the various occasions we use for purchasing gifts. Personalizing a gift for a specific individual can mean a whole lot to the recipient compared to buying something with little or no thought behind it. 

    Making a gift personal is important. You have provided a wealth of ideas on how to do that as well as giving us several lists of gifts to consider. 

    I have a question. Did you mean to create links to be able to purchase all the gifts you underlined? I tried to click them but nothing happened. Just saying.



    1. Yes, I will continue to build my site as an amazing resource. I will be adding links at a later date so please come back and see for yourself.

  5. Great article. I am going to several weddings this summer, and I am now going to make the extra effort to ensure my wedding gifts are unique and special. I have some excellent ideas now from your article. Thank you! Eric

  6. This is a great, very informative post. I am going to 3 weddings this summer, so I will use your information and get some tremendous unique gifts! There were no links to the gift ideas I looked at, but they did give me ideas on what to buy. Thanks for the article. It was very well presented, with great ideas, and the layout looks fantastic!

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