What is Best Man: What’s the Best Man’s Duties

What is Best Man? The Best Man is the male person of the groom who supports him on his wedding day. The wife has the Maid Of Honor to support her but in the role of Best man he is to be there to assist the husband on this very special day. Organizing for a wedding celebration takes much planning and takes months to complete and so it makes sense that the man should have support to run errands and to help complete needed tasks in preparation for this exceptional day. Duties of the Best Man will start as soon as he is selected. He should have the ability to help calm the groom before, during and immediately after the wedding. This is why it is important for the groom to pick a suitable candidate for this position as it will require him to be a leader who has a calming influence on the male attendant’s at the wedding. A brother of the groom or a close friend is often the one chosen but it could be a father, uncle or any male person that the groom feels close to.

What’s the Best Man Duties

What’s the Best Man duties? This is an important leadership role to play. He will collect money from people to purchase a gift for the groom, help the groom and groom’s men pick out the attire that they will be wearing at the wedding. This includes shoes, pants, socks, suits, tie clips, cuff links and any other accessories needed. During the wedding the Best Man holds the rings unless their is a ring bearer. He ensures that the groom and his attendants are in the right places on time. He is also instrumental in welcoming guests to the wedding ceremony. Another duty is to line everyone up for pictures according to the photographer and to make the first toast at the reception.and to ensure that the guests are relaxed and able to enjoy themselves. Here is a checklist that can be used to make sure you don’t don’ miss a step:


1. Help in the selection of the attire to be used by the Groom and the groomsman.

2. Organize and ensure the smooth running of the Bachelor party. This will include collecting of money for a special gift for the groom.

3. Be present at the rehearsal for the wedding.

4. Make sure that all the groomsmen and the groom get top the wedding on time.

5. Keep the wedding ring safe until needed in the ceremony.

6. Sign the register as one of the witness’

7. Make the first toast to the couple in congratulations.

8. In conjunction with the Maid of Honor he will ensure that all gifts are placed in the gift area.

9. He will ensure that the couple is able to leave when needed for their honeymoon.

10. Help the other attendants to transport the gifts to a safe place which is usually the home of the bride.

The best man must be able to listen to questions and complaints by the groom without any judgment. He is a calming influence to make sure that the groom is emotionally able, and will reassure him that everything will work according to plan. He will need to keep the groom focused and on task so that everything will be ready in time. Getting all the grooms men to the wedding on time may mean that a get together be held and that they are transported in the same car to the event. The Best man will check on details and ensure that everyone is ready for pictures and are in the right place at the right time. Keeping the ring until needed should not be stressful but keep the ring in a specific location so you won’t know where to find it. Most of the duties are easily understood and can be carried out in an organized fashion. One of the worries of the Best man is how to make a proper wedding toast.

Best Man Wedding Toast

The Best Man is the one responsible for being the first to make a toast to the bride and groom on their union. Although sometimes this can be nerve racking you don’t should relax as you don’t do not have to make a 15-minute speech or something. Although this is an important function of this role it does not have to be overly long but requires thought and effort so that it is a well-versed set of prose that will be appropriate in the celebration of the newly-weds. I will provide you don’t with an easy template that you don’t can use to help you don’t in this regard, but don’t make it too complicated. Keep it simple. During the dance the Best Man and the Maid of Honor should be one of the first on the wedding floor encouraging the other guests to take part. He should also dance with the bride, the mother of the bride and the mother of the groom during this time.

How to Write a Best Man Speech

How to write the best man speech is an easy process that you don’t shouldn’t overthink. I will now give you don’t a simple format that should work well for you don’t.


1. Share some heart-warming experience you don’t have had with the groom.

2, Explain what excited you don’t about the couple.

3. A bit of humor is nice but is not to be over-done.

4. Let your feelings show.

5. Keep the content positive, engaging and authentic


INTRODUCTION- Introduce yourself as the Best Man and tell how you don’t came to know the groom.

BODY- Share a few stories focusing on the couple. You are in this position to shed some light on the couple.

One joke might be nice if tasteful but don’t let you don’t speech focus on it.

CONCLUSION- End by congratulating the couple and wishing them the best in the future. Have everyone rise with their glasses and say, ” I offer this toast in the hopes and dreams that this marriage will bring complete fulfillment.”


What is Best Man and what are his duties? These have been discussed and considered in this article, My advice would be to relax enjoy the experience and use the checklist to keep on top of your duties. Then just be natural and make the guests relax, as well.

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