What is Maid of Honor: Maid of Honor Responsibilities Checklist

What is the Maid of Honor and how should she contribute to a successful marriage celebration? The maid of honor is chosen by the bride to able to assist her on this day and to remind her of the plan to be implemented. She is in fact the one designated the responsibility of helping the bride to remain calm and collected on this very important day. Often times, the intense planning and the preparation for the event has drained the energy and the focus of the bride and her maid of honor is there to ensure she remains strong emotionally and able to function properly on her special day. Sometimes for many people, the brain will fail to function clearly under excess stress and then the person will not be able to think clearly. The maid of honor knows all the details and who is to be performing their roles and ensures that the celebration is moving smoothly. In this article I will be discussing all the roles that she will complete, types of attire to wear during the event, and of course the speech that she will usually deliver at the reception. She is the bride’s right-hand woman from the moment chosen after her engagement, right through the end of the wedding day. As this is a role of honor but has many duties and responsibilities associated with it that she needs to be aware of. She will lead all the other bride’s maids in all the planned activities.The Maid of Honor will have many diverse responsibilities and will require adaptations to all her roles. She will need to be a voice of reason, have the ability to support the bride emotionally, know the bride’s intent, and be able to be a leader of the other maids.

Maid of Honor Responsibilities Checklist

Let me start by discussing the Maid of Honor Responsibilities Checklist. As this is a basic checklist that I hope you will find useful but will illustrate how diverse this role essentially is.

Maid of Honor Checklist

1. Will be there to assist the bride with any tasks that she needs help with. It is important for her to listen to ideas and to offer suggestions and to provide nonjudgmental advice. .

2. Attendance at wedding dress shopping and fittings if so requested by the bride.

3. Will lead the other Bride’s Maids to help the bride in any way needed.

4. Will make sure that the Bride’s Maids have ordered their dresses and have prepared for the wedding day.

5. Will confirm hair and makeup appointments and help to coordinate any travel and accommodations that will be needed.

6. Be available to answer any questions that people might have. This information can be listed on a wedding website but people must know where to look and some might not be willing to use a computer. You will be able to assist the bride in making sure the information is not only available but where people will look to find it. Have the couple a store registry for gift buying? Where are the venues where the wedding and the reception will take place? Is there a post-wedding brunch? Will guests be arriving who will need to be picked up at the airport? These are just some questions that might be asked.

7. Will host any bridal showers with assistance of the bride’s maids. Planning will be done for this event by the Maid of Honor and will include: selecting a venue, sending invitations, ensuring food is prepared or ordered, planning any games, and making sure the guests are comfortable. You can delegate any of these to the other Bride’s maids but must ensure that everyone understands their duties. You will record any gifts and the name of the person who has given the gift, usually in an attractive register, so that the bride will be able to send thank you cards.

8. will plan the Bacherlorette party where the bride can enjoy some memorial event. Keep in mind the bride’s interests and desires when planning this event.

Wedding Day duties

1. Will help the bride to get dressed and to ensure that all the females standing up for the wedding are picture perfect for photos.

2. Serve in a messenger capacity between the couple on the day of the wedding, especially, if any pre-marriage- maarriage gifts are exchanged.

3. Preparation of an emergency kit for the wedding day to include: Nail polish, mascara, safety pins, fashion tape, extra underwear etc.

4. Should be able to help communicate with vendors supplying the wedding to ensure everything is taking place as planned.

5. Keep things moving on the timetable set out by the bride

6. Walk down the aisle after the Bride’s Maids.

7. Arrange the Bride’s vial and train when she arrives at the place of the ceremony.

8. Will ensure that one of the Bride’s ‘s maids is holding the Bridal Bouquet when the wedding is taking place.

9. Sign the marriage license as a witness.

10. Enters the reception with the best man.

11. Ensure the Bride’s gown is still looking well and help her go to the washroom if needed.

12. Play hostess and answer any questions the guests might have.

13. Make sure any gifts are properly placed.

14. Give a speech in the program after the best man.

15. Dance with the Best man.

16. Make sure that the Bride eats and drinks.

17. Make sure that the wedding gifts are being transported according to plan to a per-determined location, usually, the Bride’s family home.

!8. Assist in any other way to ensure the proper closing of the wedding day.

Maid of Honor Dresses

The Maid of Honor dresses,in modern times, are being chosen to complement the color of the gowns chosen for the Bride’s Maids. It is usually chosen a different shade of the other or is entirely a different but complimentary color. This distinguishes her from the other as being the leader of the group. This makes it easier for people to approach her for information or advice about the wedding. As this is an important role, and distinguishing her as the lead provides clear direction to not only the Bride’s Maids but also to other seeking assistance. Often times, because of all the duties she performs, the bride will ensure that she has a very special dress with clear distinctions from the others. This attire will be something appreciated and used in the future as well and will remind her of the role she played for your special event. These dresses can be designer made, for those with finances, or less-costly, but beautiful dresses can be bought that are pre-made. At times, gorgeous gowns that blend with your colors can even be bought for a discounted price. If you need advise on whether the dress will be appropriate with your colors of the wedding then ask a wedding planner for some extra assistance.

Maid of Honor Speeches for a Best Friend

Maid of Honor speeches for the best friend can be a trying moment. Although the speech is not usually very long it is an important part of the toasts that will be given., and as such, it will represent an excellent time to show how much you value the groom’s presence in your friends life but also a time to speak of the joys you have shared together and your aspirations for her future. After all, she is taking a big step which will determine her future and you want to be able to wish her the very best. You can use the following template as your guide:

Introductory sentence; Start off by introducing yourself and thanking the bride for all the moments you have experienced together.

Body of are least three sentences that speak of the friendship you have developed with the bride and how much you have valued that experience and hope that it will continue. ( a poem might also be read about the value of friendship )

Conclude by congratulating the couple for there found love and providing a toast to a vibrant future.

The important thing is that this should be an expression from the heart and an expression of the hopes and the aspirations you have for their future. As I have already said, it does not have to be two or more pages long but it is better to be shorter but a true projection of your heart.


to answer the question, “What is a maid of honor?” will be diverse and varied depending on the duties given her to perform. In this role she will always be someone very important to the bride on her wedding day and will cheerfully supply all the support and help to make the event extra special. The Maid of Honor is truly worth honoring and cherishing for all she has meant to the bride.

A Special Poem All the Best, My Friend

You’ve been my friend so long you know,

We’ve enjoyed so much even when feeling low,

You were always there with a reassuring smile,

But now we walk on down the aisle.

I remember the moments we shared,

You have always shown how much you cared.

Now I wish the best for you,

As your hopes and your dreams you now pursue.

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