What is the Best Wedding Gifts: Bathroom Ideas

What is the best wedding gifts? Buying items for a bathroom really could make a huge impact. Instead of everyone buying helter-skelter why not all agree to buy gifts as a group all centering around a bathroom theme? Everytime they would go to the bathroom they would be reminded of the love given to them through such a great united gift. The colors that the couple would prefer and some of their preferences could be determined ahead of time, and with the cooperation of many gift givers, would become an awesome present that the couple will truly cherish for many years.

If you made it this way, and considered all the latest colors and technological improvements being made to bathrooms, these would become cool bathroom ideas that will make a huge impact upon their lives. Many people like hues of blue and a natural water theme for their bathrooms as water is such a huge part of this area. In these regards, there are many blue bathroom ideas that are very popular and desirable.

For most applications, you will be making a remodeling of the available space and your choices and redecoration ideas will need to carefully considered taking into consideration the budget and the size of the space available. If you have the opportunity to fully design the space, and the budget needed, this could be a really cool and awesome brand new bathroom space located in an area lacking a bathroom. Of course, not all would be able to achieve such a plan but with the cooperation of the parents of the bride and the groom and other guests; this would be a legacy gift that they would remember and cherish. On even a simple budget when planning gifts in cooperation with others, huge changes can be made to the bathroom which will be well-received by the couple.

Bathroom Wall Decor

Any planning of this important area of the home needs to consider the bathroom wall decor. The most important step is the theme of the bathroom and how that will be implemented in this special place. It is important to think about the things that are trending so that the bathroom plans will be considered as cool bathroom ideas.

In this regard, the colors that are trending today are the following:

  • Soft Blues.
  • Warm Earth Tones.
  • Bold Black and Charcoal.
  • Soothing Greens.
  • Luxurious Jewel Tones.

Bold Black and charcoal are generally too dark for small bathrooms but might be considered for large bathrooms with much lighting either by a natural sun roof or superior artificial lighting. Soft blues are dynamic for themes that incorporate water. Soothing earth tones and soothing greens are great when a nature theme is planned. If a luxurious bathroom theme is desired then luxurious jewel tones are the correct choice.

Even simple bathrooms and a limited budget can completely transform a bathroom space even in a poor country where budgets might be tight. New tiles, hanging racks and a matching towel set can completely transform this simple space into something dynamic and affordable if everyone works in cooperation. Just remember the value of this project will be felt by the couple for many years.

Luxury Bath Towels

Luxury bath towels are very desirable and make excellent gifts especially when given with a well thought plan when working

in conjunction with others to provide a quality bathroom. Luxury towels of more than 600 GSM are placed in this group as they are most absorbent, soft and plush. The heavier this number, the heavier the towel. What does this mean? These towels absorb more and take longer to dry but wear longer and are easy to use. Towels usually weigh between 300-900 grams per square meter (GSM). Towels that weigh between 400-600 GSM are considered medium-weight towels. The higher the (GSM) number, the heavier the towel.

Luxury towels are often made from Egyptian cotton, Turkey cotton or Pima cotton. As these luxury towels have extra-long fibers they are elegant and soft to touch but are very durable. Add to this the fact that they are breathable and very absorbent and you have a winning combination. Pima cotton is made in the USA from the same plants that Egyptian cotton is made from and is worth considering if the price is more competitive. Construction process makes the fabric fluffy and extremely durable, however, sometimes they’re not as luxuriously soft to the touch as you’d want. Ring-spun cotton, on the other hand, twists short and long fibers together resulting in a fabric that’s smoother, finer, and softer.

The purchase of matching sets of the same color of bath towels will definitely add to the appeal of this special room. If you blend these with the bathroom wall decor previously mentioned; you will obtain an attractive and very articulate result.

A quality bath towel will completely wrap your body Bath towels are meant to be much larger than hand towels Careful consideration needs to be made as to the size required. Bath sheets will provide a complete wrap around of the body and are considered to be the prime quality towel. Of course this will not fit everyone’s budget but you will want to get the best possible quality for the price being paid.

Decorative Bathroom Towels

Decorative bath towels are meant just for that decoration. These can be changed with the season to add a bit of variety and flair to the room. They towels are not meant to be used but will add to the attractiveness of the room itself. Your decorative towels must be used in conjunction with the design scheme and the current bathroom colors. These towels are meant to enhance the look of your bathroom and to make it a very attractive place to be. These will enhance the chosen colors for the room and turn the space into something sensational.

Bathroom Organizer

A bathroom organizer or a set of different types will be a super plus for this space. In order to have a beautiful washroom it requires organization so it does not have a cluttered look. The bathroom is an essential part of our lives and we start and end our day by visiting this area. This place has the power to shape our character and prepare us for our day. The feelings we have in this space has the influence to shape our habits and to determine the mind set which we will carry for the day.

These items are so useful and will allow even smaller bathrooms to serve the functions for which they have been constructed. Space savers, quite frankly, allow washrooms to serve their purposes while providing exceptional storage so that the room is kept well-organized and functional.

Bathroom Towel Holders

Bath room towel holders will make a huge difference to this room and will ensure that the towels are kept handy and yet neat. These towel bars usually work best if placed along the longest wall. If located near sinks and bath fixtures, they will provide the function that they require. These need to be placed about 48 inches above the floor so that they are easily accessible when required.

Towel racks will provide a great place in which the towels can be dried and so are very useful and a part of any bathroom plan. You can have a few to many racks on which to place towels and this will be dependent upon the number of people using the bathroom. Racks add so much to the usefulness of the room and should be considered as a very important item for sure.

Bath Shower Curtains

Bath shower curtains can be used to add contrast to the room or be complimentary in order to blend in with the colors of the room. These curtains serve a decorative purpose but also a very functional purpose as they keep the water where it belongs, in the bathtub or the shower. In households with limited access to bathrooms, they can also be used as a break so that others may use the area as well.

What kind of shower curtain is best? Cotton curtains are very durable and will add so much to the appearance of your washroom. If you buy more than one, then changes can be made to the over-all style of your room simply by changing the shower curtain each month. This fabric can provide a luxurious look to your cool bathroom. The important thing to do is to buy a quality liner to go with the decorative curtain as it will shed water more readily, saving the cotton curtain so that it is even more durable.


What is the best wedding gifts? I feel that the best wedding gifts are ones that people cooperatively work together to accomplish. This can be done with planned purchases or cooperative joining of resources so to buy a gift of impact. Bathroom ideas tend to be very high on the list of items desired as a couple begins their lives together. Bathrooms can be designed in such a way to provide a peaceful highly desirable space in which to start and to complete our day.