Top Gifts for Women: Type Personality Characteristics

The top gifts for women will be influenced by type personality characteristics. Each one of the characteristic types will enjoy different presents which will impact the type of gift you will purchase as their character is a huge determining factor in the kind of gift that they will cherish and enjoy. There are four character types which are generally accepted and combinations, thereof. They are sanguine ( optimistic, social  ), melancholic (analytical ), choleric (detailed), and phlegmatic  ( peaceful ).

The first type is sanguine. This personality is generally fun-loving and enthusiastic and is friendly and confident. They are motivators and are sponataneous, but often have a short attention span and who enjoy a variety of activites but who often procrastinate in completing the more routine tasks. They are often relationhip oriented and enjoy romancing. They enjoy being noticed by others and this helps refine the best gifts to buy for them. Atttractive flashy dresses, high heels and eloquent hair styles are often within their interests. The latest styles or trends will interest them. A unique purse or hat might be a great gift. They like to receive gifts that are unusual or different but which will serve a ueful and practical purpose. A red micowave instead of the regular black will make them feel special. An unusual knife set which would be different would grab their attention. Buying diiner theatre tickets where they can enjoy the company of others would be an extra-ordinary gift as would special recognition parties for their accomplishments to be valued. They will enjoy adventure and often enjoy doing it with others. Sports such as biking or swimming where they can showoff their skills are cherished and gifts that actively involve others will be cherished.

The second type are melancholic. These individuals have high analytical skills and are very good at logical problems. They can work under stress, are goal oriented, work well independently and have no fear of risk taking. Being very capable of delagating responsibility and  holding others accountable if their work is not completed on time; they will work very hard to complete their goals and are very competitive by nature. They prefer freedom to work and to set their own schedules. Sometimes, they will be impatient if they believe that too much time is being wasted on talking and not enough on accomplishing the task on hand or if they think there is too much control on the tasks that they need to complete. Being dominant by nature, these personalities will florish best where acheivable goals are set and where they can work by delagating responsibilities to acheive them. they enjoy receiving high quality items that will last and have beauty for many years. As such, they will enjoy and cherish items of unique artistic value and prefer kitchen appliances that will be energy efficient.

The choleric personality is a very detail-oriented individual who works well in a stable environment.  They’re interested in accuracy, rationality, and logic. They believe that being emotional hinders the ability to be objective in approach. Facts, accuracy and logic are most important and decisions are made rationally instead of emotionally. They tend to like relationships that will have a logical benefit to them rather than basing it upon romance and will think strongly that rules need to be followed. Carefully following routines and ensuring accuracy, they will make an impact as they believe being prepared is the key to success. Organization and order seem to be high priorities. Any gift that will help them to keep things ordered and structured will be cherished. Practical gifts that have an immediate use or purpose that will help them to schedule their lives better will be greatly appreciated. Appliances that make things easier or quicker will be high on their list of desired gadgets in the kitchen. Generally they will absolutely adore very practical gifts that have a very useful purpose.

The last personality type is slow paced and often stubborn. They do not want to expend any more energy than is needed. They are very easy going and relaxed being very calm and collected. They are very patient and desire to live a balanced and consistent life style. They will avoid arguments at all costs and will be happily accepted in life as an all-rounded faithful person who will always be there for you but willl avoid conflict. They will tend to be quiet, but witty, while being sympathetic and very kind. An all-purpose individual who keeps emotions hidden well and just makes sure there is no conflict with anyone. Being very task oriented; they have a great ability to focus on jobs requiring precision and accuracy but wish to remain unassuming. They will be inoffensive with a dry sense of humor who will enjoy watching others and not usually getting involved in the activity themselves. They will want to have many friends but will play an unassuming role in any relationship. Having a caring and sincere demeanor with consistent and dependable traits; they make very faithful partners and are very approachable. A calm and stable personality that believes in fairness and equality make this peronality very attractive. They love to receive gifts where they have some control and choice and where they can make there own decisions. The best way to buy a gift for this individual is to go online shopping together and talk about likes and dislikes and really understand what she may like that would be seen as non-offensive. This personality doe not like surpries or to be noticed and so will not express their emotions openly.


Type personality characteristics will determine to a large extent what type and kinds of gifts will make top gifts for women. As with men, personality type will influence to a great extent what are the likes and the dislikes of a person. As we want to buy a unique gift that will be cherished a lifetime; it is important to consider the personality type of the person for whom you are buying a gift.The following link will give you many thoughts and ideas for buying the perfect gift:


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