Wedding Anniversary Gifts By The Year: Second Marriage

“Wedding gift second marriage,” you exclaim, “Does George and Mary really need more things?” Many people have found it hard to buy a special wedding gift for a couple that appear to already have all they need in order to live a united life style. I know from practical experience that this creates difficulty in the minds of many because gift buyers often focus on needs rather than wants. In a first marriage the couple often needs many items to start their new life together, but for the second marriage the needs have usually been addressed and people wonder what exactly do I buy for these people, anyways! I understand, I’ve been there myself and have had to work through this difficulty. For this reason, it is very valuable to have wedding gift ideas for 2nd marriage as so many people are frustrated and simply need some wise advice to know what to buy. Many of the gift givers today want that special gift that will make an impact with their hard-earned money.

Synonym Desire

What many should come to realize is that there are many unfulfilled wants that people have in life that have not been accomplished as yet. For example, although many couples desire to go on an ocean cruise they have not had the opportunity due to a lack of financial resources, a block of free time, or maybe there has been too many distractions such as being there for their children. Sometimes a family might decide that it would make a wonderful present if they channel their marriage gifts together to fulfill a couple’s dream. A slightly less costly holiday to a mountain resort might also be a wish come true! Wish, want, fancy, inclination, aspiration, impulse, preference, yearning, longing, craving, hankering, pining, hungering, and thirsting are all synonyms of desire. All of these words are often associated with a heart’s longing that has not been accomplished in life. In these regards, the gift givers will hold a special place in the hearts and in the minds of the couple because memories are cherished for a lifetime! A gift of desire is a memory that the couple will truly enjoy and will constantly remember as a special moment in their lives.

As you should already be aware, desire is so keenly apart from living. The type of house people buy, the car they drive, the training they receive, the type of holiday they take, the movies that they watch, the games they play, the music that inspires them whether classical, rock, rap, or christian worship music; all have a profound impact on their lives because of desire. Often times the only limitation to the fulfillment of the keen desire that they have, is the lack of either time or financial means, in order to fulfill their dreams and their desires. If you or a group of people join together in purchasing cool unique wedding gifts; you know it will make a lasting impact on their lives.

Cool Unique Wedding Gifts

Unique wedding gifts brother, unique wedding gifts parents, unique wedding gifts sister, unique wedding gifts couples or unique wedding gifts wife; all have different degrees of cool. It may be cool for the new husband to give a gift of a beautiful lingerie to his wife; whereas, it would be totally incorrect for an ex-boyfriend to do the same. A brother may be able to buy a gift that would bind the couple together through a shared memory but for another it might be frowned upon. Who you are in relationship to those marrying is an important quest to consider before making the special choice gift that you hope will provoke the newlyweds to stay and to become stronger together. In order to encourage lasting marriages we must give gift buying some thought. A thoughtful gift given with the right amount of encouragement is the right ingredient for meshing and helping the couple grow as one. Cool unique wedding gifts given with a heart of love will be cherished by the couple for all their lives. Are not, unique personalized wedding gifts that the couple will cherish the rest of their lives as unique personal wedding gifts, a huge reason to purchase such presents?

Unique Personalized Wedding Gifts

This type of gift-giving is truly an expression of the heart and will have a profound and lasting impact on the couple even on their 1st anniversary. In fact a well-thought-out marriage gift could be fused with 1st anniversary gift ideas very easily. What better way to say we love and support you, than coupling your wedding gift with 1st anniversary ideas couples will enjoy even from their beginning as one. What do I mean? why not make it a progressive gift right from the start if your intent is on encouraging them throughout the years? This is where wise wedding gift buyers can make truly profound and lasting impressions and expressions of love that will last years to come. Creative 1st anniversary ideas can be thought through at the same time as planning for the unique special wedding gift. How you might ask? Why not make wedding gift baskets? Wedding gift baskets serve a very useful purpose. You could place in a basket a special wedding plate, a holiday at a unique resort and than book an airline ticket for an exceptional holiday booked one year in advance on their 1st anniversary. Do you recognize the impact this will make on the marriage? If so you are truly showing wisdom and buying a memorial gift that will be cherished a lifetime. You can do it as a group or an individual or couple; that is your choice.


In conclusion, unique personal wedding gifts will have a lasting and worthwhile influence on the marriage union. As a “wedding gift second marriage,” you will be able to encourage the couple to remain together and to fulfill each other if you choose your gift wisely. Wedding gift baskets are of exceptional value to remind the couple of their commitment, especially if coupled with a future 1st anniversary gift that will be used after their first successful year together. Dare to dream of all the possibilities for this special couple!


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