What is the best wedding gifts: Best Steak Knife Set

What is the best wedding gifts to buy or receive at a wedding or an anniversary? There are many steak knife sets that can be considered. I will recommend a few of these but I will give you my recommendation for the very best steak knife set in the market today.

For people that enjoy a great steak or appreciate a great barbecue, a great steak knife is an essential part of them enjoying the event. There are two types of quality knives to consider. One is a normal knife cutting edge, while the second is a serrated edge. The serrated edge has very sharp and thin edges like little teeth and they are designed to cut through any meat with complete ease. The knives do not tear or shred the meat because the serrations hold the meat in place while cutting through. Serrated knives allow for an even distribution of the force being applied and maintain their usefulness for long periods of time; however, they must be sharpened regularly in order to keep their cutting great cutting ability. If you want a perfect cut to your meat The non-serrated edge on this type of knives keeps each bite more intact but it requires often sharping to keep the set at its best. These knives are perfect for those who want their steaks medium rare but don’t want any cuttings remaining on their plates. These knives are much easier to sharpen that serrated knives but are often desired by fine food restaurants.

Another consideration is what type of handle should you want? There are aluminum, stainless steel, titanium, carbon fiber, bone, leather, and wood knives. I personally love the wood handled knives because it is most natural and seems so comfortable on the hands, but, quality stainless steel handles have their advantageous. Wooden handled knives should be washed by hand and one should avoid placing them into water for extended periods of time making them harder to maintain. Wooden handles steak knives can be bought with a variety of different types of wood. Stainless steel handles are easier to wash and can be placed in a dish washer. A carbon fiber or a titanium handle will last a long time and are extremely durable. Chefs prefer wooden handles normally since when metal handles are near flame for too long they can become very hot.

My top recommendations follow and then I will provide budget conscious choices as well.

Henckel’s Steak Knife Set

These knives have been manufactured for a very long time and are made in Germany. They have an excellent reputation and have won many prestigious awards for making quality knives which are recognized the world over. They are made of the best quality materials and obtain top marks in consumer reports. These knives have been manufactured by this family in Solington, Germany since 1731.

KRAMER by ZWILLING Steak Knife Set

Sg2 (Mc63) micro-carbide powder steel
Designed to Master blade Smith Bob Kramer’s exacting specifications

Traditional 3-Step hand sharpening for exceptionally high sharpness

    Zwilling J.A. Henckels Steak Knife Set of 8, German Knife Set, Stainless Steel

    • ULTRA RAZOR-SHARP: ZWILLING knives start out razor-sharp and stay sharper longer, even with minimal care
    • THE LAST KNIFE YOU’LL EVER NEED TO BUY: Zwilling knives are built to last; They are German engineered informed by almost 300 Years of masterful knife making
    • WE KNOW MORE ABOUT KNIVES THAN ANYONE ELSE IN THE WORLD: ZWILLING has been making knives since 1731 in the renowned “City of Blades” Solingen, Germany and we are constantly innovating to bring you the best knives possible
    • LARGEST MANUFACTURER OF KNIVES GLOBALLY: As the largest manufacturer of knives globally, we own our factories so we can control the quality at every step of production
    • SUPERIOR CRAFTMANSHIP: Perfected for almost 300 years; Starts sharper, stays sharper longer, and has superior resilience
    • EXCEPTIONALLY BALANCED KNIFE FOR COMFORTABLE CUTTING: ZWILLING knives are ergonomically shaped for maximum comfort in the hand, this forged blade steak knife set provides the ultimate strength
    • PRECISE CUTTING: 4-inch serrated blade slices through meats and poultry with razor sharp precision
    • GIFT SET: Comes with beautiful, elegant wood presentation case, perfect for a gift.

    Henckels Forged Contour 8-pc Steak Knife Set – Black

    Includes eight forged steak knives with serrated edges and comes in an elegant gift box high quality German stainless steel construction with satin finish. Full tang with bolster provides solid grip and balance. Precision forged blades for impeccable geometry, accurate grinding, and superior cutting properties. Comfortable and traditional 3-rivet handles

    Zwilling J.A. Henckels Twin Gourmet 9-Piece High-Carbon Stainless-Steel Gourmet Steak Knives with Block

    About this Item stamped German stainless steel

    Three rivet handle

    No-stain blades

    Made in Spain

    HENCKELS Premium Quality 20-Piece Statement Knife Set with Block, Razor-Sharp, German Engineered Knife Informed by over 100 Years of Masterful Knife Making, Lightweight and Strong, Dishwasher Safe

    ULTRA-SHARP BLADES: Superior professional-level sharpness that ensures precision cutting.


    German Engineered Knife Informed by over 100 Years of Masterful Knife Making.

    HENCKELS knives are built to last.

    EFFORTLESS CUTTING: Enjoy easy meal prep and paper-thin cuts with minimal effort with this lightweight, easy-to-use knife.SET INCLUDES: 3-inch and 4-inch paring knife, 5-inch utility knife, 5.5-inch boning knife, 6-inch utility knife, 7-inch santoku knife, 8-inch chef’s knife, bread knife and carving knife, steak knife set of 8, honing steel, kitchen shears, knife block. Quick CLEAN UP: No-fuss cleanup, in the dishwasher or by hand. Stain and rust-free blades.WORTH THE SPLURGE: HENCKELS knives start out razor-sharp and stay sharper longer, even with minimal care.DURABLE BLADE: Single-piece, precision-stamped blade construction provides durability. STAYS SHARP LONGER: Professional, satin-finished blade boasts precision cutting and is finely honed for long-lasting sharpness

    Wusthof Gourmet 6 piece Steak Knife Set

    The second recommended knife sets are surprisingly made in Solingen, Germany since 1814. Both these exceptional knife brands have all but dominated the market worldwide for quality knives for at least 50 years.

    Wusthof 8-Piece Stainless-Steel Steak Knife Set with Wooden Gift Box

    • Eight steak knives packaged in presentation box with rosewood stain
    • High-carbon 18/10 stainless-steel serrated blades
    • Contemporary, polished 18/10 stainless handles
    • Precision-forged
    • Lifetime warranty

    WÜSTHOF 10-Piece Stainless Steak and Carving Knife Set

    Set includes eight 4″ serrated steak knives, a carving knife and a carving fork, olive wood case. The subtle features of these stainless handled steak knives will complement any flatware pattern. Steak knives have sharp serrated edges designed to cut easily through thick steaks without tearing. Comes with elegant wooden storage chest, makes it great for gifting

    Made in China with a lifetime warranty; hand-wash recommended for best care

    WÜSTHOF Classic 6-Piece Steak Knife Set

    WÜSTHOF CLASSIC SERIES – 6 Piece Steak Knife Set with triple riveted synthetic polypropylene handles that resist fading, discoloration, heat and impact. recision

    Forged High-Carbon Stainless SteelRAZOR SHARP – High Carbon Stainless Steel Blades, precisely cut with the latest state-of-the-art technology for incredible sharpness and easy maintenance. WÜSTHOF kitchen knives are Hand Wash OnlyWÜSTHOF STEAK KNIFE SET – Includes six 4 1/2″ Steak Knives. WÜSTHOF Steak Knives have a straight clean edge that glide through beef like butter without shredding or damaging the meat

    DURABLE – WÜSTHOF Cutlery is crafted to resist corrosion and dulling. This German made Kitchen Knife set Comes with a limited Lifetime Warranty

    CENTURIES OF TRADITION – Family owned for seven generations, WÜSTHOF was founded in Solingen, Germany over 200 years ago. WÜSTHOF’s cutlery carries the Solingen name, a designation reserved for products that meet the strictest quality standards


    What is the best wedding gifts? The best steak knife set is made in Germany by the two manufacturers product recommended as the Henckels and the Wusthof knives haves dominated the world stage for many years and have demonstrated quality and desirability. For these reasons, they make awesome gifts!

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    9 thoughts on “What is the best wedding gifts: Best Steak Knife Set

    1. Thank you for this amazing set of reviews, once again.  I love to cook.  It’s something that I do at home to relieve stress.  My soon to be wife also loves to cook.  I must say, the set of knives here that I want to get are the WÜSTHOF 10-Piece Stainless Steak and Carving Knife Set.  I don’t have this particular set, but my girlfriend does!  She is from the Philippines, and when we video chat I see how good her knives work compared to my five dollar knives I get at Walmart haha.  Those are good knives, even if they cost a little more, you are getting quality!

      1. You pay for quality but actually save money over the years because you will never have to buy another knife set again. Thank you for your comments!

    2. I can still remember getting a set of steak knives as a gift many years ago. So steak knives make a great gift for those that enjoy a good steak. But even for those that might not eat steak, the knives can still be used for many other purposes. 

      These boxed sets look stylish and specially the German engineered knives, are an investment for life and will be appreciated by anybody that receives them.

    3. Knives generally are very good gifts for new homes. So considering steak knives will be a brilliant option. Your comments on the zwilling steak knife that they are built to last catches my attention. Knowing that they are German products is another point for assurance of quality. I will bookmark your page, my next gift will definitely be the zwilling steaks knife. 

      1. Yes, this is one incredible set of knives that will last a lifetime. No more buying cheap knives that will only break anyways.

    4. I think those knife sets are a great idea for a wedding gift. Good quality is very important. This article explains exactly what it  worth to look at in order to  help me choose the right one. These knives are very comfortable to use and German steel is the best in the world. Honestly recommending!

    5. Wow, this is an original idea of wedding gift! I couldn’t think of it by myself, especially because I know a couple of friends who really love barbecues. I’ll probably offer a knives set to them! Anyway, I also agree that you must favor German knives because they are of better quality. I have a blender made in Germany that is still here today whereas I bought it like 16 years ago!

      1. Nothing compares to quality, which means where possible, in your budget, buy quality items. These will last for many years increasing your investment over time. Thanks for sharing.

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