Anniversary Gifts Your Ideas: 5th Anniverary

“Anniversary gifts your ideas,” -Isn’t this what you desire?- Personalized Anniversary Wedding Gift Ideas that will touch the hearts of those you love and make this an anniversary to remember. If you can accomplish this goal, all the while still using the wedding anniversary Gifts by the Year Chart; you will have many successes. The “Anniversary Gifts your Ideas,” can be accomplished as wedding anniversary gifts by the year for the 5th anniversary. The traditional list is wooden items, whereas; the modern list is silverware. These are different, but can also be complementary as I will eventually show. It will be important for me to provide thoughts on the anniversary gift ideas for this particular year for the bride, for the groom, as well as for people buying gifts for the couple. Since wood is a traditional theme, dry wood gift ideas will be discussed. Finally, the modern item being silverware, the theme, “silverware flatware,” will also be important to discuss. As is clearly evident, 5th wedding anniversary gift ideas will be a great celebration to discuss as it relates to gift buying.

5th Anniversary Gift Ideas wife

A special gift from the husband in celebration of this day is vital and important for this special occasion. What can be bought that would interest a wife that is wood or silverware flatware? There are actually many, I will start with the most expensive first but understand that for many this will not be possible. First with the wood theme there are incredible possibilities. How about creating a sun room addition, building a gazebo for your yard, building a sheltered backyard barbecue area with a relaxing visiting area, laying new wood flooring, or building a wooden feature wall in your home to really set the home apart? A personalized cutting board with the caption “Enjoying Cooking together,” might be special for those who love to cook. How about a display sign with the caption, “love grows here.” Your names can be placed somewhere on the sign. Something that could be simple but very effective would be a professional family picture with a very special wooden frame to set it apart as being very special. There are also vacation trips that can often be taken to wooded areas, many in the mountains or forests, where special resorts can be enjoyed for lasting memories. For the silverware flatware theme, there are many items, some very economical, that can be bought if the husband understands what items will be valued by his wife.

Anniversary Gift Ideas Men

What choices exactly does a woman have as a special gift to her man? For this answer, examine his character. Will the enjoy the outdoors? Will the like hunting or fishing trips? Will the like cooking barbecues? Will the need a special vacation? Will the like having tools and doing some wood working on his own? Would the be captivated by a wooden desk and a corner where the can relax? Would the value a bed headboard with your names engraved as a way to enhance your space? Or would a special wooden chest be valuable as storage for both you and him? All of these are using the theme of wood. As silverware flatware are items you will share with yourselves and others; it is important that if this gift is chosen so that you together agree on a joint anniversary gift to celebrate the occasion.

Dry Wood Gift Ideas

For those renting as well as home-owners, you can purchase a standalone wardrobe closet, beautiful dressers, tables, chairs, incredible shelving units, book cases, china cabinets or elaborate head boards for your bedroom. Some of these items can be purchased unfinished where you apply the finishes and the looks that you want to obtain. One thing that wood has is the ability to carve and so items are easily personalized. Seek a professional with the skills needed for the job so you obtain the looks that you desire. Wooden suitcases, serving trays, gift boxes, wooden trunks, wooden watch look, wood smokers for meat, wooden pocket knives, wooden mugs, wooden pencil holders, door signs, wooden lamps. Wooden tie racks, knife holding wood blocks, hanging wooden planters, wooden tool kit, boot shoe racks are all awesome 5th anniversary gift ideas. If wood, is your choice you certainly have many possibilities to consider.

Silverware Flatware: Anniversary Gift Ideas

Silverware makes an awesome gift and lasts for many years. If you find expensive lasting silverware you could also engrave, at least some of them, with a romantic inscription.

I feel it is important, if you choose this option, buy quality silverware that is lasting and will not loose fall apart with use. For those that want something extra special buy an actual silverware set that is coated with silver or buy a premium set of antique silver plated utensils and this will really be special! Of course, remember that some utensils are made to lay flat and are called flatware where must others are formed so they can be stacked in a drawer between use. What form you desire depends upon you and since this is a kitchen item the females often want a big say in what is purchased.


In order that anniversary gift ideas become personalized wedding anniversary gift ideas; they will require intimate knowledge about the person for whom you are buying the gifts or at the very least, will need special markings or ideas that will set the gifts as being very special and cherished. It is in your creativity and ability that, “Anniversary Gifts Your Ideas,” will become extraordinary and exemplary in the eyes of the person or persons who is receiving the remarkable gift that you have given. If you can enjoy the experiences and provide some excitement and pleasure in this world, even simple expressions of your love, will make a huge difference in order to make this world a better place!

12 thoughts on “Anniversary Gifts Your Ideas: 5th Anniverary

  1. It’s always tought to find the right anniversary gift. Thank you for providing some ideas. I myself, have been married now 17 years. Are you planning on putting out some more articles for 10, 15 and 20 years and so on? I think it also important to know what you partner likes. Some people like gifts, some like quality time, experiences, etc.

    1. Yes, I will be writing articles on anniversaries all the way until year 60 over time. Thank you for your visit and please come again when searching for wedding anniversary gift ideas.

  2. Hi there, celebrating an anniversary is always special, so to mark it with a special anniversary gift, makes the event even more special. I was surprised to see that the modern list says silver is the choice for a 5th wedding anniversary, as traditionally it was reserved for 25 years, hence it being a silver wedding anniversary. So I prefer wood as a 5th wedding anniversary gift. 

    Thank for the ideas and options, which I am sure anybody looking for a 5th wedding anniversary gift, will find helpful.

    1. There are so many attractive wooden items that make impressive gifts. It is an excellent choice for a 5th anniversary gift.

  3. So I will be married 17 years in December and would welcome your thoughts on what to get my husband for that momentuos occasion:) These sites are always so helpful but I am so last minute and thats bad I should bookmark your site and then set a reminder a two months before the time because online shopping would probably be my go to strategy and I can rely on delivery getting here on time lol.

    Thanks for your site it will help so many folks!

    1. You are likely one of the people who would would benefit from setting an online schedule with warnings about upcoming deadlines. Yes, if you are to buy online you must order in advance of the celebration. Planning to do so is the best way forward!

  4. Giving anniversary gifts Creates Stronger Connections. Gift-giving is one of the five love languages for a reason. You tend to feel closer to someone when you give them a gift while they feel more linked to you as well.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

    1. Gift giving with a personalized gift is very important as it strenghtens the friendship connection. Illustrating your love, with actions and not just words, gives a permenent reassurance to anyone of a deeper attachment.

  5. You can definitely get creative with the 5th anniversary gift of wood.  It seems boring but hey I would love a German Knife wood block set, and make it engraved and I would be absolutely thrilled.  You do have some good ideas and creative way to make use of the 5th anniversary gift of wood!

    1. I personally love wood. It provides a very natural looking environment and the look is very splendid. Wouldn’t a log home be such a lovely place to be? It is true, few can afford such a place but why not book a log cabin at a special resort for a day of two?

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