Personalized Wedding Gift Ideas: Adventure Holidays

What exactly is my definition of a adventure holiday? This is a dictionary definition:

A holiday that involves some physically challenging activity such as canoeing, rock climbing, etc

My definition is slightly more broad:

A holiday that involves some physical activity by the participants, a holiday that demands skills of equipment geared towards adventure or a holiday where a person can explore the world in which we usually live through travel or visiting theme parks.

Kite Gliding

Types of Adventure Holidays

Whether you have made a mistake in English Grammar or not, when searching for an adventure holiday or asking of “what is a adventure holiday”? as a special adventure holiday idea, these are personalized wedding gift ideas for a unique holiday adventure; you have come to the right place. These adventure holidays contain memories that last a lifetime. This is why these unique wedding gift ideas so powerfully make a lasting impression because they are unique personalized gift ideas that will emotionally delight the people receiving the special gift. If the couple are both athletic and enjoy sports and activities they will value adventure sports in the outdoors. On the other hand, if the twosome like adventure but health or other issues keep them from enjoying high energy activities they would appreciate more holiday park holidays or theme park holidays. Not to be outdone, those who can not engage in even moderate exercise but desire an adventure will love adventure travel holidays.

Adventure Tour companies: Adventure Sports in the Outdoors

There are many Adventure Tour Companies that offer valuable services and make the planning of that special holiday much easier. They are experts at providing adventure tours vacations that are sure to please. These companies stress adventure sports in the outdoors which may include an ocean fishing charter, an Alaska adventure tour, kite boarding kite surfing, scuba diving spear fishing, deep sea adventures, mountain bike adventure trips, canoeing tours and overnight horse riding expeditions.

All these adventures will require that the twosome are both physically active and able to pursue rigorous activities. If given to the right couple, the memories made will be valued for many years to come. If you know that they both enjoy such activities but do not have the budget or the agreement to share expenses with others; you may buy the equipment needed and let them plan their own trips. These types of gifts will be seen as thoughtful presents if you know that rigorous activities are truly valued by the couple.

Holiday Park Holidays: Adventure Theme Parks

There are many theme parks the world over which provide a unique and lasting experience for those who like adventure but who are not able to do rigorous sports through bookings with adventure tour companies. From Longleat Safari Adventure Park in the UK to

many other experiences from other quality parks located in different countries worldwide; the choices are endless. I will provide a list of world-class parks that you can visit in the following article post. But these include: adventure parks California, list Florida Theme Parks, West Bloomfield Adventure Park, west coast Vancouver Island, Banff National Park things to do, Palawan Underground River adventure, Gold Coast Theme Parks, Abi Dhabi Theme Parks, Thailand Theme Parks, to many other theme parks located worldwide.Many of these Theme Parks require you to be able to do a lot of walking or

other activities so are activities requiring some physical fitness.

Adventure Travel Holiday: What is a relaxing holiday?

When one ages or loses mobility he or she can still enjoy adventure in spite of their obstacle if they take an adventure travel holiday. There are boat tours, unique train rides with explore adventure train tours and adventure bus tours that enable visitors to see and to experience incredible locations worldwide. Some of these tours might involve experiencing the rich history of many places especially in Europe. A wide network of trains are in daily operation all over the European continent which gives access to some of the most historical sites in the world. Paris, France is known as the world’s romantic city but many other parts of Europe offer superb holiday opportunities.


In conclusion, with the definition I have embraced as mine, there are many activities for adventuresome newlyweds that make spectacular wedding or anniversary gifts that will bring many lasting memories and show the value that you place in their continued support and friendship. These personalized wedding gift ideas answer an important query that many people want an answer for by searching for, “What is a adventure holiday.” This is true even if it is not grammatically correct.

Superb International Theme Parks
Theme Park Themes Location
Disneyland Paris Big Thunder Mountain Paris, France
Pirates of the Caribbean
Buzz Light
Astro Blasters
Universal Studios Movie Studio Los Angeles, USA
Tours of Movie Sets
Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom Camping Resort Bay Lake, Florida, USA
Hollywood Studios
Animal Kingdom
Legoland Lego Technic Lego City Johar, Malaysia
Lego Kingdom Miniland
Imagination Land of Adventure
Lego Ninjago
Aqua Venture Major Theme Water Park Dubai, United Arab. Emirates
Ferrari World EVERYTHING ABOUT FERRAI Dubai, United Arab. Emirates
World’s fastest roller coaster
Hong Kong Disneyland Toy Story land Mystic Point Hong Kong, China
Fantasy Grizzly Gulch
Warner Brothers World Gold Coast Total CINEMATIC Experience Gold Coast, Australia
Universal Studios Singapore Lake of Dreams Singapore
Aimee Character
Effeling Fairytale Villiage Netherlands
Treehouse Experience
Europa Park Grimm’s Enchanted Forest Germany
Adventureland European Design Models
Pay Du fu Historical Themes France
Specific Shows from different time periods
Great European Historical live theater
Goradland Aquarium Italy
Pepa Pig
Colorado Boat ride
Port Aventura Lamborghini Land Spain
Mystery Resurrection
Bubble Bao
Everland Global Fair American Adventure South Korea
Zootopia Magic Land
European adventure
Sea World Sea World Warner Bros. Gold Coast, Austrlia
Movie World

Wet and Wild

Beto Carrero World National Avenues Animal World Brazil
Germanic Villiage Old West
Pirate Island Extreme Adventure
Ramaji Film City Film City Movie Magic India
Fundustan Bird
Butterfly Dilse
Galaxie Superstar
Energylandia Sweet Valley Fairytale Land Poland
Aqualantis Exotic Island
Kolmorden Animal Theme Park Denmark
Safari Gondola
Marineland Marine Shows Canada
Land Animals
Longleat Safari Park Safari Theme Park United Kingdom
Gold Reef City Gold Rush theme South Africa
Jump City
Actual Gold Mine Tour
Kingdom of Dreams Live Entertainment Theater India

4 thoughts on “Personalized Wedding Gift Ideas: Adventure Holidays

  1. What is a vacation or holiday without getting outdoors while engaging in activities that can be so much fun and rewarding? I believe that activities can create lasting memories. I believe that we all should get involved in this type of activity because it’s fun besides giving us a good workout. I also believe that safety is also first so while outdoors engaging in these activities let’s play it safe.

    1. Yes, safety must be a priority, but yes, finding unique and engaging activities that are enjoyed will make lasting memories. Don’t forget the value of videos and of photography. Take many pictures!

  2. These personalized wedding gift ideas are different & I never have given much thought on giving vacation trips, newlyweds. It is a great way to get the wedding couple to make lasting memories while traveling and doing activities such as snow skiing, hiking to get them motivated and get the couple excited about exploring new places together for their future wedding anniversaries. 

    1. Yes, in this category, you can really focus on activities that will really be personalized for the couple. If the couple for instance enjoy camping in remote locations to find spots of beauty that few have seen they don’t want luxury resort tickets!

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