Wedding Anniversary Gifts by the Year: Personalized Gift Ideas

Wedding anniversary gifts by the year are a convenient list so that you can easily make a purchase for a wedding anniversary or “anniversary boyfriend” or “anniversary girl friend.” People simply look at a chart such as the one given below and then research to find items falling into the suggested theme for the particular year of the wedding anniversary. While this may simplify the gift buying process; it is still important that you find personalized wedding gift ideas if you hope to make a lasting impression. The following poem expresses this feeling very nicely:

Personalized Wedding Gift Ideas:

Wedding anniversary Gifts by the Year

The wedding gifts by the year chart is very useful to simplify your gift purchases but if they are to have an impact on the special person or persons in your life they should still be personalized items. So for this article I will provide the list of objects that are considered as Wedding gifts by the year and then comment generally about them. In future articles, I will specifically make recommendations as suggestions in how to personalize the wedding anniversary gifts that you are buying for a specific year. What should be clear is that if you are searching for wedding gift baskets, special wedding gifts, many years silver anniversary, 25th anniversary gift ideas, silver anniversary gifts, 25th wedding anniversary gifts, 1st anniversary gift ideas, creative 1st anniversary ideas, anniversary gifts boyfriend, anniversary gift ideas wife, anniversary gifts woman, anniversary gifts wife engraved wedding gifts, unique personalized gift ideas or unique cool wedding gifts these can all be personalized even if they are wedding anniversary gifts by the year, it is very important that if you truly want to give a unique emotionally stimulating and lasting gift that you consider the benefits of personalized wedding gift ideas.

Personalized Wedding Gift Ideas: Engraved Wedding Gifts

There are many engraved wedding gifts that fit wedding anniversary gifts by year theme. Metals are easily engraved and are well suited to apply to many a unique personalized wedding gift. The seventh, eighth, tenth, eleventh, twenty-first, twenty-fifth, thirty-second, are all very suitable and items from this list can be easily engraved. When you engrave a unique personalized anniversary wedding gift it will be a lasting memory of this very special day and the memory will be cherished and thoughts of love will be dreamed for the giving person. This is why thoughtful purchase of these special metal items will be such cool wedding gifts. Don’t you want this to be an expression of your heart to the recipients that will make a lasting impression? Especially the 25th wedding anniversary gifts that will be given with distinction and pride. Silver plates that are given as engraved wedding gifts with a special poem or words will be cherished!

There are other wedding anniversary gifts by the year which can be better personalized with a bronze or silver plate attached to the gift. These are also special engraved wedding gifts that are sure to touch their emotions. The wedding anniversary gifts by the year when this could be easily accomplished include: the third, fifth, nineteenth, twenty, twenty-first, twenty-fourth, thirty-fifth, forty-one, forty-two, fifty-four, fifty-five, fifty-six,fifty-seven, fifty-eight, and the fifty-ninth wedding anniversary gifts by the year categories.

Personalized Wedding Gift Ideas: Linen Gifts

In this category of personalized wedding gift ideas, we have many selections that can easily be placed in a linen cabinet. These would include: cotton, wool, linen, lace, linens, laughter, faith and hope categories. These are wedding anniversary gifts by the year and are found in the following list: second, seventh, twelfth, thirteenth, twenty eight,thirty-ninth, forty-eighth, fifty-second, fifty-six, fifty-seven, fifty-eight, and fifty-ninth categories.

To personalize any of these linen gifts, special threaded personalized messages can be sewn right into the fabric. If done thoughtfully, this will make a huge impact on their feelings. This makes unique cool wedding gifts that will inspire especially attractive if hearts are placed in an attractive way. You can even buy heart shaped beds that will sweep them away!

Personalized Wedding Gift Ideas:

Unique Personalized Wedding Gifts

Most of the wedding anniversary gifts by year that have already been discussed can fit into many of the remaining categories as unique personalized wedding gifts. A listing of the wedding anniversary gifts by year, will contain many unique items that can become personalized wedding gift ideas if you are prepared to thoughtfully think about what would be considered unique and special by the receivers of the gifts. These include the following from the list: first, fourth, sixth, eight, ninth, tenth, eleventh. fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, twenty-two, twenty-three, twenty-four, Twenty six, twenty-seven, twenty-nine, thirty, thirty-one through thirty-nine, and much of the remaining items up to the sixtieth. For example for the 18th anniversary appliances are listed as the item.

To personalize the purchase of a cooking center; you might be wise to ask the following questions which will make the gift a personal acquisition for the loved ones. Do they prefer a barbecue? How often do they use a stove top? How often do they use an oven? Do they use a microwave oven very much? Do they like to cook close to the cooking area? Would a unique cooking center island fit and be useful in their kitchen? Of course, the smaller the item chosen, the less the number of questions that need to be answered.

Art and music are huge categories that contain many unique personalized wedding gifts. Wedding anniversary gifts by year have this item in the following anniversary years: twenty-six, twenty-seven, forty-six and forty-seven, Unique ideas under this heading are very diverse and impressive. What about a large canvass picture that displays either their wedding song a beautiful back ground, wedding vows, a unique poem you made for them, A unique poem you obtained permission to use and placed it on a beautiful picture, a college of memorial memories that they have shared throughout the years with a title, “Memories”, or maybe just a romantic picture with the heading, ” I value your love and affection.” Really give this some thought and you will find the absolutely cherished and appreciated gift!


Wedding anniversary gifts by the year, should still be given as personalized wedding gift ideas, that will have a very powerful and positive influence on the sentiments and the emotions, causing a very warm response to your kindness and generosity in the fortune couple. Don’t be concerned that if you chose an item from the list of wedding anniversary gifts by the year; simply consider how to make personalized wedding gift ideas that will be memorable for all-time!

10 thoughts on “Wedding Anniversary Gifts by the Year: Personalized Gift Ideas

  1. These are great ideas for anniversary gifts. I am planning to give my parents a framed photo of all of us at a family reunion as a gift on their anniversary.

     A gift doesn’t have to be expensive, the important thing is that it comes from your heart.

    Great article, and thank you for sharing. 🙂

  2. I honestly like to buy gifts for my partner, but not only for anniversaries, but also on other days. I think that’s the point, and when it comes to gifts, I like them to be original and unique. These suggestions will come in handy when I run out of ideas.

    1. This is so true, many of these gift ideas can be used when buying gifts for Christmas presents, Birthday presents and especially Valentine’s Day Presents! 

  3. I didn’t know that wedding gifts are given based on how many years you’ve been married. But I did know that 25th year anniversary requires silver.  But let me back track. Year 1 of marriage requires paper. So what would I buy that is paper that would be special? I’m thinking, I’d have a personalized calendar made. I saw this idea on a website. You can talk about your love story by selecting 12 pictures to headline the start of each month. Sounds awesome. 

    1. A beautiful Calendar made with memories of the first year together would make a special gift that would be cherished many years even if one was lost to death. So this makes a cherished memory gift for sure!

  4. When you mention personalizing linen, it reminds me of my mother and some family quilts.  My great-grandmother had made some quilts which have been passed down.  My mother embroidered my great grandmothers’ name on each one,  She then made quilts for each one of her children and embroidered her name, who the quilt was gifted to and the date it was gifted.  While these were not anniversary gifts, the thought of making a keepsake can also be applied to those.

    1. You are absolutely right and any personalized items such as you have described leave a lasting memory that one cherishes forever.

  5. For big occasions like 10 and 25 year anniversaries, I would typically pay a lot of attention and have got engraved plates and rings for my parents. I have not though focused so much on the less celebrated anniversary years however after reading your article and understanding the significance behind the years I certainly can now be much more creative. Your suggestions of linens, art and music open up a host of opportunities and do indeed offer a much better momento in celebration and rememberance.

    1. Yes, this event can be celebrated and even enhanced year after year if we consider how we can celebrate and personalize the event to keep memories alive and to create new experiences! 

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