What’s the 30th Wedding Anniversary Gift?

What’s the 30th wedding anniversary gift for the wedding anniversary gifts by the year list? The traditional list is pearls and is very appropriate for this special event.

“A natural pearl (often called an Oriental pearl) forms when an irritant works its way into a particular species of oyster, mussel, or clam. As a defense mechanism, the mollusk secretes a fluid to coat the irritant. Layer upon layer of this coating is deposited on the irritant until a lustrous pearl is formed.” (Quotation from https://www.jthomasjewelers.com/}

The highest quality of Pearls are often formed in the ocean, although there are artificial and freshwater pearls, also, produced. Pearls tend to be expensive because they take over 3 years to develop, even artificially. And only less than 20% of collected pearls are of quality to be selected for use in jewelry. Some places produce imitation pearls but they are not lasting but will break down, unlike the true pearls formed over much time.

Successful marriages cover irritants with layers and layers of love. Overtime, a beautiful marriage is formed that is high in quality and will last the struggles of life because it has learned to accept the faults and to pour on greater amounts of love. If this recipe has been used for 30 years; it is time to celebrate the great love that is recognized as an object of great beauty.

For the modern gifts on the wedding anniversary gifts by the year list, the choice is diamonds. Diamonds only form when carbon deposits undergo high temperature and pressure and often take millions of years to form. The deepest diamond mine is over 600 m deep and so diamonds take tremendous effort and expense to mine. For over 30 years the couple have survived the pressures of life and have developed into a lasting relationship able to withstand against any problem they face. Diamonds are known as one of the hardest substances on earth and will cut through any other surface. In the same way, the marriage can cut through the negativity of others, moreover, the cut diamonds are of incredible value and shine a lustrous glare easily seen by others.

Anniversary Gifts Wife

A person searching for, “anniversary gifts wife,” is focused on getting that special gift for his loved one. Although there are many pearls and diamonds you can buy for this occasion, for many, financially, expensive gifts can not be bought each year. Even if you have this ability, you want to come up with gifts that are unique and can be personalized. To provide a special memory If you stretch the theme of pearls it opens up many other possibilities. Vacation ideas would include Pearl Harbor, Pearl city in Hawaii or the Philippines and Pearl River in China. Pearls are associated with the sea so trips can be planned to sandy beaches if possible. Pearl of the sea is a cruise ship that operates out of the Great Lakes in the USA and offers luxurious trips. The country that is known as the pearl of the Orient Seas is the Philippines. This country has some of the best resorts in the world and has many miles of beautiful beaches. Boat rides, even in lakes, might be considered as well. Since the sea is home of the pearls, you might even consider booking a special fish dinner at an upscale restaurant. Or even plan a dining tour that could take months of famous seafood restaurants. If your wife enjoys the outdoors and fishing; you could even plan a fishing exposition. So there are other ideas besides purchasing pearls.

Anniversary Gift Husband

For someone searching for, “anniversary gift husband,” there are also the usual objects associated with diamonds and pearls. Often times, another idea must be found that will be suitable for the occasion as expensive diamonds and pearls can only be bought on few occasions. It is true though that the 30th wedding anniversary gift should be something very special and this could be the event where it would be justified. As already said above, this is a great time to consider a special holiday especially to island areas of the world close beside the ocean. If this is not possible, and he enjoys the outdoors why not purchase a canoe, kayak or even a speed boat? As they are associated with water, like pearls, and will offer opportunities for you to enjoy water sports together. Why not consider buying a Seado? These incredible machines propel you across the water and can add hours of fun and relaxation. If even this is not possible, there are many gifts more reasonably priced to make the event special. Search for some of these ideas in the next section.

30 Year Anniversary Gift Traditional

Of course, the traditional gift is pearls. They will obviously include necklaces, rings, bracelets, cuff links and even broaches or special ornaments. These are very special gifts but not all will be able to get this type of gift for the couple. This is where you need to jointly plan a special holiday trip or settle for buying more cost-efficient presents. This could include the following items which can be personalized with a picture or an image celebrating this special holiday. 30th anniversary Photo frames, silver plated roses, antique jewelry boxes, personalized wine sets for the occasion, special cushions with congratulations on your Pearl Anniversary, Pearl faced watch, Pearl bead bag, frosted Pearl appliances, mother of Pearl table lamps, Special anniversary wind chimes, personalized anniversary pillows and other assorted items where it is easy to place a special 30th anniversary congratulations.

30th Wedding anniversary Gift Ideas

There are many other 30th wedding anniversary gift ideas that are nontraditional.but make exceptional gifts since this is such a remarkable anniversary celebration. Artists are available who can sketch before and after images of the wedding picture and you 30 years later.  This can be done as a cartoon image or true to life. These are exceptional works of art that will be cherished for a lifetime if placed in a beautiful glass covered frame. Another way would get professional painters to paint your images on canvass. An extra-special gift that can be planned if done jointly can create a family heirloom that might be enjoyed as a family heritage and passed on to other family members upon your death. Pearl enhanced coloring on a complete spectacular china set would be such an incredible gift for such an important celebration. This might include pictures of all the members of the family set permanently into the dinner plates. Or if you had some old pictures of ancestors who have already passed on, their pictures could be included also and provide a complete story of the family. Is there a better time to plan such a special gift as this?


As is readily apparent, there are many 30th wedding anniversary gift ideas that can be used to provide remarkable memories about this important event and be cherished for years to come. Remember to make it a personalized wedding anniversary gift ideas that will enhance the lives of the couple and lead to stronger family ties.