Top Gifts for Women: A Comprehensive Guide

Whether you are searching for, “gifts for a woman,” or “top gifts for women,” one thing is clear-You are seeking a special gift for a woman or women in your life. These gifts could include birthday gifts, graduation gifts, recognition gifts, Valentine’s Day gifts, wedding gifts or anniversary gifts. The important thing is that you would like to get some guidance to what might be good choices for you to make for that unique and special gift. An understanding of female personalities may be a good start as females are just as unique and different as males in their characteristics and these are important to analyze before purchasing a gift that will be warmly received. These are the following types to consider when considering the gift that they might enjoy.

The Alpha Female

The alpha female will have much confidence and be often recognized as a leader. She knows her value and is confident in new challenges. Knowing her value; she is highly noticed and is sure of her actions and her emotions. Even when faced with difficult and uncertain tasks, she will perform in a very confident manner. She is convinced that she is awesome and is capable and up to any demands. She accepts challenges as obstacles to be overcome and is very self-assured and confident that she knows the path to success. With this heightened self-confidence, she is always determined to show all others her capabilities as a leader. She knows that she can motivate her mind to heightened levels of performance which will get her through troubled times. The self-assurance she offers herself gives her the ability to understand her value in the world to get her through troubled times.she definitely stands out as someone very capable in every situation.

The Beta Female

This personality is nonreactive with a very kind nature. They are non-reactive, in order to avoid conflict. This personality would rather remain silent rather than enter into a possible conflict. They are afraid to share their opinion because they are afraid that it might hurt someone. This type can become anxious as she is not open to share her ideas with others out of the fear of hurting them. She has a hard time taking charge because she is afraid about be accepted. This personality is very friendly and tries to overcome difficulties by avoiding confrontation as such they can be easily hurt by others taking advantage of them. A beta female will be a great friend to others as she wants to be happy. Friendship is more important to her than any other characteristics.

The Gamma Female
This type of personality makes sure her needs are met in order to be happy. She is very independent and her nature allows her to be relaxed and to be very comfortable with friends. She is aware of her own value and has nothing to prove; making sure that she has a secure place before making commitments in relationships but when involved she is fully engaged and will pursue very tight bonding relationships. Her environment and life style is organized with consistency the key.of both her schedule and her environment. This individual blossoms in an environment where she is able to arrange things her way and will pursue and achieve high goals driving towards the completion of tasks that will bring order to her life. She has the ability to plan her future and to take action that will influence her future. This individual is great in friendships and in motivating her relationships to be consistent as she is certain of where she is going and is able to be self-confident in her direction in life. She inspires others to keep believing in themselves and to overcome self-doubt.

The Omega Female

This individual is passionate and intelligent but is very shy and introverted. She is more interested in staying home and relaxing rather than in trying to expand her circle of friends. Being very reserved at first about meeting other people; she will become open to a relationship when befriended first. She often keeps to herself around others and hides her emotions well. But is also very sensitive and easily hurt. This personality will often have feelings bottled up but eventually they appear all at once. She is intelligent and spends time reading or engaging in many hobbies and develops a very capable intellect. This personality often make good supervisors as they help others meet quality standards. She often spends time dreaming about romance while often being too shy to actively seek romantic interests. Knowing what she desires, she will make an excellent partner and will share her passion and devotion with intellectual talks and conversation. Longing to connect in a meaningful and concrete relationship with that someone special and build a life together.

The Delta Female

This personality does not like crowds and prefers to be at home. If she is with new people with whom she has never met, she will remain quiet. Often times, this is because she has been hurt emotionally by others, and now is more reserved about making new friends. Social interactions are suppressed as she is afraid to be hurt and limits interactions to a close circle of friends. Being very practical and realistic, she does not dream about fantasy but about real opportunities. They tend to be very patient and may come across as being pessimistic but she views it as simply being realistic. She is self-conscious and has struggles with her own insecurities and her future state in life. This individual strives to better themselves but is very critical of perceived flaws in her life. Her sense of realism can help her to overcome her mindset as these flaws are not apparent to others. Being good at communication and in expressing herself, she communicates effectively and tends to be fully aware of the power of words and has an excellent grasp on interaction with others. Being able to carry on meaningful conversations she is able to connect with others after she has the opportunity to observe them first.

Sigma Female

This personality becomes emotionally attached to someone and has an outwardly intimidating demeanor seen in Alpha females. In this way, there is a danger that she becomes overly attached to someone and will find it difficult to break the attachment even when in a difficult situation. This emotional bonding can lead to feelings that are hard to change for a long time without resolution. This personality demands attention when she is speaking and can be intimidating to others. She uses her personality to get what she desires and is sure or who she is. The sigma personality can step back and be approachable when it suits her but often demands the attention of others. They are very loyal and devoted to those they love and will always be willing to offer a helping hand when needed. With her personality she remembers the times when others have helped her when she has needed it. Her loyalty is impressive and she will always support her friends. These individuals tend to be elusive and they act with a sense of the mysterious. Sometimes this trait is an obstacle for others completely trusting them.
As is easily seen, the personality of the individual for whom you are buying a gift needs to be considered. If you are to buy an incredible unique gift as an expression of your love; her personality will need to be considered. There are other factors that can be considered also, especially if they have definite likes and dislikes. Also, hair, skin tone and stature need to be evaluated if buying fashion or fashion accessories.

All this being said, there is what I would call the adventuresome women. These type of women enjoy doing outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, biking, skydiving and mountain climbing. They are up for any challenge and are always trying to better themselves physically. They usually enjoy men with the same interests and are very competitive. If it is in their interest area, they will be willing to sacrifice in order to accomplish what they consider which may be dream trips world-wide. As is apparent, careful consideration need to be made of the personality to whom you are buying a gift.

Female Body Types

Rectangle, hour glass, apple, pear and inverted triangle shapes must be considered if buying fashion or fashion accessories. The clothing should be a good fit for the one you are buying for. Obtain as much information as to the size needed before ordering. In this way you will buy the perfect clothing or accessory for this perfect gift.

The rectangular body shape is described as an athletic build. Women who have this physical feature have similar widths of shoulders, hip and bust. If shorter women are this form, it can make them look shorter and heavier than they actually are. Lines in clothing running vertically will help to overcome this and pull their look more vertically. Seek to give your body an hourglass look and wear layers with different clothing dimensions.

The hourglass shape is similar to the rectangle shape but has a defined waist curvature. If your hips and your bust have the same measure with a slight curve at the waist; you are a hourglass shape. Clothing should be chosen to highlight your waist instead of covering it up. Hour glass figures are rare but offer unique opportunities to show off the waist area.

When a person has larger proportions on the top portion of her body; she is an inverted triangle shape. The waist and the hips have smaller widths than the shoulders and the bust. If the busts and hips have the same width while your waist is much smaller, then you have an inverted body shape. Fashion should highlight the lower body and elongate the legs.

The apple body shape is a more circular with no definition for the waist and very similar measurements you likely have an apple shape. Ladies of this stature need to wear structured clothing that provide sharp vertical lines to your overall appearance in order to slim the waistline.

A pear-shaped individual is slender on top with wider legs and hips. The shoulder and bust measurements are smaller than the hips. If this is the case, highlight your shoulders, back and arms and dresses create a waist in order to have more curvature.

The following index will provide articles about gift buying especially for women. There are much choices and reading that will help you to narrow down your choice for the exceptional gift that you wish to buy.


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