Top Gifts for Women: Biological Differences Between Men and Women

The top gifts for women must be presents that reach her emotions in some way. Women are highly sensitive and emotionally sophisticated and this is why men often have a hard time to buy the right gift. Women’s verbal connections are more highly linked with emotions, feelings and memories. This is why women remember special emotional states (good or bad) to a greater extent than men. While men may forget an event as actually happening, women will remember the details of an incident much longer because of their emotional attachment. This is not the only way that men or different from women. The statement, “Men are from Mars and ladies are from Venus,” is the acknowledgment that their are serious differences in how we think. That being the case, it is no surprise that when buying a unique and personalized gift for the opposite sex it can be very challenging. Scientific studies have shown that there are major differences in the way the sex’s think. It is the mind connections within the brain that determine the difference and these must be considered carefully if we are to buy that special gift that will impress as a unique and highly desirable gift. Before we cross that bridge, let us first complete a list of ways in which men and women differ in their thought processes.

Biological Differences Between Men and Women

Here is a list that highlights the differences:

1. Women generally talk more than men.

Women’s communication centers in the brain are more interconnected than men. While women get excited about a wedding; men tend to be more reserved. Women will have all kinds of memories and emotional connections that may be stimulated much more easily than men. The verbal centers of women are interconnected with their emotions, feelings and memories. If a wedding for instance triggers this interconnectiveness of their biological minds then they will be completely engaged in the process and the feelings of the women getting married on her special day. Men, although thoughtful, will not experience the depth of feelings felt bu the women.

2. Men are Task Oriented and Directed While Women are globally Connected and Oriented

While women use the white matter areas of the brain more efficiently than men; while men use the Grey matter areas. Since the white area of the brain is where the global processing of information takes place, while the Grey areas are more localized; there are obvious differences in how they respond. The male is geared for accomplishing a specific task at one time; while the female is able to focus on multi-tasks. Sometimes you can notice this in eating habits. Men generally, eat one item at a time until it is finished while women tend to mix their bites of food more.

3. Women Revisit Memories much more than Men

Thanks to greater blood flow to womens”s brain, women tend to dwell on emotional memories far more than men. Men are inclined to think about something but only briefly before moving on to another task that needs to be done. Women tend to think about emotional instances, both good and bad, and bring up issues or situations that have long been forgotten by men as they have moved on and are concentrating on other tasks. Remember this when buying that special present for your lady; a well-thought and emotionally satisfying gift will have a huge impact even many years in the future.

4. Men are less empathetic than Women

The reaction of men and women to the insula of the brain is different. Your insula receives and communicates and the brain imitates the feeling felt. Women tend to respond to these more than men which results in a greater degree of empathy. The man’s brain changes to a task oriented problem solving approach and are looking for logical ways of overcoming the issue but do not feel the same emotional attachment.

5. Women have a Greater Processing Ability of Past Events

Since women have more action in the hippo campus part of the brain; they can recall many facts and emotional thoughts from the past, as this part of the brain forms and stores memory. The man is lacking in the ability to do so and often is puzzled as to how women can remember so many things, especially in an argument. Men do not remember many details such as women measurements or shoe size so if you are a male shopping for such items please get advice from someone close to her such as other family members. Dates are very important to females, so it is wise to try your best to remember them. This is why many girls love their boyfriends remembering specific dates in their relationship.

6. Women are Aroused Differently than Men

Men are aroused by sight more than other stimulates. Women on the other hand are aroused through a combination of senses. Women are aroused more by touch, smell, taste, hearing and less by seeing. If men are to buy romantic gifts, they need to keep this in mind. A beautiful lingerie might be what the male would see as a perfect gift but womens’ might be more interested in a combination of gifts such as chocolates to stimulate her taste, aromatic smells to stimulate her since of smelling, candles or a fire place to set the mood and a relaxing hot tub to stimulate her touch.

7. Women have a higher Threshold of Physical Pain than Men

While women can handle a greater degree of physical pain than men; they often have a harder time to handle emotional stresses as they are more sensitive to these than men. Hormones play a huge part in this matter, and women will worry more about pain than men which affects them emotionally and they may become overly stressed.

8. Women are More Receptive to Emotions Than Men

Women can pick up signals of a person’s feelings very quickly, whereas, even if the women is giving hints the man has a harder time to process what the other person is feeling. The area of the brain that controls emotions is the Limbic System which tends to be larger and with greater complexity than in men. This helps women since emotions more, expressed or otherwise. Men will rely on logic and facts in order to try to figure out a situation; which is completely different from women.

As is evident in the above given biological differences between men and women; buying a special gift for womens’ will need a completely different approach than if buying a gift for a man. Women are very interested in the special touches of your gift; for instance, the wrapping and the smell of the gift may also need to be considered. Maybe, that is why candles, chocolates and flowers tend to be a good combination for Valentine gifts and why you should consider a variety of presents.

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In conclusion, in order to buy top gifts for women, you must consider the biological differences between men and women. It is hoped by reading this article, and the many other suggestions of gifts for women, you will be able to select a unique personalized gift that will be inspiring and have much emotional attachment to the person receiving the gifts.

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