Unique Gift Ideas Women: Wedding Party Dresses

The wedding party dresses are often given as gifts from the bride and the groom to the ladies who are an integral part of the wedding. As unique gift ideas women, these are indispensable items that are essential to the success of a wedding. Traditionally these dresses have been long and the same color, but in modern times can be very sophisticated as couples search for unique wedding experiences. Revolutionary ideas have influenced and strongly changed the paradigms to be considered for marriages. The venue for the wedding traditionally was the church but this has changed. It is now acceptable to have beach weddings, mountain resort weddings, holiday weddings in many unique places in the world, Ocean Cruise weddings and to use many other venues.

This revolution has certainly effected what is acceptable as wedding attire to be worn by the wedding party, although most weddings are still formal events. In this regard, the lengths of the dresses range from short to long and the colors can even be varied for affect. The Maid of Honor often has distinguishing features on her dress that will set her apart so she can be recognized easily by others as she plays such an important role in the wedding. The movement from traditional to modern has also greatly influenced the style and fashion has become an important consideration when determining the choice of dresses. Hats and other fashion accessories are now often used as the weddings move from the traditional to modern themes. Planning a specific theme to the celebration is becoming more common; royal theme to beach parties and simple family weddings on house boats are becoming more acceptable. One wedding couple said their vows while falling to the earth together before they opened their chutes. With today’s technology with proper helmets and speakers this could be relayed to the ground where the rest of the ceremony could take place.

Mother of the Bride

Let us first talk about the mother of the bride as she too holds a very special place. The marriage of her daughter is one of the most emotional times of her life. She has raised her daughter and helped her to develop her morals and her personality and now she has come to the time of letting go so that her child can start her own family. The mother’s tend to be more traditionally minded and so some thought must be given to her attire and how it will mesh with the wedding party especially for pictures.

It is no longer required in most cultures to give a dowry of gives to the mother and the father of the bride, but the mother of the bride should be given a special present. The dress she will wear should be a personalized wedding gift ideas for this important person and the attire that she will wear on the wedding day. Couples to be couple should consider buying some articles which may include what she will wear on the day of the wedding as special gifts for the mother of the bride. To receive a gift of some kind is a traditional notion in reward for the important role that she plays in planning and in actualizing the wedding. She is responsible for the protection of the wedding gift to ensure that they reach the intended recipients. She has played a very important role in preparing her daughter for this occasion.

The dress of the mother of the bride should be very special and yet her style can be different from the wedding party. Make sure that the style chosen will harmonize with the wedding party and that the colors chosen will not be a distraction especially for pictures. There are many choices for dresses that will fall into this category and the prices will range from the economical prepackaged right to designer dresses. It is important that a tailor make needed adjustments if necessary so that the dress will be exceptional for this great day.

Ir is best to wait until the bride picks the color of the bride’s maid’s dresses before buying the mother of the bride a dress. The dress chosen should be engaging and well-fitted, but there are no steadfast rules as to the type, style, or the color of the dress. The dress chosen should be deemed as suitable by both the mother and the bride. Shorter dresses, evening gowns, max dresses or even structured jump suits would be good. The color chosen should complement the colors of the wedding but not be the same. It is important that the attention be on the bride and not on the mother-in-law, although she has an important role to play and should look attractive. It is important to chose a dress designed for the season as a garment made for winter will cause excess perspiration in the summer and a dress designed for summer will feel cold in the winter. Formal weddings will require upscale dresses, whereas, more casual attire would be acceptable at more casual venues.

Mother of the Groom Wedding Dress

The mother of the groom’s dress should also be given consideration. After all, she has had a great influence in the life of her son and has sacrificed to ensure his happiness. Now she dreams about this union being special and lasting so that she can enjoy grandchildren. As such, she needs to be treated with dignity and respect. The dress she wears should not be the same as the mother of the bride but should blend with the colors of the wedding. Her style of dress needs to complement the style of the wedding but it should not be the same as the wedding party. Her colors should be more contrasting when compared to the mother of the bride.

Wedding Party Dresses Women

As I have indicated earlier, the wedding party dresses in a modern perspective can be very different from the traditional wedding attire from the past. Fashion style, accessories, hair pieces, hats and even purses have become part of the wedding party assemble. These can be very useful even after the wedding is over and act as a keepsake of the special event. Matching colors of the dresses have changed and often times the maid of honor will wear a dress that will be complimentary to the others but will have color variations and perhaps some variation in style. This is to set her apart as being a special representative of the bride on this day and the one to be approached if questions are to be asked.

If hair pieces are chosen to be worn or hats; this just adds to the amounts of combinations possible and opens the way for greater creativity. Most brides are concerned about fashion and the day to be exceptional whether it is a beach wedding, unique setting venue or whether it is a traditional wedding place so this is an important consideration.

The colors chosen and the type of dress depend upon location of both the wedding and the reception, the location of pictures, whether there will be a dance and the length of the overall day. This may mean that several types of attire will be useful so plan accordingly. Also, it is important to consider the body types of the individuals who will stand up at your wedding. I have written an article on the importance of considering this when planning the wedding. Each one of these designs have strengths and weaknesses depending on the body type.








Tea Length

Jump Suit


Empire waist

Cinderella Gown

Lace Tattoo


Drop Waist


Statement Sleeve



In conclusion. Wedding party dresses need proper planning to become unique gift ideas women. The dresses of the mother of the bride, mother of the groom, the wedding dress and all the maids dresses should complement each other with unique differences that will enhance a make for a very successful event. The location of the venues will play an important role as well as the body types of the persons of the wedding party.

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