Wedding Anniversary Gifts by the Year: 2nd Anniversary

The second anniversary needs to be celebrated in such a way that it continues the tradition of being a very special event each and every time it occurs. If you have not already purchased a great photo album, to be used to collect the memories of each anniversary. I think that it is the most important suggestion of all that I make about anniversaries. This is so useful for collecting and for creating special memories and will allow for future creativity in the process of considering tremendous wedding anniversary ideas for the milestones represented in the celebration. A present selected because it is a personalized wedding gift idea should be the underlying theme of any anniversary gift from every year of celebration. The 2nd anniversary gift by the year happens to be cotton. There are much cotton anniversary gift ideas that will make this event very memorable. I will discuss gifts for men and then the lady before I speak about this topic generally. Finally, I will end by discussing how 2nd anniversary cotton gift ideas should be bought as personalized wedding gift ideas that will make a lasting impression and that these gifts will be a fulfillment of wedding anniversary gifts by the year classification. Why cotton for the 2nd anniversary gift idea? The argument goes something like this: cotton fiber is woven together and provides strength which is flexible and symbolizes that this is what is needed for the couple in this stage of their marriage.

Wedding Anniversary Gifts by the Year: Cotton Gifts Men

The traditional second-anniversary gift is cotton, but what should you buy for your special man? This is a convenient opportunity to purchase lovely bedding or cozy throws you can use when snuggled up together on the couch. If you embroider a special message on this item it will truly represent a unique personalized wedding anniversary gift idea that will win his approval. Another fantastic idea is him and her bath robes with hearts on the back representing your love. If your love wears suit jackets there are many that you can buy in many colors and styles and cotton makes a very good summer suit. To make it even more special buy a set of cuff links with an engraved heart with your initials! The modern gift is china and a wonderful gift would be a set of coffee mugs with your wedding picture on each as the personalized touch. As easily seen there are much cotton gifts men items desirable him that will fit the theme of cotton for wedding anniversary gifts by the year.

Wedding Anniversary Gifts by the Year: 2nd Anniversary

Gift Ideas Her

Of course, not to be outdone, the man will want to please his special friend as well. A search for “2nd anniversary gifts her” will bring up on a search engine many gift ideas, but which ones should you choose? A love poem printed on white cotton background or on a blanket, special colored cotton dresses, a complete linen sheet or bathroom towels with matching colors and accessories, a beautiful beach umbrella for those special moments all can be expressions of your love especially if they are personalized wedding anniversary gift ideas that cater to her likes and desires. As easily seen there are many ideas which will make cotton anniversary gift ideas that will fit the theme wedding anniversary gift ideas for this 2nd anniversary.

Wedding Anniversary Gifts by the Year: Cotton Anniversary Gift Ideas

As is easily seen, the list of cotton wedding gift ideas is very extensive and may contain many objects not even mentioned here. By a creative and reflective thought process you will come up with perfect ideas for wedding gifts by the year, in this case being cotton. As cotton can be dyed many colors and is so versatile, with thought you will determine what the perfect gift will be. Really consider the color favorites and the cotton ideas that would make a lasting impression With cottons strength and flexibility you will have many super gift ideas that will make an enduring impression.

Personalized Wedding Gift Ideas: 2nd Anniversary Cotton Gift Ideas

The list of 2nd anniversary cotton gift ideas can be huge with imagination and the proper amount of stimulation. Importantly, the idea of it becoming personalized wedding gift ideas is very real if one considers the uniqueness and the incredible diversity of married couples. Each one has their likes and dislikes and their tastes are each very different. For this reason, take time to reflect on your purchases and to make them personalized 2nd anniversary cotton gift ideas that will touch the heart and encourage the couple to see the value in their marriage. Sometimes the love demonstrated and the encouragement given is much more important than the actual gift but if you take the time to consider their feelings you will select perfect personalized wedding gift ideas that will truly shape the life’s of the recipients! A beautiful; set of cotton curtains in their favorite color will add a personal touch. There is beautiful cotton wall papers that can be bought and placed om a wall, maybe, the 2nd wall in the bedroom or perhaps you can remind them with scenic wall paper of cotton fields with an engraved plaque to hang with it.
Cotton chairs come in a huge array of colors and of styles. A selection of furniture of different types will illustrate the many uses of cotton fabric. Sofas, upholstered bench, Armchair, Cantilever chair, Wing chair, Deck chair, Desk chair, Executive chair, Garden chair, Director’s chair, Folding chair, Throne, Stools, student chairs and dining room chairs all can be purchase made with cotton components. Cotton’s absorbency makes it the fabric of choice in order to fashion house hold goods and to create commercial products such as tents, uniforms, hotel sheets, bedding and curtains. Another feature is the strengths the fibers can have if interwoven together. Knitting or weaving these fibers into jersey, flannel, velour, corduroy and Chambray further illustrates the usefulness of cotton and the terrific options you have in keeping with the theme of personalized wedding anniversary gift ideas.


In conclusion, cotton anniversary gift ideas are very diverse and allows the gift buyer to develop all kinds of personalized anniversary gift ideas that will fit the theme of 2nd anniversary cotton gift ideas that are the items to buy for this anniversary. As cotton is the item chosen for this anniversary we can easily see why it has been chosen as the theme of wedding anniversary gifts by the year!

8 thoughts on “Wedding Anniversary Gifts by the Year: 2nd Anniversary

  1. After the wedding and first anniversary, the second anniversary almost comes like an orphan child without much effort being put into it. So I really like that you push couples to consider the 2nd anniversary as important and to be creative with the cotton ideas, several of which I like.  While I am a fair ways off from year number 2, I was particularly drawn to the idea of creating a love note on a blanket or one close to the heart on a robe. You have certainly got me thinking about my own anniversary and will be visiting your page more often for additional ideas.

  2. Would matching cotton suit and dress be well for a couple? I always feel wedding anniversaries must show gifts that is meant for both and matches. Plus I am certain it will give a special touch for the couple by matching each other. What are your thoughts about it? Like the suit and dress idea.

  3. Thanks for your post on wedding gift ideas for year 2 of marriage anniversary. Society doesn’t make a big deal out of the second anniversary – only the 10th and 25th anniversary. But it’s all of the years in between 1 and 25 that get us to the 25th anniversary. Creating a love note on a blanket or close to the heart on a robe is very sentimental. Sometimes, it’s the simple things, rather than the costly items that mean more or that are more sentimental. Although I’m not married, your site is inspirational for gift giving.  

  4. Hi

    Thank you for your post on Wedding Anniversary Gifts by the Year: 2nd Anniversary. The ideas you gave for an anniversary gift are great. I would go for the matching cotton suit and dress and would add the engraved cuff links as well as maybe a necklace with the dress as well for her. The matching bath robes are also a good idea with a short message stitched on to them for each other.

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