Wedding Anniversary Gifts by Years: 1st Anniversary

Wedding anniversary gifts by  years present paper products as the featured present. 1st anniversary gifts that fall in this category seem at first hard to imagine but if you are creative you will find many gifts that will be appropriate. The categories of paper include printing, packaging, decorating, writing, wall paper, conservation paper, laminated work tops, paper currency, education classes, protective coated paper flowers, stationary, paper dresses, dinner place sets, Interesting pictures placed on a set of mugs, beautiful notebooks, Japanese paper origami lessons, Travel to Japan to be taught by an expert in origami, Photo book, beautiful posters, portrait reproductions, either sketched, painted, or printed, special art pieces to celebrate the wedding, a quality photo album entitled, “special memories through our Forever” Keep adding photos throughout the years, Glamorous lamps with paper shades, A set of precious cooking books or hire a chef to teach how to cook recipes from the cookbook and gorgeous clocks made with specialized paper all make very meaningful gifts using this theme.

The threads in the paper represent strength and intimate connectivity in your ever-increasing love. A blank piece of paper is a canvass on which you will write the rest of the love story. By this anniversary you should have a start on this masterpiece. You will keep adding color and flavor for the rest of your days. So it is easy to see that this theme allows for many possibilities!

Modern day weddings, also, use time as a theme for the first year which is becoming more the norm for young couples. Beautiful watches can be bought and exchanged. These make lasting impressions. A specialized paper clock carries this very nicely!

1st Wedding Anniversary Gifts: 1st Wedding Gift Ideas

In the last paragraph I talked about the many gifts that could be bought using the paper or the time theme. It is important to make the 1st wedding anniversary gifts to be special and a cherished moment. It should be a water shed moment in the development of the continuing love story. These 1st wedding gift ideas need to be carefully considered and thought out to ensure the biggest emotional impact. Consider personalized wedding gift ideas or novelty wedding gifts that will make a lasting impression. If there are ways to make it personalized, then do so, because of the value it will have for a lifetime. This is related to the concept of sowing seed. If the farmer wants to obtain corn, the farmer sows corn. If he desires wheat; he must plant wheat. If you want to be valued and respected then sow value. Instead, if you are limited in budgetary restraints, buy a gift in conjunction with others as a group present, but provide real value in a meaningful gift purchased with love and thoughtfulness. This is a most important consideration to be made. What value would a new laminated kitchen counter top make as a gift? What would the purchase and/or application of gorgeous wall paper have? Are they short on lighting and would really value matching beautiful lamps with strong paper shades? Would a large professional sketch of their wedding in a glass protective frame make an exciting picture to display or would they prefer a painting? Have they ever talked about taking educational classes together? If they both like cooking you could get them a nice set of cook books and even hire a chef to teach them how to do gourmet cooking. Maybe they would prefer other credible art pieces that they could also display. These could contain any of the following: Love poems, a complete copy enlarged of their vows or first dance music, A photo collage of the love they share. Some of these can be professionally made and then placed in the home.

The Japanese developed paper origami and so a person might give a gift of lessons to learn this wonderful hobby or you could even book a trip to Japan and then learn this trade from a professional there.

A lovely quality photo book could be provided as a gift with a page inside that says, ” Our love has grown throughout the years.” Then provide the first 15 photos and let them continue to develop the theme. Remember that most currency is made of paper bills and these can be added with most gifts to make it even more delightful.

1st Wedding Anniversary Quotes: 1st Wedding Anniversary Cards

1st wedding anniversary quotes and 1st wedding anniversary cards go hand in hand. The quotes can be special ordered with the invitation cards and make them personalized. The cards come in many price ranges and quality and depend much on the personal budget needs, however, quotations can be used that are not dependent on economics. So let us concentrate on this feature in writing this paragraph.


*Thanks for being the perfect partner.

*Our marriage is not just a celebration of our wedding day but a time to rejoice that you are such a wonderful part of my life.

*It has been a long time since we first met. Each day is getting better mall the time! Somethings change but never my love for you!

*May you be blessed with love, joy and happiness for a lifetime!

*This day marks our beautiful union I am glad I married my one in a million!

*My love and respect for you can not be expressed in words. May God bless our day and keep as united as one!

1st Wedding Anniversary Gifts: Creative ways to give money as a gift

is made from paper and is included in this theme. You could include money in various forms in a gift basket, inside a bronze shoe to symbolize the event, buy a pizza box and put inside the box. You can’t live on pizza alone so let me supply some dough, inside a balloon with a note that says pop goes the shop!, or fold the money and use origami to make a rose!


1st wedding anniversary gifts need to be special and given in love. The theme of this wedding anniversary gifts by the year, of course, is paper or clocks. It may be surprising the number of gifts that can be bought in celebration of this occasion but it turns out that their are many unique personalized gifts to give.

6 thoughts on “Wedding Anniversary Gifts by Years: 1st Anniversary

  1. Hi there, all anniversaries are special, but there is something about the first anniversary. You have mentioned some unique gifts that can be made or found when it comes to paper. My first thought was just a special book on a topic that the person really likes. 

    But I love the idea of going to Japan and learning how to do origami. That would be very special and unique, a trip the couple can enjoy together and make special memories, while also learning a new craft. Thanks for sharing. 

  2. This Wedding Anniversary that is coming up is very special to us. And I want to show I placed a lot of attention on the gift. 

    I have also been thinking of a family barbecue. It is an amazing and creative idea. It will further enhance the bond between the 2 families. And our children will make the day even more special.

    1. Memories are so vital to mark the special event. Take many pictures that express the desire for the couple to grow closer together!

  3. Hi,

    Wedding anniversaries indeed need to be celebrated with unique and memorable gifts, especially the first wedding anniversary.

    Trip to Japan would be my first choice and learning about their culture. Been there but in the airport only in one of our layovers. I was impressed by their airport and how they do their jobs, very organized. I bet their culture is the same.

    These thoughts for gifts are very much appreciated.


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