What’s the 20 Year Anniversary Gift: Wedding Gifts for You

What’s the 20-year anniversary gift for the wedding anniversary gifts by the year list? The traditional gift for this year is china as it represents the delicate but yet persevering nature of the marriage.which has grown into balance over time. China can be very beautiful and if properly cared for will last for many years and yet if not handled correctly it could be smashed into many pieces very easily. China is often the pride of the family, used for special occasions, and people love to show off their special dinner plates and accessories with care and expense. A husband and wife that have grown into a unique and special oneness can exhibit this beauty to others with pride. They have learned to highly value and appreciate their uniqueness and their special character which then can be displayed to others. Some couples have taken time to add gold trim and a high polished surface to their marriage which is attractive and visible by everyone.

The modern theme of the wedding anniversary gifts by the year is platinum. Physically, platinum is a soft, lustrous, silver-coloured metal which is highly dense, malleable and ductile (there is an ongoing debate if it is the most ductile). It is also highly corrosion resistant and has a high boiling point ( around 1700 degrees Celsius or 3220 degrees Fahrenheit). After 20 years of marriage you should’ve developed a softness towards each other so that it is evident that you favor the one you love. Your relationship should be easily noticed by others for its lasting values and yet be so dense and intense that it is protected from any intrusion. Having ductility in your marriage means that you easily stretch to help each other accomplish new dreams in your lives and do not break under the stress that every individual faces at one time or another in their lives. The walls you have built in your marriage should make it free from corrosion and break down. Last but not the least, by every stretch of the imagination, you should practice the saying, “Do not let the sun go down on your anger”, or better still vow to really listen in a non- judgmental fashion and keep from getting angry in the first place. Have a very high boiling point and allow for faults in others. As is readily evident both china and platinum are excellent representatives of the 20th wedding anniversary gifts by the year.

20th Anniversary Gift Ideas Wife

When “20th anniversary gift ideas wife”, is searched for, both china items and platinum items are a huge find. Items in each of these categories cause almost instant joy in the gift receiver. These gifts are very precious and highly desired and are an excellent way of expressing your love and appreciation, As these items are cherished and used in special moments; they will be remembered and be lasting. The 20th anniversary gift ideas need to truly celebrate the special accomplishment found in so many years of marriage. If it is dishes that are being bought for an anniversary gift from the husband, make it bone china to mark this occasion as something extra-ordinary. The way this china is constructed protects it from chipping and scratching and these dishes are thin-walled making it a perfect choice for a refined professional look. When you add to this the label,”hand-made” you have a masterpiece. When you choose to buy a platinum gift for your bride; there are many kinds of jewelry which can be purchased. As Platinum is so malleable, there are many exquisite pieces of jewelry that can be purchased ranging from very cost efficient to very expensive. There is a jewelry piece for every budget.

20th Anniversary Gifts Men

When you search for, “20th anniversary gifts men,” you desire an appealing gift usually for your husband. What can you purchase for your man that is china or made from Platinum? There are many jewelry gifts made with platinum. Rings, necklaces, bracelets, cuff links and belt buckles, all can be made with this precious metal. Platinum is often higher priced than gold, and has impressive qualities, as previously discussed. The glass industry uses platinum for optical fibers and liquid crystal display glass, especially for laptops. So by a stretch of the imagination a new laptop with a quality crystal glass display may be in order. Since it is used in optical networks, the cell phone comes to mind. Also, it is used with telecommunications. There are many cellphones available on the market and many types and varieties of cellphones that one can purchase. When you buy a case with his favorite color, you might just have the perfect gift.

If your man would enjoy buying a beautiful china set that you both would enjoy; perhaps you have a special joint anniversary gift in order to celebrate your life together. Opportunities to make meals together and to entertain friends can be very unifying and have tremendous rewards. Since most men love great cooking and it is associated with china, you can use your imagination to include other items if this is more desirable. How about tickets for a quality dinner theater? How about a special trip to a location of the world where he loves the cuisine? While visiting the area you could book a course in cooking with a chef so he could teach you some tricks of cooking the ethnic foods that are enjoyed. Even local chefs from your own area of residence could be hired who are proficient in cooking and some have ethnic dishes experience. Another great idea is to take a trip to a wine growing area and enjoy their resorts while eating and drinking from fine china dishes. The most important thing is to make the event special and lasting, even if held in your local area.

Wedding Anniversary Gifts by Year

The best wedding anniversary gifts by the year, if you are a friend or family member probably is china this time around unless you feel you either have money for a new computer or cellphone or have some jewelry ideas. The most common china items are: plates, bowls, mugs and teacups. Dinner Plate, Salad Plate, Bread & Butter Plate, Cup and Sauce usually come as a set with additional pieces to be ordered to add to the set. The complete set generally includes 8 dinner plates, 8 salad plates, 8 bread plates, 8 saucers and 8 cups. It also includes a serving bowl, a serving platter, a fish knife, sugar bowl and creamer. These sets are very beautiful and are usually reserved for special occasions rather than everyday use. Would it not be remarkable if a group of individuals decided together to buy an exceptional set as a love inspired gift?

Personalized Wedding Gift Idea

How do you have a personalized wedding gift idea? When you can find out the set of china that the couple adores or at least the colors they prefer it will help to buy a gift which is personalized for the receivers. The dishes can also be personalized for the couple by special order. You can end up with a complete custom design of your own making with the name of the couple imaged on the plate also, making a lasting impression.


In conclusion, although it may be harder to come up with a unique personalized wedding anniversary present for this occasion of wedding anniversary gifts of the year; It can be done and there are still many gifting ideas.

15 thoughts on “What’s the 20 Year Anniversary Gift: Wedding Gifts for You

  1. These are very good ideas of what to give for the anniversary of a husband or wife. When I run out of ideas I look on the internet. Although the tastes are different in that regard, some like jewelry, some travel, such as me, some clothes, good perfume and so on.

    1. You are absolutely right in saying that people have different interests, likes, dislikes. economic realities etc. That is why I make all these suggestions and emphasize that  personalized wedding anniversary gift ideas are of lasting value.

  2. My Aunty used to have a set of china she only bought out on special occasions and she treasured it she had it given from her mother and had it all through her life. China is defiantly an heirloom for some people. My housemates are getting married this year in October and I will also buy them something they can treasure for the rest of their lives. 


    1. It is important to create memories with those we love. Yes, heirlooms definitely create lasting memories.

  3. Very good suggestions and ideas of 20-year anniversary gifts! Personally, I remember that my aunt wanted jewelry at each of her milestoned anniversary with her husband. But she didn’t think of china or platinum objects. I’ll give it a try and share your article with my cousin who will celebrate her 20-year wedding anniversary next year. Thanks!

    1. Enjoy planning for wedding anniversaries and please come back to explore gift giving suggestions for each.

  4. Excellent ideas with explanation make these gift ideas stand out.

    20 years of marriage is a long time in life where you know each other well, individual taste and common taste. 

    You will guess the finding gifts should be easier but not always, specially when you have everything you possibly need in your house.

    A piece of platinum jewelry may be a great addition from husbands side. It adds value to relationship in a meaningful way.

    I love learning culture, talking to people, the food around each culture, beaches, architecture. A gift of vacation is my favorite gift. 

  5. This is so informative to me! I’ve always wondered why my mother-in-law collected fine China. I had no idea until now, why it was important to her. My father-in-law being the great husband he is, always supporter her interest in fine China. After working very hard for many decades he has the money to spend on such things or at least has bought some here or there over the years. When we are better supported financially, I will do the same. And yes marriage is delicate and important to take care of like fine China. Right now, as my wife and I go through a bit of a strained time in our marriage, this helpful to remind me to be more delicate with her and give her more grace. Thanks for your great and informative site. I’ll be sure to return to it again and again! 

    1. Thank you very much for your encouraging comments. Yes, fine china can be passed down as a family heirloom. That is why that I suggest buying a great set of china. You can add to this set china plates containing customized pictures of the family, special events and anniversary images.. Now you have a set that will be passed on and valued by future generations!

  6. Celebrating an anniversary is always such a happy occasion, and 20 years is a great achievement. China is indeed a very fitting choice for such a great anniversary.  I didn’t realise that platinum was the modern choice for the  20 year wedding anniversary.

    Thanks for providing a great selection of gifts for for this landmark wedding anniversary 

  7. When it comes to wedding anniversaries each year, you say to yourself or your spouse “wow” I cannot believe its been that many years already. For the 20th anniversary, a beautiful set of China is only fitting. I had to bookmark this website as a friend of mine is only a couple months from her 20th anniversary and I will need to buy the couple a gift. 

    1. Thank you for book marking the site. A china set is a great idea for building a heirloom that can be passed doen form generation to generation especially if every 5th anniversary you get specially made plates with pictures of the anniversary couple. Cartoon caricature  pictures can also be made and passed down as a family heirloom.

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