Wedding Anniversary Gifts by Years: 15th Wedding Anniversary Gift

The 15th wedding anniversary gift by the year is very special. This anniversary reflects an incredible milestone in the couple’s life. The traditional 15th- anniversary gift is crystal. This is a lasting material that symbolizes the beauty of your marriage reflected in the lasting qualities of your love. Like your time-tested marriage, crystal is bright, clear, and long-lasting.

The physical qualities of crystal are cherished and valued by people world-wide as it possesses a beauty that few others have. It is transparent and refracts light, but still has dark looking appearance. Is this the reason why so many cultures attribute magical qualities to this beautiful and vibrant material? One thing is crystal clear, these items are adored and valued by many as exceptional pieces of Art.

There is much demand for crystals gems and minerals Crystals represent a need for emotional gifts and intensely touch the emotions. These gems are perfect for this anniversary as they represent a desire for an even stronger emotional attachment and many crystals have healing properties. Advocates of crystal healing, believe they can boost low energy, prevent bad energy, release blocked energy, and transform a body’s aura. In this sense, with regard to marriage, they can represent healing and refocus to bring your marriage back into the right perspective.






The modern gift is considered to be a watch which symbolizes the time you value being in each other’s love. Spent time together is priceless, and will strengthen the bond that you share and will continue to experience throughout the years. The time piece reminds you of the importance of keeping your marriage fresh and vibrant by spending the time and effort needed for success. Many couple’s in the world today do not have the time needed to build a vibrant marriage. Reflect on the need to spend time together. In this stressful world it is essential for your marriage to blossom; you must value time together. Precise quality watch pieces, especially from the past, needed to be kept and maintained so that they performed in complete synchronization. Your marriage needs this same attention to flourish. Answering the question, “What is the 15th anniversary gift?”-This is the important question to answer.


Crystal Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Crystal wedding anniversary gifts are incredible items to buy and to bestow as a special gift as they have so many incredible properties. There are many crystal figurines that make tremendous gifts for those so inclined. Many kitchen items can be crystal such as: drinking glasses. Wine glasses, drawer knobs, dessert bowls, dishes, fruit bowls, island light, ice bucket, napkin rings, place mats, and crystal wall hangings. For other rooms we have the following list: crystal figurines, crystal mirrors, chandeliers with gold and silver, metal wall art, table lamps, coffee tables, bedside table, chairs, lamp shades, flowers, floor lamps, hanging ornaments, mantle clocks, mirrored side board of the bed, and vases. Add to this impressive list the many crystal rock rings or necklaces or cuff link sets and you know you have an impressive attire. There are also many gems sliced crystal rocks that are made into coasters, serving trays, book ends, or used as holders of hot items. Bohemian crystal has long been produced as the Czech Republic’s most sought-after product. 24% lead crystal, lead crystal, crystalline and glass ranges including stemware, tumblers, vases, bowls and gift ware which are designed to enhance any setting are elegant and crafted to last.

Some of these are simply used for display. If you want to combine both the crystal theme and the watch theme together ; buy a watch with quartz gems. The theme for wedding anniversary gifts by the year in its traditional presentation provides these opportunities for gifts.

15th Year Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

For the wedding anniversary gifts by the year list, you can also choose a modern day present which is a watch or time piece. 15th year wedding anniversary gift ideas, as mentioned previously, are centered around watches or time pieces. The price range of watches is great so that a watch can be found for every financial position. As clocks date back to the 13th century, if you want an antique clock as a special gift they are available. There are other novel ideas such as sun dials, water clocks, hour glasses, pendulum clocks, wall clocks and quartz watches. For an exceptional gift why not purchase a grand father clock to add to the core of your home. These are priceless beauties that will last for many years. Each one of these time pieces serve a very functional purpose but add to the appeal of either your set of wardrobe assemble accessories or to the beauty of your home. There are many companies that make watches throughout the world. By market share, the largest watch companies in the world are: Casio, Citizen, Fossil Group, LVMH, Movado Group, Ralph Lauren, Richemond and Rolex watches.

Smart watches are now a huge market and growing. Apple is the king here but there are many other competitors that offer quality product. There are advantages of having this type of watch.

  • Quick access to notifications. …
  • Never miss your calls. …
  • Personalized information and health tracking. …
  • Make calls and send messages. …
  • Watch movies and listen to music. …

The last watch that I will mention fits with anniversaries completely. It is called the Anniversary clock. The Anniversary clock is an old-fashioned spring driven clock that was given this name because they last about 400 days before needing to be rewound and so if you performed this duty every anniversary it would remind you that your relationship is important to focus as well. As you can easily see, there are incredible ideas to answer the question, “What is the 15th wedding anniversary gift?”

Wedding Anniversary gifts for Couples

Since there are two parties joined together as one; it is exceptional when you can purchase a personalized gift that will encourage this union to be stronger and lasting. In this regard special memories are key. Why not plan a special 15th holiday to Switzerland, home of the finest watches in the world? Switzerland has much knowledge and culture based upon the watch industry. Many museums, boutiques, workshops, focus on enhancing your experience and demonstrating to everyone the fine art of precision watch making. Of course, while in Switzerland you may enjoy many of the other experiences also which focus on the beautiful scenery with exceptional lakes, mountains and forests. It also offers many winter sports activities that draw many visitors to this beautiful land. Or it you want to use crystal as your theme, why not take a trip to Ireland which is a center of lead-free crystal production? It is surrounded by ocean, so water sports and activities are key. There are many castles and Abbey’s that can be explored here to enrich your experience.

If a trip is out of the question, focus on buying a personalized wedding anniversary gift idea that will be extra special. A modern theme is watches you can make the jump to include time. As time is quickly gone forever, It is important you devote time to each other. Why not commit to a special date day each month when you will do some bonding. Buying restaurant gift cards, coffee shop or a local excursion on a regular basis is very beneficial. Continue to celebrate your oneness together as there are many pressures in this world today breaking couple’s apart.


The answer to the question, “what is the 15th anniversary gift?” is found by searching the heart. Whether you choose a crystal theme or a time theme, there are many exceptional gifts to be considered for the occasion. There are gifts to buy for every person’s budget and some exceptional gifts for those who have the financial ability. The important question to ask for any gift to celebrate an anniversary is: “Does the gift I am giving strengthen the marriage and encourage it to become fuller and richer?”

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  1. Well, I am very glad I came across your site. I have always wondered whether there were certain gifts for each anniversary or just certain ones but never bothered to look it up. You may have already received requests for other anniversaries but my husband and I will be celebrating our 17th this August if you could do a post on it. I have bookmarked your site.

    1. Wedding anniversary gifts by the year is a great idea so as not to duplicate gifts over the years. So many people run out of gift ideas and then buy presents that are meaningless. A great wedding anniversary gift, will be personaalized for the occasion and make an impact that will last a lifetime.

  2. Celebrating a wedding anniversary is such a special occasion, so to be able to commemorate it with a special gift, makes it even more special. Although I am familiar with some of the wedding anniversary gifts, like silver for 25 years and gold for 50 years, I didn’t know that crystal was the 15th anniversary gift. 

    Crystal glass is so beautiful and will certainly make a gift to be treasured. Thank you for giving me several ideas as possible crystal wedding anniversary gifts. 

    1. Every present bought on the list of wedding anniversary gifts by the year, should be unique and special. Offering a personalized weddding gift ideas is priceless and many valued friendships wil be strenthened.

  3. Beautiful website with lovely things to consider for gifts. For my parent’s 50th wedding anniversary, I bought them a gold clock that could be set on a mantle. It was a Seiko with chimes- both the Westminster and the Whittington– and I had it inscribed on the back. So I combined the gold of the 50th with crystal and time  I still have that clock; my parents 50th was in 1981, they both passed on in 2005 and I still have the clock.The Chimes no longer work–I need to get them fixed. I agree, time is the most precious of gifts.

    1. Keep the celebration alive by enjoying and making the memories that will last and remind us of those special in our lives.

  4. Hey thanks for this post!

    This is really helpful, I have a friend who’s anniversary is coming up and she is unsure of what to gift, definitely doesn’t want the same gift ideas, so this definitely will be useful for sharing.

    I personally really like the crystal wedding gift, they look beautiful which is what a anniversary gift should be and meaningful to them.

  5. I was surprised to see you article because our daughter and son-in-law’s 15th anniversay is in September.  We have been wondering what to get them.  I did not know that the 15th was Crystal.  Your article mentioned young ideas a few times.  They are young. I am not sure crystal will mean anything to them, but the idea of giving them an anniversary trip is a great idea.  I also like the idea of matching watches.  Thanks for the suggestions.

    1. A an very glad that you found much value in the article, Please keep coming back. I am continually updating the site and assing more information.

  6. You have a very interesting material on the topic of the Wedding Anniversary Gift. Really interesting ideas that didn’t even cross my mind. But in principle, this list can be significantly expanded. I especially liked the idea of ​​a gift for a couple. But I don’t think it will be for everyone. Buying a watch for a man is a very attractive idea and I think it will suit many.

  7. Found your website as looking for ideas for wedding anniversary gifts and you have provided excellent ideas throughout the year. I like crystal collectibles to display in my curio cabinet, my first choice from your list is the bird crystal the detail is amazing with the colors. I have booked marked your website and shared with my social media followers for easy access. 

    1. Tnank you for the kind words and for letting people know that valuable information about wedding anniversaries can be found on this site.

  8. My husband and I will soon have our 15th wedding anniversary. Every year I think of something new that might surprise him. As for the crystals, I once received crystal glasses and that is one of my favorite gifts. I can really suggest a gift like this as something you will remember for a long time.

  9. These a great gift ideas! I’m not at that 15 year mark yet, but these are great ideas to look forward to. I purchased a sporty watch for my husband at our 2 year anniversary so at the 5 year anniversary, I may go with a more fancy and sophisticated Rolex watch. I definitely agree that a personalized gift is always the best route to go because it requires more thoughtfulness. Thanks so much for these great posts! 

  10. It is interesting to know that many cultures have almost the same sentiments pertaining to the 15-year Wedding Anniversary. They all seem to center around crystals.

    I like how you incorporated the meaning of crystals into the tenure of the marriage; the highs, and the lows.

    Crystal certainly seems to be the perfect fit for a 15-year Wedding Anniversary that seems to stand the test of time.

    1. Crystals are very well considered for the 15th anniversary and provide lasting memories of such a important milestone.

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