What’s the 6th Anniversary gift

What’s the 6th anniversary gift? This depends upon whether you go with the traditional list or the modern list of

wedding anniversary gifts by the year, The traditional choice is Iron, but if you allow Steel, as it is made from Iron; you will have many choices of gifts to choose from. Why iron? Iron is strong and durable and is a symbol of human strength, confidence, honor, tenacity, and the sharpness of the body and the mind. If your marriage is solid after 6 years then you have a real strength. Your relationship has survived and thrived and has shown durability By applying love and tenderness, you have protected your partner from the rust and the corrosion that could destroy your marriage, but this marriage, built on strength, will flourish if you have the tenacity to ensure its success and honor your loved one. You can have confidence that your relationship is growing in the right direction and feel the power of Iron.

The modern selection, on the other hand, is wood. Wood has natural beauty and is made up of organic material. Wood is a symbol of life, growth and of strength. Any wood has to go through a life cycle and grow from seed to maturity, but is corruptible and needs to be protected. Forests have always been considered as places of shelter and of refuge and provide nuts, and berries for sustenance. Our marriages have natural beauty and need to go through a life cycle. We need to grow in life and in strength but our marriages need to be protected and taken care of or the result will be decay. May your marriage forest be a rich haven of protected growth, of shelter and refuge, and a place where you will receive all the nourishment needed.

Anniversary gifts are all about sharing strong emotional feelings that contain both love and hope for a continuously growing relationship. The gifts given should strengthen the marriage and remind the couple of their commitment and lasting love. This will encourage a vital and devoted relationship.

Anniversary Gifts Wife

Searching for “anniversary gifts wife,” shows you are very focused on fining a perfect gift for your wife A holiday can bring many great results. Australia or China are excellent choices to visit for iron. Australia is by far, the world’s largest supplier of iron. China on the other hand, is the largest producer of steel which is made from Iron. If a wood theme is chosen either Sweden or Canada or Brazil would be a great choice. If you can not go on a holiday to a different country, why not plan a trip to a forested area close to you and stick with the wood theme. Believe it or not there is some iron jewelry that you can buy of a beautiful ring with a pine band around it with the wood theme. Maybe, it is time for a major project with wood or some outdoor uses for iron that will be discussed later in this article. There is metal art, even of beautiful flowers that can be obtained and hair styling irons with clothes irons made from Iron.

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Anniversary Gift Husband

If you search for, “anniversary gift husband,” it is obvious that you want gift ideas that would please him. A metal fishing boat comes to mind. Maybe, this is the year for an ocean fishing expedition. If he is an outdoors fan, a useful knife set would be welcomed for outdoor events. A new iron barbecue or a stainless steel superior unit could add hours to your ability to host outdoor events. If wood is the theme, this could be the year for a gazebo, a deck or even an outdoor hot tub surrounded by elegant cedar boards. A steam sauna might be the perfect addition to your home where you could relax on the cedar decking. A beautiful picture inside a remarkable wood frame might serve the purpose. Pen sets set on a wooden base can be a personalized wedding gift idea to really get his appreciation. If he is in to large belt buckles. There is a wide assortment available, especially, in western style. Perhaps a unique wood watch would appeal to him as a unique anniversary gift.

Traditional Anniversary Gifts for each Year

The traditional anniversary gifts for each year in this case is iron and since steel is made from iron it can be used. So many items are made with steel. In the kitchen there are knives, utensils, Cast iron baking pans, skillets, pots, pans, steel fondue pots, hot plates, serving trays, stainless steel counters and a wide array of minor as well as major appliances. In the bathroom there is bath tubs and sinks that are made with steel and many of these are very stylish and useful. Then you have metal boxes and cases, electric irons, curling and styling irons, fireplace accessories, and metal art either for the table-top or the wall which includes a lovely metal flower bouquet. Then of course there are many outdoor items also which will include barbecues and barbecue sets, steel furniture, metal solar lamps for marking the garden or larger ones to provide light for the backyard, You can get custom iron bowls to celebrate the event

6th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

If you desire the theme of wood, there are a very large number of items that can be also selected as 6th wedding anniversary gifts. We have wooden arbors, wooden decks, wooden encased hot tubs, saunas, gazebos, wood feature walls, wood cabinets, tables, chairs, cutting boards, knife blocks, kitchen cupboard fronts, hardwood floors, wooden specialty address and name signs, desks, walnut boxes to hold your photo album, wooden chess sets, and engraved wood coasters which can be personalized. Of course, sketched drawing of before and after pictures, family pictures or family cartoon caricatures will be always in demand especially, with a superb wooden frame to celebrate this special say.


What’s the 6th anniversary gift? There are many choices you can make from the wedding anniversary gifts by the year that will be the personalized gifts that you require. Remember to make it a personalized gift that will make a lasting impression and lead to many more memories to come.

14 thoughts on “What’s the 6th Anniversary gift

  1. Anniversaries are something special for me. My husband and I always go alone for dinner or lunch or go on a trip. Friends often come to us and we celebrate together. I get the most jewelry and clothes from the gifts. I buy my partner some good perfume, shirt, shoes and the like.

    1. Thye nost important consideration to make is whether it is personalized for the person you are buying it for.

  2. A gift for the 6th anniversary depends on the person and their wishes, hobbies or interests. I would give a book with dedication, or a trip to the sea. Milinka

    1. Certainly, consider the interests of the individual who you will purchase a gift for. The wedding anniversary gifts by the year simply provide choices that will provide enough variey and appeal, through out time, so as not to conflict with gifts given from other anniversary years.

  3. I’m so happy that I have found this website. A friend of mine is getting married this June. But it’s the first time I hear about a 6th anniversary gift. Didn’t know that year 6 is a special mark. But I like the idea that the tradition is to give something in iron or in steel. Utensils seem to be a great choice. You know what? It’s even a great choice for a new married couple. Great article.

    1. Thank you for your kind words. Yes, I try to write the articles to really stimulate your thinking about gifts that you will buy for an anniversary of a wedding.

  4. I find it interesting that there is such a big difference between the traditional and modern choices for wedding anniversary gifts. Do you know why and who came up with the modern list? Personally, I prefer the traditional choice of iron as it does signify the strength of the union in matrimonia. 

    There are so many options for iron, or stainless steel gifts, that everyone who is looking for a traditional 6th wedding anniversary gift, will find a suitable gift. 

    1. The modern gift list started because of the technological changes and is an attempt to simplifiy the gift list.

  5. I find this article very interesting, My partner and I always get each other a small gift each year and have a small celebration to mark the moment. I didn’t realize there were so many choices both traditional and modern. 

    This has given me great ideas about what to do for our next anniversary.

    Thank you for the great content

    1. Even if your budget is limited, make it a special time and remember to continue to build and value the relationship!

  6. For my anniversary we have usually gone out for dinner or stayed at home. My husband and I didn’t have a lot of money at the time, so we spent time with each other. I am hoping to some day to be able to buy him a nice gift for dealing with me. Hopefully by are sixth anniversary I will be able to buy him nice gift that he will like, something like a car that he wants or wooden deck for the house. 

    Thank you!

    1. Time is a special gift that we need to give abundantly to eachother. My advice is to start to save a little each month. If you can set aside $25 each month, you will have $300 for the year or $1500 over 5 years. It would be awesome and extremely valuable if you planned a major gift every 5 years. The 10th etc.

  7. A well planned gift to husband or wife definitely adds glamor to a wedding anniversary. It builds strength to the emotional connection which is being built along the way and makes a smooth life long relationship.

    This blog has many unique ideas put together to choose from. Choosing to go to a country closer to you is good if you like travel. Pick your iron and or wood rich country and buy gifts for you.

    The strong metal is a symbol of strength and having a gift that you use on day-to-day basis reminds you of your love. How cool is that? Pick a grill or cast iron pan if you enjoy cooking. 

    There are plenty of wood and iron jewelry around to buy without breaking your budget.

    Enjoy your special day with a gift that you like.

    1. A  personalized wedding anniversary gift idea for the 6th wedding anniversary gifts by the year offers many choices in every budget.

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