Personalized Wedding Gift Ideas:Mother of the Bride: Gifts for you

It is no longer required in most cultures to give a dowry of gives to the mother and the father of the bride, but the mother of the bride should be given a special present. In this article I will write about personalized wedding gift ideas for this important person and the attire that she will wear on the wedding day. The new to be couple should consider buying some articles which may include what she will wear on the day of the wedding as special gifts for the mother of the bride. To receive a gift of some kind is a traditional notion in reward for the important role that she plays in planning and in actualizing the wedding. She is responsible for the protection of the wedding gift to ensure that they reach the intended recipients.

One tradition of the modern wedding is that the families of those getting married bear much of the cost. Traditionally the parents of the bride pay for all the expenses of the wedding ceremony and the reception. The groom’s family will help with other expenses such as the honeymoon and helping to provide gift to those who are honored. In a poorer family this is often not the case, the couples themselves must pay for their own wedding expenses.

Beautiful picture frames with pictures of the mother and father with their daughter and a picture of the couple after the marriage make a spectacular gift. Sibling pictures can also be made with hands extended towards the bride. Another great idea is to create exquisite sketched drawing by professional artists of the wedding day. One of these can be given as a gift to the mother of the bride. Your mother should also be included with your makeup artists and hair stylists and given a beautiful corsage to mark the occasion.

Mother of the Bride Shoes

The mother of the bride shoes chosen are another important part of the wedding. This should be refined shoes in honor of the occasion which have at least a chic back heel or a slim heal although real high shoes are not recommended for this event. The mother-in-law must have comfortable but attractive shoes because she will have to do some walking and eventually there is a dance and a reception. In order to feel stylish and yet comfortable and confident it is important to select the shoes carefully. Choose a feminine pair of shoes but with a rounded or a pointed toe. Higher heels can be used if most of the wedding party is taller in order to project an equitable image, however avoid very high heels as they are harder to walk in and you certainly do not need any falls on this important day. Choose a shoe color that will complement and not contrast with the dress she will wear. Your shoe should be in a different shade but could be in the same color. Neutral shades are dynamic when used with an elegant dress. If you choose metallic shoes then make them light tones also so as not yo distract from the beautiful dress. When the shoes are purchased, make sure that they fit the mother perfectly; buying improper shoes that have not been sized will cause you pain and irritation on this special occasion. Well-constructed quality shoes are relaxing and comfortable and worth the investment.

Wear a shoe that is suitable for the climate at the place where the marriage will take place. Sandals and peep toed shoes can be used in hot places, but are foolish to but for a winter ceremony. Avoid buying shoes with straps as these easily irritate your feet and then become uncomfortable. Choose shoes that can be worn for the reception and the dancing later so that you will be relaxed for both events.

Dresses Mother of the Bride

It is best to wait until the bride picks the color of the bride’s maid’s dresses before buying the mother of the bride a dress. The dress chosen should be engaging and well-fitted, but there are no steadfast rules as to the type, style, or the color of the dress. The dress chosen should be deemed as suitable by both the mother and the bride. Shorter dresses, evening gowns, max dresses or even structured jump suits would be good. The color chosen should complement the colors of the wedding but not be the same. It is important that the attention be on the bride and not on the mother-in-law, although she has an important role to play and should look attractive. It is important to chose a dress designed for the season as a garment made for winter will cause excess perspiration in the summer and a dress designed for summer will feel cold in the winter. Formal weddings will require upscale dresses, whereas, more casual attire would be acceptable at more casual weddings.

Designer Mother of the Bride dresses

If the wedding is a full formal affair then the services of a wedding dress designer is often appreciated. It is important that you do some research in these regards and to choose a wedding dress designer that leans towards your personal style. There are many styles available but you will need to pick the one adopted to fit your personalized wedding gift ideas if this is to be bought as a special item for the mother. You will need to consider the price range and the locations that will be accessible to you. By searching through the internet, wedding magazines and wedding galleries, you will find many attractive dresses that will suit her. Does she want sleeves or no sleeves? Plunging necklines or not? Wedding dress trends may also be an important consideration in your planning. You must consider your budget, your tastes, the wedding colors themselves and the timeline needed to prepare for the occasion.

Petite Mother of the Bride

Generally, a waist-line line chosen higher than the natural will enhance the petite as they will make your legs look taller. Always ask, what type of wedding is it going to be? Will it be a country, a beach, or a church wedding? Wedding are held in very unusual places in our modern times and son’t always fit the traditional image of a wedding. For the petite mother of the bride consider her body type. The contours between the smallest part of your waist-line to your rib cage determine your overall shape. There are four general shapes: the hour glass, pear shaped, apple shaped, the shape of an inverted triangle or rectangle shaped. The hour glass shape is the ideal: You have full breasts and hips but the waist-line is significantly smaller. The waist-line is at least 8 inches smaller than the hips. Tot this type choose wrap dresses, fit and flare dresses, Sheath dresses and A-line dresses. A pear shaped has narrow shoulders with wider hips and thick thighs with a full bust. If this is your shape then choose focus wrap dresses, fit and flare dresses, off the shoulder dresses or A-line dresses. The apple shaped petite has no defining waistline with slender arms and legs. The shoulder and the hips are close to the same size  so emphasis should be on hiding the belly: wrap dresses, peplum dresses, and empire waist-line dresses will be chosen. For the invested triangle the person will have prominent shoulders with a small waist-line and flat buttocks with beautifully shaped legs. For this type of petite choose A-line, fit and flare, or color blocked dresses. Lastly for the rectangle shape with no defined waist-line, small breasts, with an athletic frame with little or no curvature between the breasts and the hips. For these persons focus on: Empire silhouette, fit and flare, ruched or A-line dresses.

Cheap Mother of the Bride Dresses

If you have a modest budget you will need to make choices for an affordable marriage, Don’t refer to a cheap mother of the bride dresses but a more affordable and less costly dress. For modest budgets you must chose the style that you desire and then choose a ready-made dress as this is considerably cheaper, although, you may have to hire a seamstress to help you with some alterations. You can often find glamorous dresses of high quality that are on sale and will result in an incredible buy. Just make sure that it can be altered if needed and will result in a personalized wedding gift idea that will complement the wedding and be a useful addition.


In conclusion, unique wedding attire from head to foot as a thoughtful gift to the mother of the bride would be fantastic personalized wedding gift ideas that will enhance and complement the wedding. The health, happiness and the contentment of the mother of the bride shoulders be an important consideration when planning your wedding.

20 thoughts on “Personalized Wedding Gift Ideas:Mother of the Bride: Gifts for you

  1. Paying a dowry is a tradition in certain cultures, but as society has changed, it is not always a requirement anymore. But it is still very special for the mother of the bride to receive a special gift that will symbolise the union of her daughter. 

    With the parents of the bride paying for so many expenses associated with the costs of the wedding, it often happens that the mother of the bride overlooks herself when it comes to getting something special. So to be presented with a special mother-of-the-bride gift, is awesome. 

    1. The mother of the bride is deserving of the honor because of the investment of both time, energy and money into her daughter’s future.

  2. On this site is everything that  newlyweds need for a wedding. Years earlier, no attention was paid to details, but today it is different. Special attention is paid for gifts to godparents as well as for the  mother of the bride, as you mentioned here. The gift should be unique because that day is special in the life of a mother, so let it be such a gift.

    1. Yes, the mother of the bride plays such a vital role that it is of great value to get a gift of thanksgiving to honor her.

  3. Hey great post, thanks!

    My uncles wedding is actually coming up and this couldn’t come at a better time. I have seen many give gifts,  never really understanding  what to give and to whom. It always seems kinda confusing as to who is supposed to be gifted and how much. Dowry is something which has definitely been going on for quite sometime.

    This post I shall save, I learned quite a lot and it is definitely something I shall reread especially since quite a few weddings are coming up.


    1. Please pass on the information of this website to others and yes come back for more wedding and anniversary gift ideas.

  4. Hello and thank you for submitting your post for comment.

    You are a wealth of information on your subject and it shows in the content. 

    I would like to see you break up the paragraphs a little. For every new idea, you can start a new paragraph, even if it is only one or two sentences long.
    It is visually better for the reader,

    You have a glamorous niche and I would have liked to see lovely wedding photos, beautiful dresses, and perhaps even a vacation destination. Where are the champagne, jewelry, and flowers? You have the opportunity to make your post a visual delight. Go for it! If you add images to your content it will also inspire your words.

    There are a few simple spelling mistakes, ie: “invested triangle” I think you meant “inverted triangle”. You can catch those by proofreading just one more time.

    I installed Grammarly, (it’s free)  and I am amazed at what I think is good. Grammarly gives me a reality check every time. It helps me considerably, and I don’t have to look up the spelling of words. 

    You seem to like to write and this is a great advantage. So play around with saying similar things in different ways to add diversity.

    I wanted to learn more about you, the author, but I could not find your About Me page. You might consider having one. This will help your audience to be able to relate a real person to your posts.

    You are on your way, and you can do this!

    Keep up the good work.

    Regards, Corinne 

    1. Thank you on your comments of how to improve my wedding site. As time progresses, you will see how I will relate this to all the pictures you would like.

  5. A wedding is a one-time occasion in life. 

    A uniquely special gift for the mother of the bride is well deserved.

    In my culture, a very special gift, typically an exclusive and expensive saree) comes from the groom’s family. It is offered to the mother of the bride when she welcomes the groom on the marriage mandap. The color, quality, and design are all picked by the groom’s family. People never go cheap on this one.

    Your description of how to pick a pair of shoes for the bride’s mother really is very thoughtful. It’s a lot of running around. So worth considering. The dress and its design, picking the color of the dress are described very well. It helps your decision. The color and design of the attire of the bride, bride mates, and mother of the bride are usually coordinated on this special occasion.

    This post will help anyone who is preparing for a wedding. It needs time to prepare well. Some people also like to decorate in flowers to make the place look aesthetic and try to match the wedding attires.

    Thank you for this important and helpful post.

    1. Weddings are very special and yes any special gifts to the mother of the bride is to be given with love and gratitude. This seems to be the case with most cultures in the world.

  6. I think that giving a gift to the mother of the bride is an awesome idea, as in most cases she has worked the hardest to get the wedding running smoothly. I think this tradition is no longer always done anymore though. A lot of the old traditions are no longer in use when it comes to weddings as more and more couples are paying for their own weddings nowadays.

    I think a framed photo of the bride and mother is a wonderful gift to receive. If it is in clothing or shoes that you want to give, rather let the person you are buying them for choose them herself, or you may get something she won’t want to wear.

    1. Communication between the mother of the bride ans her duaghter is very important so that there is agreement on the shoes to be worn.She is so deserving of receiving a special goft!

  7. This is a great guide for choosing the Mother of the bride’s dresses and shoes. Where I come from, paying for dowry is compulsory and must be done before the main traditional or white wedding. The Mother of the bride is adorned in a beautiful matching outfit with the husband (father of the bride). The shoe colour and design will depend on the colour of the dressings. 

    1. Yes, honoring the mother and also the father of the bride is important in many cultures of the world. The most important gift we can give is gratitude!

  8. I loved the sense of protocol I could sense in your sweet article and how amazing it is. It indeed conveys the beauty of your culture, where the bride’s mother is to be given beautiful gifts to honor the occasion. She deserves it.
    Thank you for all your great gift ideas.

    1. Yes, I feel that the mother of the bride should be given a special place indeed and honored on this occasion as well. People need to realize that marriage not only involves the coupld but changes the dynamics of the families as well.

  9. It should be borne in mind that there are different customs from place to place. In our country, gifts are bought by godparents. They are very important on the wedding day. Parents are also bought something that will mark the day and that will always remind them of the special occassion. These are really nice gifts, I think every mother would like them.

    1. Yes, I will have to do an article all about different customs of wedings around the world. Thank you for your comments.

  10. With more people just co-habiting, rather than getting married, a wedding is even more special these days. It is a once in a life time event for the happy couple, and the mother of the bride usually has the next top position. 

    Most women that I know would prefer to choose their own clothing and shoes for their mother of the bride outfit, but it might be different in other cultures. A personalised silver picture frame would make the ideal gift for me. I t can then be used for one of the wedding photographs. 

    1. Marriage, indeed is a very special occasion and one to be cherished. The mother of the bride needs to feel valued and respected for all the input she has put into the life of the bride.

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