What’s the 14th Anniversary Gift: Wedding Gifts for you

What’s the 14th anniversary gift? The traditional gift is ivory and the modern gift is Gold jewelry for which there are many options. Although Ivory is exceptional for its carving properties and has produced exceptional items in the past, it is now taboo as the elephant populations of the world have been protected so that we can keep this species from extinction. Due to this factor I will be proposing alternate ways to keep this theme but to also remember the value of elephants.

First of all, the elephant tasks were in high demand all over the world in the last century due to the magnificent things that could be carved with it and its durability and beauty. I would suggest that there are other beautiful carvings from items that are not endangered and that some of them will help us to remember the high value that we place in elephants.

The Elephant is revered in many cultures of the world as a symbol of strength and power. It is praised for its lasting ability, cooperative spirit, and of all other animals it is very loyal. Elephants will protect their own to their own deaths since they demonstrate this trait so wholeheartedly..The 14th anniversary should remind you of the strength of your marriage and your commitment to make it lasting and remind you of the value of loyalty to your relationship and your to your extended families. Your marriage has shown strength and loyalty which is evident to all. You have become a closely knitted together couple who has come to cherish and value your interconnectiveness and have proven you are determined to have a deep and lasting marriage. You have found strength in cooperation together in meeting your goals and your aspirations. Your relationship is so much like the elephants and has lasting qualities.

The modern day choice for the 14th anniversary gifts by the year is gold jewelry. This might frighten some of you who live on a limited budget but it really shouldn’t as gold jewelry comes by four means that range from inexpensive to very expensive. This means it can be fitted into every budget, although, you need to take into consideration the lasting value that each might have. Gold plated jewelry is the cheapest price but it will tarnish eventually and need replacement. Gold vermil is gold plating, but on top of a sterling silver base, This is still affordable, but much better quality, is hypo allergic and will not tarnish. Gold filled jewelry has one hundred times more gold than gold-plated and is much better quality. Finally, you have solid gold jewelry which is the best quality but has the highest cost.

Gold is usually found in a quartz bed and is rare and highly valued. The gold represents the value of your relationship when embedded in the proper strengths of your marriage. Quartz is known to enhance awareness, and wisdom. It increases inspiration and creativity. As you have become more in tune with the strengths of your marriage, you become more aware of your relationship and in the high value that you have placed on this and you will be embedded together and increase in wisdom, creativity and continue to inspire each other to work towards your shared dreams and goals.

Anniversary Gifts Wife

When you search for, “Anniversary gifts wife.” you are interested in purchasing a present for someone very special. What would you buy for your wife on such an occasion? If you need a special holiday to celebrate the event then this is the year for a trip to Africa. South Africa is known for quality gold and both Kenya and Namibia are close by and have much of the population of elephants, This would definitely be a memorial trip. You know that your wife would enjoy gold jewelry and there is so much selection of this item in different styles and budgets so it would make an excellent present. One of the top gifts on this occasion, that makes a lasting impression, is to take a long stemmed rose and dip it into gold. You can make this choice to purchase the enduring love rose that is placed in a special leather bound container and has exquisite beauty representing your lasting love. I would suggest that if you want to use the ivory theme that you might consider a statue of an elephant carved from some other beautiful material like soap stone, sand stone, marble, gemstone, or wooden. These are very beautiful items that you can purchase that will remind you of the value of elephants and the meaning behind them.

Anniversary Gifts Husband

When you search for, “Anniversary gifts husband,” you are interested in finding your man the right present. Again, Gold jewelry would be received well. If he does not usually wear jewelry then he would still love a special golden watch which can come in many styles and many ranges of cost. As Elephants represent strength and endurance, maybe, this is the year to buy him a membership in a health club or buy him some equipment that he can use to develop his muscles at home which can range from the simple to the sophisticated. What about a marble elephant paperweight. This would make an excellent conversation piece. If you would like to be a part of the gift then why not purchase some gift cards to healthy eating places so he can take you out once a month to a special restaurant. This might provide the impetus needed so that you can enjoy time together.

What is Traditional Anniversary Gifts by Year

As you know the traditional gift is Ivory. Since elephants are being protected and this option is not possible then buy ivory colored gifts or resort to buying carvings of beautiful artistic items from other sources such as: soap stone, marble. Sandstone, gemstone or even wooden carvings. If these carvings are elephants they will be excellent at conveying the image of strength and endurance and would make an excellent present. Safari parks are becoming more popular around the world. This could be another option to visit such a park or an elephant sanctuary. There are also some excellent elephant pictures that you could buy to remember this occasion. Another option is to buy save the elephant shirts that you can wear to express your unity together.

14th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

The modern day list of gold jewelry has the usual excellent value. These include cuff links, rings, bracelets, necklaces, watches, pendents and gold chains. When purchasing anything gold if it is pure gold it will be classified as 24 karat. 12 karat is 50% gold and 50% of some other metal. You could buy a gold trimmed picture frame and then place a picture of you as a couple.


What is the 14th anniversary gift is a question that is not easy to answer, but the main ingredient is to buy a unique personalized wedding gift idea which will be appreciated and cherished and that will serve to remind the couple of their lasting commitment.

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