The 40th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

The 40th wedding anniversary gifts are very remarkable and precious because you are celebrating such an exceptional event. The wedding anniversary gifts by the year in a traditional sense is rubies. Modern theme is flower-based gifts; these seem to be very different in both value and in scope. Rubies, like diamonds, are produced through heat and through high temperature. In face rubies hardness, is only beat by diamonds. This fiery red is a symbol of romance and passion but it could also include fire as it has been created at high temperature and is also close to burning embers. By the 40th year of marriage you have weathered the storms of life and all the pressures that life threw your way. You have stood tall even though you faced the high criticisms and the lack of faith that some had in your relationship.

Modern gift idea is flowers. What do flowers have to do with rubies? Why the red rose, similar in color to the ruby, is the flower of love. This encompasses deep emotions and desires.which ties directly into romance and passion. Other types of love flowers include peonies, sunflowers, or tulips, which symbolize happiness, prosperity and romance. To make the statement that over 40 years you are still passionate about your spouse, and that you enjoy romantic moments, speaks highly to your ability to weather storms and to persevere as one together as a single team.

Anniversary Gifts Wife

You have searched for, “anniversary gifts wife,” because you are focused on getting that special present that will make the impact that you desire. Of course a ruby gift given as jewelry will be appreciated and have lasting use. The 40th anniversary needs to be especially remembered, as you are now both over 60 years of age but are still healthy enough to travel. Which country is known for being passionate? In general, they enjoy life and love to indulge in a lengthy discussion, hearty meal, or delicious glass of wine. This is Spain. What city is known as the city of love? Why Paris of course. This city has held this special role for many years. What European country is known for flowers? Why Holland of course. This is the place where gorgeous fields of tulips are produced and shipped world-wide. It seems to me that an exceptional 40th year anniversary would be a trip to Europe where one could enjoy all these together. This is a very special anniversary where memories need to be created. If you cannot complete a European trip; then there are more local ideas given later in this article. The Ruby Red Passion Rose needs to be mentioned here. This special dipped and persevered rose is very romantic if given with a bottle of red wine and a box of chocolates or red velvet cake; it is a dynamic gifting trio. Keep reading this article for more exciting gift ideas.

Anniversary Gift Husband

When searching for, “anniversary gift husband,” one is very focused on getting the special gift that will demonstrate a lasting love. Some men might enjoy fiery red cuff links, but very few desire a fiery red necklace, bracelet, or ring. Men are not generally thrilled about receiving flowers like ladies, although some are gardeners and might enjoy planting some red rose bushes or other red perennials if you have a property. But what else could you get them? While most might like a new fiery red sports car; this is not possible for all, How about a red recliner that he could relax in with a message? Because of the red, that both embers and rubies have, what about buying a movable imitation fire place where you might enjoy both some romantic moments? Perhaps using red wine and red velvet cake to enjoy your special engagement by the fire light. Or if you both enjoy the great outdoors; go ahead and buy the red canoe that you have always desired. You can really scorch the waters and make them boil!

40th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

40th wedding anniversary gifts that stick with one of the themes will include red flowers or a touch of fiery red, but of course most well-wishers will not be able to spend the kind of money that the couple would spend to mark this event. What do you buy? In conjunction with others, you could make a red rose or red flowered archway of artificial flowers, or make a collage of special pictures over the years with a saying, “celebration of 40 years of love.” This could include pictures of the family and could be placed permanently on a wall with a glass covered frame. You could also use a ruby red anniversary photo album, 40th year gift baskets, 40th year basket of fine red wines, or a fiery red vase with red flowers. Since, rubies also symbolize protection, you could buy a home alarm system, red fiery cellphone, purchase medical protection, or simply buy them a backup camera for their car. Finally, there are many fiery red appliances that could be purchased along with pillows, towels, bed sheets, blankets, and quilts; which can all be personalized.

40th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Now for exceptional, “40th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas.” You could all pitch in and provide a trip to Canada; home of the red maple leaf. This would be truly treasured if you could visit in September when the leaves are changing color. There is a Red Lake in all the provinces of Manitoba, Alberta, British Columbia and Ontario where you could visit, as well. The red cliffs of Prince Edward Island Atlantic coast in Green Gables Shore, PEI, Canada. Is very beautiful and spectacular when the sun is setting. When there you can visit the home of Anne of Green Gables.

Since this is such an important event, why not make a complete set of professionally drawn cartoon pencil drawings of all the family? These could be placed in glass frames and hung on the wall in a prominent place. If not this then why not before and after pictures which could include your baby pictures, your marriage pictures, and perhaps your 20th and 40th pictures. Another great idea is to make a special love poem or to take a special song and blow it up on canvass to be placed in a special place.

For an exceptional memory, plan to rent a house boat where all the family can enjoy a holiday together. During this time, cook with plenty of red vegetables and serve red wine. Red wine, with red raspberries or red velvet cake would make an exceptional dessert experience.


As is clearly seen, with some creativity, there are many  anniversary gifts that provide a very personalized and unique experience to this 40th year. The wedding anniversary gifts by the year can be very extensive when you put some effort and imagination into the process.

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  1. hiya your website is very informative providing amazing ideas for the 40th wedding anniversary gift I think that one of the best gifts for the wife is a trip abroad somewhere very nice and if its not affordable why not spend your time planning to go to a local beach with your wife this can still count as a vacation however for a husband this might be slightly different most males like fashion and jewellery, especially during their middle ages buying them a nice quality watch will make their day

    1. The 40th anniversary is definitely a special anniversary to consider doing something very special. Holidays are great lasting treasures, especially with abundant pictures. Quality watches and jewelry are nice, too. Why not consider a Rolex watch for such an occasion?

  2. These are really serious years and I would like everyone to welcome something like that. Here are some interesting tips. Every gift makes sense and carries a message. For example I like a gift trip, because I carry memories with me all my life and that place reminds me of the person I love.

    1. Every gift given in love should give a clear message especially if it is well thought and intentioned as a personalized gift.

  3. Wow. What a beautiful website you have. I read an article and I smile. But I’m a bit sad at the same time. See, my mom died not long time ago and we never thought about making a 40th wedding anniversary. She would have loved the concept around the red color. Of course, my dad would raise an eyebrow with the red flowers. But finding different red fruits and the red wine would make him smile, for sure (my mother has always hated alcohol). Great article.

    1. Why not consider a special celebration in their memory and honor since you missed the anniversary. You could get my professional artists to make sketches of cartoon carcatures of all the family. This would make a heirloom and be passed doen through generations.

  4. The topic of your article resonated with me. I wish I had read it before my wife and I celebrated our 40th Wedding Anniversary in December last year. The presents you discussed provided a wonderful variety to choose from. 

    I did buy my wife some ruby jewelry. A pair of earrings and a necklass. We celebrated with a lunch party at a fine restaurant with friends. But first, we renewed our marriage vows after Sunday Mass. 

    I liked the gift of the red armchair. I already have one but is it tan in color. Made out of fabric instead of leather. 

    It is always important to celebrate anniversaries. We celebrated our 25th by going on a cruise on the Queen Mary 2. We also celebrated our 35th going on another cruise on the same ship. 

    When it comes time to celebrate our 50th I shall be checking your website to see what you recommend. 



  5. We will be celebrating our 40th wedding anniversary at the end of the year, so it is very good to come across this post. As a landmark anniversary, I really want to get my husband something special and was stuck for ideas. But reading your suggestions, have really given me some ideas. 

    He loves red wine, so he would love a collection of special red wine, and I will look for 40 year old red wine. Thanks for sharing these great suggestions. 

    1. I am glad that you were inspired by my articles and that it has given you the perfect sedding anniversary gift for your husband.

  6. Thank you for sharing this wonderful article – The 40th Wedding Anniversary Gifts. buying gifts can be a task especially after you have given that one person numerous gifts. You want to give something your special person appreciates and will cherish. Your article assist in thinking outside the box and making a good decision.

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