What’s the 35th Wedding Anniversary Gift?

What’s the 35th wedding anniversary gift? The wedding anniversary gifts by the year are either coral or jade. Coral is the traditional choice for this event. Why coral? Coral comes from coral reefs. They are formed when free-swimming larvae attach to solid shapes that provide a firm foundation. Isn’t this like married life? We are free to make the choice of where we will make our home. Now that we have chosen our place in which to develop we are anchored and ready to develop. Coral reefs develop, over time. Until they support much life and are places of beauty. As your coral relationship grows, you too, become anchored in each other and continue to grow just like a natural reef until you are a place of beauty. Coral reefs support many species because they become a place of protection from predators and also, give protection from angry waves. As your family matures, you have provided that place of protection and have helped weather the storms of life. You have raised a family and they still feel protected by the beautiful coral relationship that you exhibit.

The modern gift is jade. What has jade got to do with the 35th anniversary? Layers of jade are only formed through earth quakes. This is the only way that this special rock is formed, only through extreme conditions. After 35 years of marriage you have weathered the earth quakes in your lives and have overcome any difficulties. Did you know that jade can be many colors? Jade, can be very white, but also, becomes stained with the color of rock nearby. Is this not like your relationship- you have learned to take on some colors of your married partner so that you can blend as one. Artists pay close attention to multi-colored jade so that interesting shapes will be carved out of the blended jade. Are you producing a relationship of beauty by doing the same? Jade is very durable and does not break apart easily. Although, diamonds are the hardest substance, they shatter if hit hard and are not as durable but must be carefully protected, Jade does not shatter and that is what successful marriages are based upon, the ability to be durable. This trait makes jade perfect for carving artisans especially since it can be finely polished into a work of absolute beauty. Your relationship has had 35 years in order to do the same. If you have taken care to polish and to create the right relationship; it is a thing of great beauty because it has been polished and cared for over many years. Perhaps the most revealing part of jade is that it is translucent and light passes through is not only noticeable but gives it great beauty. The love you show towards each other is easily seen and the beauty of your relationship displayed for all to see. When chromium is placed near jade it becomes a green color and this color of jade is the most valuable in the world today.

Anniversary Gifts wife

When you search for, “Anniversary gifts wife,” you are looking for an attractive present for your wife. After 35 years of marriage you could plan an exceptional holiday to areas where jade is produced or to coral reefs in your area. The major areas containing jade are Russia, China, and Guatemala. This might be a great year to plan a holiday to one of these areas. Since China has a history of using jade that goes back many years; it might be an excellent choice. Jade has always been the material most highly prized by the Chinese, above silver and gold. It is the material used by the elite and so is very prominent in Chinese culture and is associated with royalty. This stone in China is known as the stone of heaven. In Russia small jade figurines are made to remind the Russians of their summer villas.

Since jade is a precious stone; beautifully crafted figures or jewelry would make a great anniversary gift If you can not afford these exceptional items stick with a small jade figurine or at least choose items that are the traditional jade green color. Jade green curtains with a box of chocolates might be exactly what is needed in your situation Please read below to find many other possibilities,

Anniversary Gift Husband   

When you search for, “anniversary gift husband,” you are focused on finding the perfect gift for him. Jade jewelry or jade cuff links are a spectacular gift. What about a jade paper weight for the office? There are beautiful jade figurines and they can be personalized with etching into the rock. You could for instance etch, “35 years of desired love.” into a beautiful gem rock piece. What about a jade pen holder? All of these would make exceptional; gifts. There is so much more with jade, You can buy small jade stones which are used for healing. Healing spheres have more power. What about beautiful jade end tables for the bedroom or the living room? They are an exquisite gift for such an important event. Jade is such a great product for artisans to make spectacular statues, wall art, or beautiful jade picture frames where you could place a romantic picture of your selves. Wow, just dream- the possibilities are endless.

Traditional Anniversary Gifts for Each Year

Using the traditional anniversary gifts for each year theme, which is of course coral; One can dream of the oceans where the beautiful coral exists. A vacation to an island of corals would be fascinating. The Great Barrier Reef is located in Australia which offers so many other experiences that one can cherish. But what cheaper coral products can be bought? coral fossil stone sets, bells, earings, coral fossil stone sets, coral pictured wall paper, coral xr iPhone, coral fern, coral flowers, coral eye shadow and nail polish, ans coral quartz. You can make a coral garden, add coral decor to your home or if you enjoy fish why not start an aquarium? You could decide to purchase a salt-water setup with coral zebra fish and living coral. If now of these impresses you then look for coral colored items that you could buy. Cora; colored flower can be very impressive and you can buy coral silk flowers for lasting beauty as your choices still are many.

35th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Well the 35th wedding anniversary gifts are many for jade, also, I am so impressed with jade and the uses it has to so many applications. If you can not afford to buy expensive items, settle for purchasing something with a green jade color, there are many that can be purchased. As jade is a preferred stone of many artisans, and it has a long history especially in China and its uses are impressive and art worthy. In jewelry there are impressive bracelets, watches, necklaces, cuff links, rings, pendants, broaches, . The kitchen has bowls, plates and decorative plated, serving trays, eating tables, counter tops, china, and cutting boards. In the remaining rooms you can buy exquisite carvings, wall hanging statues, coffee tables, stools, lamps, vases, wall panels and incredible table lamps. Jade healing stones, massage balls, chess sets and countless artistic novelties can all be purchased for this important event.


As jade and coral are the choices for the wedding anniversary by the year; make this the special occasion that it should be. These 35th anniversary gifts are very extensive and leave you with many choices for this occasion. Remember, to make your choices to be a personalized wedding anniversary gift idea that will have lasting merits.

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  1. Well laid out website and easy to move around. The topic is a good one because most people do not think about gifts until the occasion is near. This site gives suggestions for certain years and I am not sure of all the years you show. Maybe a post on a list of years and the gift category and a link to that particular post would allow the reader the flexibility to see their particular anniversary along with your recommendations. Will you make money on advertisements, maybe reviews of products, and or affiliate marketing? Looks like a great site, and thanks for sharing it with the community here at WA.  

    Hope my comments are of some help,

    Good Luck and prosper…   

    1. Eventually, all the years will be here and drop down menus are coming. Stay tuned. Come back and visit for those fantastic wedding anniversary gifting ideas!

  2. Celebration of memorable life events keeps us fresh as partners.

    We do care for each other otherwise it would not be an easy ride through 35 years. The couple started the marriage barely knowing each other, built a family and togetherness which lasted for three and half decades long. 

    A gift is due. 

    I love the wedding anniversary gifts of your website. It has solid foundation and logic. 

    Good, you can’t get wrong buying coral or jade. Thank you for laying out several examples of the gift ideas, one can easily choose from. 

    The blog makes life easier. 

    I like green and my husband got me a set of pendent and earrings.. They were not real stones but adorable. I have then for years. I wait to see more gifts for celebrating the joy of marriage with love with an iconic present. Thank you.

    1. Thank you for your comments. I always try to provide ideas with solid logic as I think that anniversaries are so key in building family relationships, memories and heirloom items that will withstand the passage of time.

  3. Very interesting and beautiful story. I didn’t know that jade has such characteristics and a hidden message. It is really fascinating that such material is formed only during earthquakes. It is a very valuable gift for me. When I celebrate my 35th wedding anniversary, I will definitely remember this story.

  4. I do like your analogy of married life and coral developing and growing, as it is exactly how a relationship and marriage grow over time and become something very special. it is then interesting to find that the modern gift is jade, which also takes many years to develop and form.

    To me the perfect 35th wedding anniversary holiday would be a trip to the Great Barrier Reef and see the coral there. There are so many unique and special gift ideas here, that it will provide anybody looking for a 35th wedding anniversary gift with the perfect choice.

    1. I have never been to the Great Barrier Reef, but, yes, that would be an incredible expereince and would be my dream holiday! I like to be able to help people to find that personalized wedding gift idea that will be perfect as the appropriate present

  5. This is a well written article, and I love jade stone. I liked the way the you described the coral forming like a family forming. It  makes sense I didn’t ever think about that. 

    I have had many jade stones but I didn’t know they where formed by earth quakes. That is very interesting and I never really thought about how that stone formed. I have a few of them around my house as it is good for wealth.

    I will keep this in mind as my parents will be having their 35th anniversary here in the near future, for me I am only on 5 years. I will let hem know about this, my mom does like stones as well. 

    Thank you!

    1. I do habe many suggestions for other anniversaries too, including the fifth. Over the course of the next few months I will have articles on the whole list of possibilities. Please, come back often,

  6. I had no idea that the 35th wedding anniversary was either coral or jade. I think some of these old traditions have gotten lost along the wayside, and in the past you used to give gifts for anniversaries, but that seems to have fallen away and is left up to the spouses to spoil their other half.

    It can be quite expensive if going for the real deal, especially Jade, but you have made some great suggestions for alternatives, like something of a jade green color.

  7. Such a beautiful post about the 35th wedding anniversary! I wonder, what made you choose the 35th? Is this the anniversary you and your wife will soon celebrate?

    In a month, my husband and I will celebrate 33 years together. As I read your stories on celebrating 35 years together, I was reminded of all that we have walked through as a couple. Indeed, we have become anchored in each other AND survived some significant earthquakes! Both are very accurate descriptions, despite the fact that we have not yet completed 35 years.

    As others have mentioned, I too like the emphasis you have put on the truth that many of us cannot afford precious stones, but we can still celebrate with the colors of coral and jade. After all, I think it is the years together that are of importance, no matter how we are able to commemorate them.

    Thank you for your post and the depth of marital insight shared. May we all reach 35 years and beyond!

    1. You have the opportunity now to start planning this significant anniversary. Make it very special, Maybe think og how you can start a family heirloom to be passed down for generations. Please come back and visit as I have many gift iseas and will soon have all the years covered to the 50th anniversary and beyond.

  8. Wow! Very interesting I love how you explained why each item either Coral or Jade was specific to the 35th anniversary. I know many people wonder what should I get for each milestone anniversary but you have created a site explaining in detail what that anniversary gift should consist of and even give some gift ideas. Great job. I will be visiting your site again in the future.

  9. A wonderful story about the possibilities of giving for 35 years of marriage. Jade and coral, an exceptional combination. I had the opportunity to buy jade in Russia and for me, Faberge’s creations of jade, diamond and ivory eggs are fascinating. Maybe a gift idea!

  10. I read your article and I really liked your approach. Firstly, such an event, of course, is important for a happy married couple, and therefore the gift must also be memorable and valuable. The ideas you suggested seemed very attractive to me. I’m sure many will benefit from this. Is there anything you would recommend as a gift from what you really liked?

    1. The ultimate gift I feel is to start a family heirloom that will be passed on from generation to generation. This would include professional pictures or carcitures or a china set that contains pictures of the family immortalized for the future generations to enjoy, also.

  11. Oh wow, it’s interesting to me that jade is recommended as a gift for a 35th anniversary. I’ve always known the stone to be known for its protection and lucky qualities. For this reason, it would seem to be something that would be helpful to have earlier in the stage of a relationship. Regardless, it’s a beautiful stone, and I enjoyed learning more about it.

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