Unique Wedding Ideas Women: Diamonds for Engagement Rings

The engagement ring for the future bride is a very special ring that should last a lifetime since it represents a unique love and commitment; it should be something that truly is an icon that totally encompasses all aspects of your relationship. When it comes to this gift, don’t make a hasty decision that you will regret but have the time and the patience needed to ensure you buy the correct ring. As you are searching for, “unique wedding ideas women;” you are looking for that superb idea that will really impact the wedding. There is no greater element that will impact your wedding more than your engagement and wedding rings. These items will represent your union and should be a cherished item that is valued for the rest of your life. It is for this reason that the engagement ring is very important, moreover, if the proper planning can be done the wedding ring and the engagement ring can fit together like a glove and become a powerful feature that will be adorned and remembered for your forever.

Devotion, fidelity, love and eternity is represented in a ring. There is no doubt that for a lasting marriage each one of these will be important. The ring should demonstrate total devotion, faithfulness to your commitment, and that your relationship should last a lifetime. In today’s world you can have a huge impact in the design of your rings.

Design of Engagement Ring

The design of engagement ring can be totally customizable and can fully express your commitment and still be very reasonably priced. Custom designers are now used by many jewelers. These professionals know what advice to give you to enable your ring to be very beautiful and cost-efficient. They know how to construct the ring so that will really impress and yet hold the line on excessive cost. In this since, they are indispensable if you are trying to find maximum perception for the minimum cost possible. They can select the right gold for your ring, the right gems, whether to include sterling silver and what designs will be truly representative. They can help you to make great choices when that your rings will have maximum impact.

What Steps are Followed?

1. A jewelry consultant will provide options within your budget to design your rings.

2. Sketches will be drawn and you will have many choices of different concepts for your rings.

3. High resolution 3D renderings will be made after you have narrowed down your choices.

4. Changes will be made with your approval to maximize the impact of the rings while minimizing the cost.

5. You will then complete the order and receive your rings knowing that they are personalized for your relationship and are made for you to treasure and have the assurance that it will last a lifetime.

6. A certificate of authenticity will be give when a guarantee of quality.

For the purchase of these rings custom designs will ensure that you are pleased and happy with the result.

Diamond for Engagement Ring

A most important step in this process is the choice of diamond for engagement ring and also the wedding ring, if desired. As diamonds are considered vital to an engagement ring, you will need to really consider this carefully. Factors to consider when selecting the diamonds include color, clarity (grade), size (carats) cut quality and fluorescence. Selecting your diamond when superior, for each of these categories, will be very costly. The consultant will help you to make choices of appearance but based upon your budget, since the cost can be prohibitive.

For your design there will be many choices in the way the diamond can be cut. You may choose from round brilliant, Princess, Oval, Marquise, Hear, Emerald, Pear, Asscher, Cushion, Trillion, Baguette, and Radiant. These are illustrated in the following chart:

The price of your diamonds will be influenced by the style and the precision of the cuts. Each of these styles already represent many choices to make in your ring construction. But the price of your diamonds used are also influenced by other factors.

Diamond prices per carat will increase with higher weight categories when this means a denser diamond. When making your choice of diamonds to use in your rings, you should be concerned about the proper cut that will maximize brilliance in your design. Clarity is also important to consider, but it is not the most important consideration. You must also consider the best value when you think about the clarity needed,.and the type of cut and quality will be a huge factor in determining your purchase because of the many factors used in determining a diamonds value, gold value and the value of sterling silver or other gems used; the value of a custom designed ring by professionals can not be under estimated. They can design a beautiful ring to meet your budget requirements but that will be very desirable and be perfect for your relationship. Next to diamonds the gold used is another consideration.

Gold Engagement Rings

Gold engagement rings will add value to your jewelry and will most certainly be a part of your diamond ring. Gold purity is determined using the Karat system. This system measures the amount of gold compared to other metals in the ring. Of course, the greater the amount of gold; the more pure it is. Pure gold is 24 karot, since it contains 24/24 parts gold. 24 karatgold is not used for jewelry because:

1. Gold is soft and warps easily so its shape changes under stress. This is undesirable for most things.

2. Gold is very bright. This bight color makes it unattractive unless added with another metal.

3. Gold is very expensive so it is important to limit the amount used so the cost is reasonable.

This being said, 24 18 karot gold is popular in China where it is used in bangles, gold bars, and with collectibles.

12 karat gold rings are common in the western countries and is 12 parts gold with the reminder usually copper. 18 karat which is 18 parts gold to 24 parts total is sometimes chosen by people of money but where the ring would only be worn on occasion. This gold when pure when practically possible but if you need the ring to be durable; don’t make this choice. If needing purity, 18 18 karot gold is expensive and needs to be watched carefully but offers exceptional looks.

14 Karat gold which is 14/24 parts gold is often the most popular choice for those who want their jewelry to be attractive but much more durable and able to withstand the rigors of life without getting scratches and imperfections and is much more affordable.

10 Karat Gold can be bought also for cheaper but is the most durable and contains more alloys than other metals. Many jewelers don’t offer this choice because the gold content is so low but for people on a tight budget this might be a forced choice. For those that have allergies to metals the lower the amount of gold the higher their allergic reaction will be.

Making the right choices when shopping for jewelry is of the utmost importance if you want a ring that will be a personalized gift that will last many years and will truly represent the emotions and the feelings that you wish to express. Let’s face it the engagement and wedding ring is often the piece of jewelry that is the most popular, full of meaning and symbolism. Choose the gold content of your ring wisely because each choice has strengths and weaknesses. The 24 Karat gold is pure but is not very durable and must be guarded against scratches and in deformities to its shape. The 18 Karat gold ring contains less gold but is more durable but still has to be carefully handled. 14 Karat gold ring is often the choice because it is more durable but less expensive and is much more durable.

Gemstone Names

There are many gemstone names for beautiful gems which can also be added to the ring if desired. Gem stones are classified when precious or semi-precious. The precious gemstones are diamonds, rubies, sapphires and emeralds. Some gemstones are rare and very expensive but others can be very beautiful and affordable because they are more common. Very cost-efficient gemstones are amethyst, citrine, peridot, turquoise, and topaz. Many can be obtained when a highlight for your ring for less than $100. Of course, when the size increases so does the price. There are also, tourmaline, opal, aquamarine, morgonite, prasiolite, and garnet when selecting gems to be worn on the hand or wrist, you must choose a gemstone with a higher hardness rating. Gemstones used to be only for royalty but now they are accessible to many others. These stones can be used when accents to make your jewelry even more special. When choosing your gem, the following factors need to be considered:

1. Color- This is probably the most important consideration.

2. Cut- How is the gem cut that illustrates its beauty?

3. Clarity- Identifying features that prove it is a gemstone.

4. Carat- What size is it?

Gemstones placed properly can really make the ring become a cherished piece of art.

925 Sterling Silver Rings

Sterling silver is very popular, also, due to more affordability, durability and yet beautiful appearance. It contains 92.5% silver and the rest is usually copper to provide strength. If an item is silver-plated; it is not Sterling silver and the silver plating will eventually wear away. New sterling silver should be shiny with no visible tarnish. It is has tarnish, it is a used piece and should be reduced in price, but it is easily cleaned with the proper solution. There is no doubt that sterling silver can make the ring very attractive and be a valuable addition in the making of your ring.


In conclusion, in order to get a completely personalized ring for a wedding band or for an engagement ring it is important to think about your purchase carefully. These rings will last a lifetime and you will need to be happy wearing them. A jewelry consultant will be able to design perfect rings that will be exceptional pieces and knows best how to balance the different factors involved to give you a perfect ring for the best possible price. If choosing to buy a pre-made ring, then get assurance of its quality. Many of these rings can be the right choice for you but consider the offer carefully.

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  1. Looking at all these beautiful rings, it makes me wish that I could wear them, but alas, I really battle to keep a ring on my finger. They irritate me and I end up taking them off and losing them somewhere. So I would not trust myself with an expensive ring such as one with a real diamond.

    I love the gem stones, especially ones set in sterling silver. I would far rather have a lovely pendant made in silver with a gem stone than a diamond ring. Emeralds are my favorite.

  2. Looking at all these beautiful rings, it makes me wish that I could wear them, but alas, I really battle to keep a ring on my finger. They irritate me and I end up taking them off and losing them somewhere. So I would not trust myself with an expensive ring such as one with a real diamond.

    I love the gem stones, especially ones set in sterling silver. I would far rather have a lovely pendant made in silver with a gem stone than a diamond ring. Emeralds are my favorite.

  3. Having decided to go in search of the right engagement ring, you have done most of the work, so congratulations! Now it is the question of whose answer almost all future spouses are looking for, and it is – how to choose an engagement ring?
    Here you will find everything you need because I believe that then everyone is undecided in their choice.

    1. Yes, I have provided valuable information so that people will be able to make informed decisions about the rings they purchase.

  4. Engagements rings are very special pieces of jewelry and although they often have diamonds in them, there are many other gemstones that are also used in engagement rings. Sapphires and rubies are often also used in engagement rings, and usually combined with diamonds around them. 

    For the couple looking for an engagement ring, it is important that they keep their budget in mind, as well as their personal tastes and preferences. Thank you for sharing theses possibilities for personalized and unique rings!

    1. Yes, these rings need to be valued as they are representative of a very important decision that should last a life time.

  5. Choosing an engagement ring, or promise ring these day. It can be really a hard task, and there are so many rings to choose from. Thanks for this, I can rest assured that you made it easier for a lot of people to narrow their decision. 

    For me, I personally love silver and diamond rings for engagement! They are something that are above the rest. While my aunt loves gem stones, and that is her every day wear!

    1. Variety is the spice of life! That is why it is do valuable if you can use the designers to build a unique ring!

  6. Engagement rings are highly important pieces of jewelry, and although they frequently contain diamonds, they can also contain a variety of other gemstones. My friend is now preparing for his engagement. I think this post will be very important for him. because this place is filled with lovely rings. I really appreciate your postings like these.,Thank you so much.

  7. I think that there is much that one can learn by reading your post. If we read your step-by-step information this should make buying an engagement ring much easier.

    I had a ring designed by a jeweler. They took my ideas and made them into a ring that I admire and enjoy. It makes sense to have the jeweler advise you. He is the expert and he can help you make the best choice and stay within your budget.

    The different grades of gold are almost never mentioned so this is valuable information. If people don’t know this, they could be wasting a lot of money and not putting it where it will do the most good.

    Thank you for this post. It is very helpful and informative.

    Regards, Corinne

  8. Hey thanks for this guide!

    These are very useful ideas, especially for people who are unsure like me. I believe taking your time purchasing a ring is definitely important, especially since it represents such a big moment and is going to last a very long time!

    I find the design quite difficult to settle on one, there’s just too many ideas to stick to one so I think sometimes having a close friend or family along is a good idea. 

    Thanks for this, it is a great post to read through when considering rings!

    1. This is why sometimes the couple are there to make the choice, as these are the ones that will wear the ring the rest of their lives. If you want to make the actual engagement a surprise, simply buy a cheap ring to start and then pick out the actual lasting ring together.

  9. Oh wow look at all those styles and beauty within the rings. Very different for sure. I like how you added the different styles of diamonds that are out there. Shows that a woman really does have a choice. That’s a very different area for everyone. Now finding and picking out the right ring is the question. However everyone is different so it all depends on the woman and what she loves. So thanks for sharing. 

    1. Finding that unique personalized ring is so desired. It must be a ring that she or he will be proud to wear the rest of their lives. This is the opportunity to really shine!

  10. When it comes to engagement rings, there are so many options. It’s so hard to decide which one is best. Do you want a simple solitaire or something more elaborate? What about the setting – do you prefer gold or silver? And then there are the diamonds. Round or princess cut? One carat or two? The possibilities are endless.

    Of course, the most important thing is to pick a ring you love, which symbolizes your love for each other. After all, you’ll be wearing it for the rest of your life. So take your time, try lots of different rings, and don’t be afraid to mix and match until you find the perfect one.

    1. Yes, indeed they’re are many choices but take the time to make a wise choice because this one should last a lifetime!

  11. This is very interesting also informative and detailed in simple terms. Preparing for a wedding can be overwhelming even when you hire a wedding planner but early preparation is the key. Especially when it comes to the rings. Most people do not give much attention to the wedding ring. During my wedding, we ordered for rings and they sent a different size that was a bit tight on that day and I did not taste it before the D day. This article will be very helpful for those getting ready for a wedding.

    Thanks for sharing

    1. Yes, being ready for special occasions is very important. This site will provide gift ideas for many special occasions. Come back often to find the perfect gift!

  12. Awesomeness! I love weddings, and this website is a beautiful place to find the perfect engagement ring, find out more about unique wedding ideas for woman, diamonds for wedding rings! Even men like diamonds aha! Thanks so much for what you do, and I hope the best for all of the families who get married, and for success on the future of the website!

    1. Thank you for your best wishes. There will be many gift ideas here over the months ahead. Come back soon!

  13. Thank you for this explanation of the parts of wedding rings and the components that make them up. We have all of course read or heard something about these particular rings but nowhere have I ever seen it all come together in one place the way you have done here.,

    1. A comprehensive description of the best ways to pick thet special ring is very important. Please come again!

  14. Hey!

    Thank you for sharing all these unique wedding ideas!

    I actually just got married to my beautiful wife a month ago and this would have been useful when planning for which rings to buy. I ended up getting the oval one for her and she loved it. Just something simple, but beautiful!

    Definitely thought about it carefully! 🙂

    1. This site will provide plenty of gift giving ideas for many special occasions. Come back and visit soon.

  15. Do rings look matter, do I have to get just the diamond or also a design on the ring?

    Can the gold rings last a long time?

    Do I have to get a replacement for it if it starts to rot away or something?

    Great varieties of styles of rings and the way they are shaped. This is the perfect guide to wedding ideas and rings for the engagement. The gold engagement rings look the best stunning and breathtaking ring on here. I do like gold and the color of it, it’s so beautiful to look at. Gold has always been that gift-giving kind of thing to give. 

    Gemstone rings and earrings are always good an item to get. They’re colorful and give out a certain mood when you wear them. It’s cool because it does shine we the sun is shining on it, giving the gemstone its true look.

    I’m definitely going to bookmark this website because it gives the best recommendations to its users for products and what is the best thing to give to enlighten the mood especially if its budget-friendly/ 

    1. Yes gold wedding rings and gems are very special! Please come back and use this site to get the best ideas for wedding and anniversary gifts.

    2. Gold will not rot away but you must take special care of it if it is pure gold as it is more easily damaged and is more prone to changing shape. 18 carat gold will work even if you are hard with it.

  16. I appreciate the details of your description of the overall and each element that takes account of the architecture of an engagement and wedding rings.

    Marriage is an auspicious event of human life. It brings two beautiful hearts and souls together to live one life. The rings represent should be as unique. It is a precious living memory of life.

    Every little thing that goes on to the make, can be chosen well to suit you. Then could be customized optimally based on your budget. The stones, metals, and colors, all could be shaped and matched as you like and your ring is made as you want.

    I like 22 karat gold because I have seen lower karat gold fades its color over time and repeated use. Honestly, I do not know how to keep silver white every day without washing and chemically cleaning. Pure silver is easily oxidized,

    Thank you for such a wonderful and high-quality blog.

    1. 24 Karot gold is incredible as long as you are not working with it. If you are not doing physical work, , it will keep its shape but it is prone to change shape if used with physically stimulating activity.

  17. The text is great and will help men choose a ring. Choosing an engagement ring is difficult for most men. It is difficult to guess which ring will appeal to their chosen one. Preparation before going to the jeweler is also important, which includes a conversation with a member of her family, e.g. sister or brother to determine what kind of jewelry she likes, and by the way, the size of the ring.

    1. If is is going to be a surprise, then speaking to others who know her well has got to be completed if it is going to be the special ring!

  18. Guys, I cannot stress this enough. Really think through what ring to get your bride-to-be. This website’s article is great and offers great advice on what to get before making an investment on an engagement ring, budget permitting, of course, as this is a lifetime investment.

    Silver and Diamond combination is what I recommend.

  19. There are many unique ideas for engagement rings on your blog, but diamonds are always a classic choice. Engagement rings with colored diamonds are becoming more popular, and they can add a touch of personality to your ring.  I don’t need an engagement ring but I would  hope anyone deciding on an engagement ring would follow the guidelines   given on selection of a ring in this article.

  20. An engagement and wedding ring is a reflection of love, between two people who want to spend the rest of their lives together. Because of everything, you should choose a ring together, because it is for a lifetime. You should also pay attention to the price, but you should definitely choose what you like. both. I love gold. And that’s my choice. Happy wedding to whoever has it now!!😀

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