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In modern times, the gifts suggested for each year have changed from the original traditional wedding anniversary gift list. This is fine if you want to follow the change, but many gifts can be bought by sticking completely to the traditional lists that were made.

In the hustle and the bustle of modern day schedules it is very convenient to have a list that can be chosen from that will help you find that unique personalized gift each year. From any of the listed traditional gift ideas, it is easy to find a large contingent of items that will make an excellent wedding anniversary gift idea. In articles which I will continue to write, Wedding anniversary by the year gift ideas will demonstrate just how extensive that it can be. As you plan gifts that cover each of the years; you will have a much better chance of choosing a variety of gifts and in keeping your gifting ideas fresh and vibrant. When you realize that the importance of a personalized gift that will be a meaningful gift for the occasion; you will have gained much wisdom in your gift buying. This list and the process involved certainly simplifies gift buying and helps you narrow down your choices. The traditional wedding anniversary gift list suggests a category of gift buying ideas which can be very extensive but still enable you to purchase that unique personalized wedding anniversary gift.

If you prefer to use the modern list many suggestions are provided so that you too can find the perfect gift but by using the modern list of wedding anniversary gifts by the year. This is an index to the many articles written on this subject; making it easy to find the article you need to read to consider your wedding anniversary gifts by the year.

First Year Anniversary

Second Year Anniversary

Third Year Anniversary

Fourth Year Anniversary

Fifth Year Anniversary

Sixth Year Anniversary

Seventh Year Anniversary

Eighth Year Anniversary

Ninth Year Anniversary

Tenth Year Anniversary

Eleventh Anniversary

Twelth Anniversary

Fourteenth Anniversary

Fifthteenth Anniversary

Sixteenth Anniversary

Twentieth Anniversary

Twenty fifth Anniversary

Thirty Anniversary

Thirty-Fifth Anniversary

Fortieth Anniversary

Forty-fifth Anniversary

Fiftieth Wedding Anniversary

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